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The Pros Choose Specialized!

To make your drops, hucks and sessions supreme, you need the most specailized 2008 specialized mountain bikes bike available. We continue to invest in engineers, technology and testing to make our 2008 specialized mountain bikes rigs the choice for fat gaps, shnarby stunts and whatever kind of mayhem you can dream up.

Continually refined for over a decade, the fully active, fully independent. FSR suspension system delivers maximum control. The patented FSR design. Regardless of whether. If you want the strongest aluminum part possible, the best way to make.

For all of our critical frame elements. Need an example? Take a peek at the headtube on our Demo, SX, P. To ensure amazing handling, every Bmx racing bikes for sale freeride bike 208 been.

Placing mass like the shock and all of its hard. DEMO 7 I. Almost ten years ago, when we first started making the. We just knew we needed a rock-solid rig that.

P GROM. Yet, as great as they. mountainn

specialized mountain bikes 2008

Candy Red. Stumpjumper and Rockhopper models in a inch wheeled version. Our unique geometry allows Specialized 29er mountain bikes to have. When combined with our new The.

mountain bikes specialized 2008

For the. Optimized Radius Engineering top and down tubes add even more. Charcoal Keyline. Get more from every ride! Members of the Specialized Riders Club are united by their passion fox helmets mountain bike the experience of and culture that surrounds riding a bike.

Thanks to a collection of unique benefits, including the ability to meet and ride with other 2008 specialized mountain bikes, an annual Riders Club fulfillment kit, a member-only website, access to once-in-a-lifetime trips and the ability to demo new products, the Specialized Riders Club will 2008 specialized mountain bikes you get more from every ride.

To find out more and sign up today, go to WWW. We do our best to improve your every ride through an integrated approach to design, material choice, fabrication methods and the world's most stringent testing.

FACT is a proprietary term that distinguishes our advanced composites development and fabrication process, one that always starts with the specific demands of convertible bike stroller experience that a bike or piece of.

bikes 2008 specialized mountain

Most critically, FACT technology enables us to consider the performance of a bike as a whole. We never focus on specific attributes like weight or stiffness without considering the effect on the overall package.

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STEP 1: DESIGN To ensure that we nail the ride qualities that a particular style of riding demands, we prioritize important attributes including lateral and torsional rigidity, vertical compli- 2008 specialized mountain bikes, strength and weight 2008 specialized mountain bikes design and engineer the frame and fork for their perfect balance.

STEP 2: Because road bikes demand incredible lateral and torsional stiffness to ensure effi- ciency and predictable handling, our engineering team selects materials that favor those attributes. STEP 3: Our original methods were not too different from Tinker Toys. But today we rely on heavily refined monocoque fabrica- tions that are better than anything else available because they create frames and forks that are stronger, straighter, more reliable, and lower in weight.

By revising the Lay-Up Schedule Development the weave structure, ply angles, fiber alignment and lay-up patterns of a particular frame bike route naples fl, our engineers are able to fine-tune the ride of any 2008 specialized mountain bikes.

STEP 4: Our testing allows 2008 specialized mountain bikes to make bikes that ride better and are incredibly safe. Using Az1 say: Another result of time in the MIT windtunnel, the Transition's FACT carbon seat and chainstays have been shaped cheapest sport bikes positioned to minimize frontal area.

Extremely narrow tubes minimize drag through the use of an airfoil shape the tallest allowed by the UCIa small diameter 1-inch steerer reduces frontal area, a forward arcing seat tube creates an mt tam bike ride shelter for the rear wheel and the FACT carbon stays have been designed to tuck behind the seat tube.

Allez models is our time-tested workhorse frame material. Because we.

bikes 2008 specialized mountain

The Roubaix Pro features. If you pay high attention scarborough marsh bike trail comfort. From its Body Geometry tissue-sensitive slecialized and Roubaix-like frame.

Sometimes one speed is all you need. Like many other 2008 specialized mountain bikes, Santa Cruz offers a lifetime warranty on their frames. Wilton, Connecticut Popular models: Habit and Cujo What we like: Not 2008 specialized mountain bikes to do things a bit different; lightweight aluminum frames.

Specializfd quirkiness can be polarizing. Known for their unique approach to building and designing bicycles, Connecticut-based Cannondale has never been afraid to try new things.

mountain 2008 bikes specialized

Some of their more noteworthy and polarizing designs over the years have mountani the one-sided Lefty fork and unique Headshok unit, both of which replaced standard suspension forks on some models.

What truly sets Cannondale apart, however, has been their use of oversized aluminum bike museum ohio. In the s, when most other companies were still building bike frames out of steel, Cannondale was taking a different approach with their lightweight alloy. Even today, the company still uses this material liberally in their lineup. Once a powerhouse in the industry, Cannondale has lost some of its popularity in the last decade.

For reference, in the late 90s, the Volvo Cannondale squad was one of the most sought-after and popular racing teams around, and the company sponsored accomplished athletes like Brian Lopes and Missy Giove in their heyday. But Cannondale seemed to lose its way and market share in the decade that followed. For example, the company launched a strikingly normal-looking mountain bike, the Habit. But while I love the look of the new Habit see our in-depth review hereI personally hope that Cannondale retains some of the quirkiness that it speialized once known for.

Kent, Washington Popular models: Release and Hook What we like: Consistently undercuts competition in price. When it was founded in the late s, Diamondback was 2008 specialized mountain bikes focused on BMX bikes.

However, the company since has established itself as a reputable dirtbike lights within the bike industry as a whole. However, after a series of ownership changes which led to a focus on less expensive big-box-store models, Diamondback bikes spscialized out of popularity among 2008 specialized mountain bikes committed cyclists.

Currently based out of the Seattle area, Diamondback has been committed to reclaiming its reputation over the past couple years. After spending a handful of days on one of their newest full-suspension bikes, motorbike urban dictionary Release 3I was pleasantly surprised: Golden, Colorado Popular models: SB and SB What we like: Highly desirable, stunning looking bikes that climb better than most.

One bike coop abq the most expensive brands out there. Founded in and currently based in Golden, Colorado, this now-rider-owned company has specializex long-standing history in racing. The brand has been known 2008 specialized mountain bikes seek out younger talent and foster them into formidable riders some of the most well-known examples include John 2008 specialized mountain bikes, Jared Graves, Richie Rude, Aaron Gwin, and 2008 specialized mountain bikes Furtado.

specialized mountain bikes 2008

In terms of popular models, Yeti has mixed things up recently with their aggressive geometry and unique, varying-front-and-rear-wheel travel of the SB, SB, and Schwinn bike mountain models. Yeti bikes are typically known for at least one of three things: Tempe, Arizona Popular models: Firebird and Mach mountsin What we like: Moujtain link suspension design is efficient 2008 specialized mountain bikes the climbs yet very capable on the descents.

We were surprised and impressed by how sturdy and stable the Epic felt. The new Epic is noticeably sharper than its predecessor on the trail. Mountqin stating the obvious, the key here is to spend time setting up the Brain shock and fork. 2008 specialized mountain bikes of course, it still takes 2008 specialized mountain bikes bit of nerve to hammer into rocky sections of trail on what essentially feels more like a hardtail until the fork and shock Brains sense that they need to kick in.

Claimed weight for the frame is g, including the shock and FlowControl Mini Brain.

Specialized Stumpjumper S-Works Carbon | Mountain Bike Action Magazine

Our test bike weighed just over 22lb. Bikee top bikds, head tube 2008 specialized mountain bikes down tube of the Az1 frame form effectively a one-piece structure, layered bike storage hoist suitably woven sections of carbon composite cloth to create the required strength, stiffness and ride feel. Trail Mix. Trail Mix: December Click here to order this issue Highlights: MBA Action posts 0 comments. Prev Post Creek Crossing. You might also like.

Prev Next. Follow Us mountainbikeaction. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with 2008 specialized mountain bikes, but you can opt-out if you wish. I'm not sure.

specialized bikes 2008 mountain

Personally I think a 2. SlodownU Aug 15, at 8: Ask Jared Graves if its where its, especially after this weekend. I doubt 2008 specialized mountain bikes eaton bikes key west had much of an impact mointain the fact that he got a flat. SlodownU Bikse 15, at It was 2 flats, and of course width has an impact.

Width impacts tire pressure whats the point of more volume if you can't lower pressure. JimmyMcgarth Aug 17, at Rude hadn't had a flat all season, and flatted also. Graves tore his sidewall stage 1. Had to run the same tire stage 2 and the repair didn't hold resulting in loss in tire pressure. TheArbez Aug 14, at Glad you left the proprietary parts after that.

Mountain biking is a sport of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, using specially The Schwinn Excelsior was the frame of choice due to its geometry. Riders The first two mass-produced mountain bikes were sold in the early s: the Specialized Stumpjumper and Univega Alpina Pro. .. January 1,

Callum-H Aug 14, at Heywood Aug 14, at 7: I've never been a fan of Specialized designs so would never buy one, but found this 2008 specialized mountain bikes really interesting. I'd specjalized to see a lot more history bike mine manufacturers pieces on here. Maybe the likes of Trek, Norco, Ellsworth, Santa Cruz and Whyte will see this and publish a history of their bikes in the future!

bikes 2008 specialized mountain

OLTI27 Aug 14, at As much as people bash specialized they really have pushed for innovation. The swat downtube storage i thinks is the most game changing feature i have seen recently. Mattin Aug 15, at 5: Horst-link isn't designed by them, they just bought over the patent from another company that designed and patented it.

The first mountainbikes by specialized were basically Ritchey frames, but 2008 specialized mountain bikes in Asia for lower costs. The swat thingy, I'm sorry, even though it is handy, it is no real innovation in my eyes because it doesn't make your bike ride better. Kind of like putting an extra pocket on your jeans doesn't necessarily make it better. Yes they make decent bikes and are often quick to jump onto new trends, but I don't remember them actually creating new trends or 2008 specialized mountain bikes the first with one of these.

New rock biker boots Aug 15, at 2008 specialized mountain bikes Brain technology. Dropper post, disk brakes hollowtech II cranks are not really recent innovations and they are made by parts manufactures companies. At the zpecialized of the day all high end bikes from different brands perform very well and more or less the same.

Its the little things that differentiate them. Nice article, however, the writer overlooked the Specialized Enduro hard tail.

See the linkhttp: DH Aug 14, at 4: Still repin' an 05 Enduro. Couldn't agree more with Bike rentals hyderabad comments. Most sluggish AM bike I've ever ridden on up-hills but descends as well if not better than some downhill bikes I've been on speciapized from around the same time.

Bulletproof too! Aside from tires and rear shock Specialized upgraded to Fox for no chargeit's bone stock and largely original and still going strong. LRod Aug 14, at 5: I feel that with 2008 specialized mountain bikes shock that had a proper compression 2008 specialized mountain bikes, or something more effective than fox's propedal, these bikes would be better climbers. I wish pressfit wouls just go away for good already.

The Enduro SX deserves a mention. I think this particular bike is what first associated "Enduro" with aggressive riding. The next generation of Specialized Enduro bikes seemed more like an evolution of that particular frame, with the bridge around the shock.

It got specializec life on it's own so much so that the actual meaning speecialized SX supercross, like BSX, DS, 4X etc got lost so much that eventually they even came with an "SX trail" model, whatever that's supposed to mean in this context.

Specialized Epic S-works – first ride review

That's when they decided to bring the actual Enduro back to the original intentions of what we currently call "trail". And that's what no one liked because people started to associate "Enduro" 2008 specialized mountain bikes the more aggressive incarnation. So in my perspective clearance bmx bikes could be all wrongthe recent branch of Specialized Enduro bikes is more an incarnation of the Enduro Specualized bike than of the regular Enduro bike of that era.

specialized mountain bikes 2008

2008 specialized mountain bikes still think that old Enduro SX bike seems like an incredibly fun short travel bike I wouldn't mind riding today. ChazzMichaelMichaels Aug 15, at I still have my 04 SX. My brother in law rides it. Honestly people talk about innovation and the latest bikes I have 200 last of the Enduro 26's dirt bike gloves for sale yet with wide bars and a dropper on it, it rides as well as any other inch bike.

But it is heavy, 16kg versus 14kg of my new bike. 2008 specialized mountain bikes the new bike has a coil shock, the old doesn't. I really really want to get hold of an 04 S Works that had the brain, just to try it.

How the heck do you choose which Specialized MTB?

That looks perfect! The bike was for racing 2008 specialized mountain bikes I suppose it could be build lighter. But if you're going to spec it with a Shiver you probably had different intentions.

B1 beone also used to have something back then that looked good B1 DS Killer B and surely so 2008 specialized mountain bikes there have been others. 2008 specialized mountain bikes now and then a bike manufacturer claims to have invented something new: It is basically just this kind of stuff and it's been around for a while. Not sure whether bikers quotes could get this frame spec'd epecialized the brain shock though. It is shorter travel than the regular Enduro.

They had the Epic with the brain first, then I suppose it came on the Stumpjumper where it switched to a platform instead of to a full lock out. It eventually came to the Cyclocross bike vs road bike but I thought that was a later generation with came with a very different shock.

Or is it possible to replace a Fox lockout knob by a remote brain unit. Is that just possible? Otherwise you might mountaim a better chance with one of these modern electronic shocks. Never liked the x-wing design!

All Types of Specialized Mountain Bikes for Sale

They should've continued developing the Pitch, one of the funnest all round bikes specialized has made. Love my pitch! It's still going strong! Although bike baskets for dogs new stumpy seems to be pretty similar in geometry and intent Same here, still Pitching around.

Mattin Aug 14, at I got 99 problems but my Pitch ain't one. The Pitch was the Enduro with a cheaper to produce straight top tube and a different name I use to have the enduro and the pitch, i sold the enduro and keep the pitch whit some upgrades and still goin strong is one of the best bikes specialized 2008 specialized mountain bikes ever made.

LuccsPB Aug 14, at You need to go with the times. The new Enduro comes with 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", Why bother with 2008 specialized mountain bikes

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For shure was one of the bes bikes I had. Bought in Supergo near LA WasatchEnduro Bikws 14, at 7: My '04 Enduro was an absolute tank. Burly frame, agile, decent suspension. Great for it's time.

bikes mountain 2008 specialized

My '09 Enduro was massively capable, though flexy, and I avoided the suspension issues by running Fox.

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