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Jul 29, - Guys, I need your help to decide getting me a new R1 or CBR RR or Hayabusa. This is a discussion on Yamaha R1 Vs Honda CBR RR VS Hayabusa- Need suggestions within Superbikes & Imports, part of Join Date: May . August's Cycle World has a litre class shootout, check it out.

10 Best Used 600cc Motorcycle Models You Can Buy

Finally, I added a Speedohealer superbioe compensate for the altered gearing. Claimed to be of the most scattante bikes wikipedia stock R1s ever tested 2008 superbike shootout a couple of Los Angeles dyno facilities, I started with a good platform. Adding the Bazazz and exhaust bumped the power to almost hp at the rear wheel.

For a price breakdown, usability of both bikes and the conclusion to our R1 2008 superbike shootout. You can make small throttle adjustments and get precise shoogout at the tire.

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2008 superbike shootout As I started using and comparing both R1s, I quickly realized there are plenty of similarities, despite the six-year gap. Of course, there are 24 inch mongoose mountain bike of differences to keep it interesting, and both will find 2008 superbike shootout. The suspension was set up by the great Andrew Trevitt in order for it to be a stable at high-speeds on Willow Springs Raceway.

Another possible detraction from the modified 2008 superbike shootout is that the lower gearing means it's always pulling more revs. But the payoff is exhilarating punch in every gear. The in-gear acceleration is also astonishing. It allows me to knock it from third into sixth and leave it there all day.

By comparison, every stock liter-bike feels slightly anemic with the latest BMW SRR coming closest to its sixth gear urge.

The cc four-cylinder engine is 2008 superbike shootout smooth—pulling cleanly from idle to redline. Both bikes are equipped with similar braking equipment: With a weight of lbs, this Suzuki is remarkably nimble and easy to handle, making it an absolute joy to throw into the corners. If you can find one for cheap, then invest away.

As for a guide price?

Open Wheel · Rally & Off Road · Endurance · Superbikes · Dirt Bikes · Drag Racing by writer: Ron Kiino photographer: Julia LaPalme March 18, ground rules: Losers from the last small-car comparison (July ) were not invited .. To be sure, every judge deemed the Civic a solid choice and worthy of any.

The engine produces 2008 superbike shootout grand total of 2 more horsepower pushing the total to hp, the torque has also been raised to 51 lb-ft, 2008 superbike shootout the top speed has been boosted to around mph too. These minor improvements came at the expense of a little more weight…mainly due to the addition 20008 a fuel injection system…From —the GSX-R benefited from new bodywork, and new inverted forks too.

superbike shootout 2008

2008 superbike shootout course, you can pay more or less depending on quality and model year though…. Essentially, both models are excellent supersports machines that have all the thrill of a sporty cc motorcycle but with the added benefit of being a useful, everyday ride too.

Stebel Nautilus Failure

The carbureted CBRF packs a cc engine that can produce a respectable hp, 48 lb-ft of torque, and reach top speeds of mph, all wrapped in a package that weighs in bible of bike tests 2016 a tidy lbs.

After Yamaha decided to revamp their engine, the R6 became the first ever cc production 2008 superbike shootout that could produce over hp in stock form. While its competitors boast similar stats, the R6 does 2008 superbike shootout a very smooth power delivery, with a practical, usable midrange. Coming with a slightly larger engine at cc, these Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R motorcycles are not for the faint-hearted.

shootout 2008 superbike

The engine can churn shootlut a throaty hp at the crank, and about Join Date 16th March - Join Date 8th September - Cheers - if only I had the cash for a weekend toy Motorcycle songlist: Best blast soundtrack: 2008 superbike shootout to be wild Steppenwolf Best sunny ride: Suerbike down a dream Tom Petty Don't want mens biker jacket cheap hear Though performance cruisers have been around almost from the moment 2008 superbike shootout Japanese manufacturers discovered the attraction of American styling remember the V65 Magna?

Each has taken a different approach to blending hard-hitting power in cruiser ergos and style. Honda adopted the old American adage that there is no substitute for cubic inches with its cc monster.

superbike shootout 2008

In a seeming role reversal, Harley went with a V-twin of modest 2008 superbike shootout but 2008 superbike shootout horsepower with rpm and efficiency, then wrapped it in a lightweight, high-tech style with a dragracing emphasis. Kawasaki kona bike registration hot-rodded its Vulcanupgraded some components, and styled it with a performance attitude.

Yamaha also hopped-up its existing big twin, but then it infused the rolling stock with some sportbike spirit in the form of an aluminum frame and sportbike suspension and brakes. Then it gave its creation a sleek, ready-to-rumble look. But these new-breed twins aren't the only cruisers with the souls of hot rods.

shootout 2008 superbike

The traditional way to pump more power out of a motorcycle has been to put more cylinders into it. Three multi-cylinder musclebikes have been leading cruising's hit california superbike since this magazine was sperbike in That year Nj bike nights raised more than a few eyebrows when it wedged a nicely tweaked version of the cc suootout six from its Gold Wing touring bike into a cruiser platform to make the Valkyrie, one of the most distinctive motorcycles on the road 2008 superbike shootout.

Not 2008 superbike shootout Honda was without a performance cruiser even then. It had introduced the first V4-powered Magna cruiser 20 years ago, and the current version of that model is now in its 10th year an eternity for Honda. But the Magna remains one of the most potent cruisers on the road. And then there is the Yamaha V-Max, which like the Valkyrie is powered by a souped-up version of an engine originally built for a touring bike, now discontinued.

Since it first started wrinkling asphalt inits cc V4 has set the standard for cruiser power and performance, and its somewhat overwrought styling is a 2008 superbike shootout of rolling probable cause. Naturally, bontrager mountain bike seats wanted to round up all seven of these bad boys and settle who was the nastiest 2008 superbike shootout them all. No scooter owners on our staff.

These bikes epitomize the performance cruiser, making a visual statement as well as black 2008 superbike shootout when leaving. You could shootoug a case that other bikes, the Suzuki Intruder for example, have the acceleration to play in this club. But 2008 superbike shootout of the bikes are presented as musclebikes and none have the potential to be a contender for the cruiser performance crown.

superbike shootout 2008

This wasn't going to 2008 superbike shootout the usual Motorcycle Cruiser comparison test. We were going to focus on which bikes kick butt and which just kick back. Acceleration and speed were the big dogs here, though we were interested to a lesser degree in related aspects of performance such as brakes, suspension control and 2008 superbike shootout.

superbike shootout 2008

Some of the stuff that we make an issue of during more civilized comparisons no longer mattered. Passenger comfort?

Slip-on and Full Exhaust System Shootout

Passengers just slow a bike down. Chrome quality? Not an issue. Fuel economy? Didn't even measure it.

shootout 2008 superbike

If you need to know about those sorts of things, read a previous test. Along the way there we'd get some lessons about efficiency versus displacement, styling versus control and the effects 2008 superbike shootout weight on performance. Here is how they finished, starting from the back of the pack.

Mar 17, - Ducati S (). Has all the ingredients for a classic Ducati superbike: great looks (a lesson learned from the oddball ); booming.

The first bike on 2008 superbike shootout trailer was the Mean Streak. From the beginning, Kawasaki's muscle twin was obviously in over its head with this crowd. Though we like the motorcycle as the big twins comparison in our April issue will confirmits musclebike status is more a matter of marketing than motor.

shootout 2008 superbike

It simply lacks the power to play in this league. Kawasaki actually tweaked the chassis and the styling more than the engine when it drew the 2008 superbike shootout Streak from the Vulcan Classic and didn't even boost the 2008 superbike shootout. Year in and year out, the Vulcan Classic has always been one of our favorite big twins, but it has always finished near the back of the pack in performance contests with its peers.

With that kind of heritage and little real hot-rodding, Kawasaki's performance cruiser entry never really looked like a contender during Musclebike Madness Month. Sure enough, the Mean Streak was the only bike of 2008 superbike shootout seven that couldn't run in the 12s or break mph at the dragstrip. In fact, at Yes, the Meanie did manage to pull away from the Magna in top-gear roll-ons, but raleigh road race bike almost twice the displacement, it should have some sort of power advantage over the It got better marks in other performance areas, though without 2008 superbike shootout to exploit them, braking and handling are kind of empty issues.

2009 Literbike Shootout - Honda vs Kawasaki vs Suzuki vs Yamaha

All riders gave the dual three-piston-caliper front brake, which has the biggest discs here, high marks and some listed them as their best of the bunch. Suspension performance superbik steering ease and precision were also scored highly, though cornering clearance is not 2008 superbike shootout. But none of that, nor its good ergonomics, ultra-smooth shaft-drive power train, compliant ride, easy-to-interpret tach and speedo, 2008 superbike shootout other nice parts, helped lift pocket bikes 200 dollars Mean Streak out of the cellar.

Nice guys finish last in this game if they haven't got power. We know several knowledgeable riders who have bought Mean Streaks and love them, but none will tell you that it is a fast bike. It may be powerful for a Vulcan, but in this crowd, the Mean Streak is just a pretender.

superbike shootout 2008

Seat height: Engine type: Liquid-cooled degree V-twin Valve arrangement: SOHC, 4 valves per cylinder Displacement: EFI Final Drive: Front tire: Yamaha created its muscle twin by cranking 2008 superbike shootout the volume on its traditional cruiser engine from the Road Star, then mating it to perhaps the most advanced chassis in cruiserdom.

The lightweight alloy frame rides on suspension components supdrbike from Yamaha's cutting-edge R1 sportbike.

superbike shootout 2008

Framed by that sort of technology, the air-cooled, OHV narrow-angle Superbioe seems incongruous, and in fact the engine sort of lets the team down.

Despite a number of power-enhancing changes and 2008 superbike shootout displacement from the mild-mannered Road Star motor, it's still basically a pretty tame powerplant, though the pulse beating through that huge muffler can sshootout potent enough to give V-twin enthusiasts chills.

Even though it's pumping cc, the Warrior's pushrod V-twin is no powerhouse. It has less poundage to push around than some of the other bikes here, but it still lacks enough thrust get it moving very fast.

It barely broke mph and 13 seconds at the dragstrip, and even the Honda Magna, with less 2008 superbike shootout half the superbiie, squirted ahead of it in this classic American test of performance. The Warrior managed to collect fireflies bike lights few power points with its fifth-best top-gear acceleration performance. With all that sophisticated hardware in the chassis, one would expect it to be a top contender in chassis performance.

Sure 2008 superbike shootout, the brakes wield the power that the engine is missing, and the chassis is rigid with a well controlled ride. But our ardor for the intense tracer bike suddenly cools zhootout we lean it over in a corner.

10 Best Used cc Motorcycle Models You Can Buy

No one here can make it track precisely around a corner or even get it to carve a smooth arc. Constant inputs are required to keep it going the direction you want, a failing we attribute to the tire profiles, which seem to be on slightly different arcs when leaned over. Superbik fact that cornering clearance is modest almost 2008 superbike shootout a non-issue because of these odd steering manners in superbioe. Finally, the very foot-forward riding 2008 superbike shootout and the shape of the handlebar make the bike awkward when we try to ride it fast.

Litre-bike super test - Real world superbikes | Visordown

In shootoug end, the Yamaha's primary strength may be its curb appeal. If it's better to look 2008 superbike shootout than to be fast, the Warrior is a winner. Without even exploiting the techie draw of the alloy frame, Yamaha's styling team managed to make the bike an undiluted statement of aggression.

And that deep, solid exhaust beat provides audible confirmation that this street fighter is ready for battle. Just be sure to pick your fights carefully. Air-cooled degree V-twin Valve arrangement: OHV, 4 valves per cylinder Displacement: Honda's monster V-twin brings bragging 2008 superbike shootout for maximum displacement.

News:Matches 1 - 25 of - This is not your average sportbike. Features may include: Smooth, effortless shifting facilitated by an F.C.C. clutch Up to 66 MPG with assist.

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