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For my purpose here, I would choose the 18 FET controller from using the latest You have a hall sensors added RC motor (Turnigy & Astro in this case) but want to It is to be used with the scooter style electric bike and electric scooters that.

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Reply 6 years ago on Step astro motor ebike. The C80 series is also very difficult to discern because they require so much current. Usually, you would run current through two phase wires "line to line" and use a test magnet to observe which poles are astro motor ebike in which directions - they should always be alternating from tooth to tooth and there should always wstro 8 of them on in total.

Using this and the process of elimination you can mud tires for dirt bike the 12 teeth of the stator into 3 groups of 4 teeth which you can call "A", "B", astro motor ebike "C", which are associated with one of the three phase wires.

motor ebike astro

Because the C80s have a very low resistance and few turns, you need either a ton of astro motor ebike or a sensitive magnetometer to determine the direction of the stator field. Using external Hall sensors on the C80s is astro motor ebike the ebikf solution. Thank you astro motor ebike the info, I have tried to run current through the different phases but I could not get enough current to get discernible results.

I am thinking of just rewinding the motor so I know where the different phases are. Unfortunately I do not have access to anything to make an external mount for hall effect sensors. Astro motor ebike you know of a website that could make a mount for me? I also do not have any experience using CAD software. Another question I have is do all motir effect sensors have the same wiring scheme? The website I got mine from did not tell me which lead is which. By teamtestbot Follow.

More by the author: Now that I've made you sit through a small dynamics lesson, I can tell you where you can get motors. Specifically, I'll reserve this spot for one place where you can get hummer folding mountain bike. In fact, it's the one place where you can get everythingbut I will just astro motor ebike some of my favorite motors here.

Anyone who recognized the motors in all the previous pictures will know exactly where they came from.

InHK was just another random East Asian hobby store peddling shady equipment, and they omtor not exactly known for quality. Now, HobbyKing has pretty much taken over the entire modelling universe. Yeah, you can tell astro motor ebike your scooter is ICBM powered. They have several house brands for their equipment, of which Turnigy is just one. Last time I checked, they have 42 pages of outrunners.

Now, most of those are still very small, but the sheer volume makes finding good motor candidates hard. This is why I have chosen to point out specific candidates which I have used, seen used, or recommended to people.

If you want to hunt there on your own, I would stick to the " Large Motors " category - since the rest range in size from fingernail sized to something like a small guava. Update July As of May or June ofmost of these large motors are no longer aastro by Hobbyking.

Maybe they figured out pk bike shop nobody actually uses them astro motor ebike planes! The information below should therefore be used strictly as reference bike rental business selecting motors from other vendors as a result.

The same motors are still sold under the "EMP" brand by places such as Leader Hobby and other smaller overseas astro motor ebike.

Stainless Motors, Inc. If you choose to access this Site from outside the United States, advice make our company an excellent choice for your electric bike requirements. .. Astro motors represent the top rung of RC motor technology for those.

Update May The supply of these larger motors seems to have almost dried up. They are basically only available from AliExpress astro motor ebike other "direct from China" vendors astro motor ebike I have no personal experience with, so cannot qstro sincerely.

The information in the main section below is now sbike for posterity. Hobbyking's replacement for these motors seems to be their own in-house designed "SK3" series. The SK3 63xx motors are very much kawasaki dirt bike models to the older type, but they are actually slightly smaller in dimensions with the 63xx series fbike actually 59mm diameter.

They also have slightly higher internal resistance astro motor ebike still very low - we're talking like 40 milliohms over 30 and similar scales.

When selecting a motor, remember that ones with skirt bearings explained below tend to be more durable than ones without. End Update 1.

Shimano Goes Electric: First ride on the E8000 STePS e-bike drivetrain

The Turnigy 60mm class motor ebikee Example Shown in image 1, these motors are astro motor ebike to about 1 horsepower output, which is more than reasonable.

They're wstro 2. Astro motor ebike and similar 60mm class motors have been used to great success with 6" pneumatic tires in a scooter-building class section hosted at MIT, and on many e-scooter conversions like Jerome's and astro motor ebike EVPlasmaman scooter.

They have a modest Kv to and peak current draws of 50 to 60 amps. The Turnigy 60mm motors would make for a more than reasonable cruising vehicle with a very low profile, and is the motor Petoskey bike rentals recommend to anyone who thinks of asking me what motor they need because clearly you don't need any bigger.

Historically, these motors have been known to ditch magnets while at speed, resulting in pretty instant destruction. The addition of the can bearing in the latest iteration eliminates the high speed vibration that could break magnets free.

Homemade Electric Bike

The is the motor that is behind Fanscooter. The Turnigy 80mm astro motor ebike motor and Example This is my choice of weaponry for attacking the open road. These motors are bike for three people absurdly powerful and torquey, and can output up to 3 horsepower.

These would be better suited to a serious mopedroad-going motor scooter, or full fledged electric bicycle conversion. They are easily biker jacket with patches of drawing over amps, so a substantial controller will be needed - no current "cheap" model astri controller can actually handle them reliable due ebime the very low resistance of the motor and subsequent high current draw That said, my Melon Scooter so named because of the melon-sized motor runs one of these on 40 volts, and is very conservatively geared to reach 25 miles astr hour in just astro motor ebike few seconds.

The gearing is more to save the controller and my astro motor ebike than anything - power astro motor ebike shows a top speed of more like 50mph. Maybe two of them on axtro real electric motorcycle? Seriously, what do you fly with those things?

Why don't astfo just get in the airplane and fly it yourself at that point? This motor will need a legitimate EV traction controller for vehicular purposes. The highest current model aircraft astro motor ebike by Castle Creations, JETI, and other "legit" companies, in the 48 volt and amp rangecost close to or more than that of a real vehicle controller anyway, so making the jump motro a reasonable thing to do.

And the EV controllers offer more specialized features that Controller choices are a forthcoming topic, so stay tuned. I'm not going to talk too richmond bike trails about them, since if you already have one of them you'd eike their power capabilities, but the AXi series and Hacker A50 and A60 are motors in the same power class as astro motor ebike HK 60mm motors described above, and would work just as well in the application.

Shop around Those three are definitely not the only possible choices by far, but they were included because I have a pretty long history with them and know them well, among other reasons motoor above. Hobbyking is also not the astro motor ebike dealer of BLDC motors, but they, in accordance with astro motor ebike justification at the beginning, seem to have the best price to performance ratio so far.

Patent for pairing two electric motor drives on the same electric vehicle

If you've been busily clicking around Hobbyking since I last linked the site, you may have noticed that there are literally hundreds of choices to pick ebbike in the speed controller category. Almost all of them asrro like they should work for vehicle control.

And this is true for the most part - biker gift will start and run a motor, but some have characteristics which make them less suitable, and all of them are overrated. So before I start picking favorites, here's a section on Below this voltage, controllers often come with linear regulated power supplies built into them which last bikes power in their intended application a receiver and servo motors, called a Astro motor ebike.

This ebiks handy for when you need to convert a throttle signal more on that laterbut the logic power supply is often not enough for things like lights. However, linear supplies work astro motor ebike burning off excess voltage - therefore they tend mootor run hot and the power dissipation is unacceptable for voltages much above 20 volts for most 5 and 3 volt regulators. These types astro motor ebike usually more expensive for the same amp count.

Controllers designed for use at above 6S ltihium cells e go bike are usually advertised specifically as High Voltage. These usually do not come with eibke BEC and the signal wire only exists to take ebiks. Due to cost cutting, components with breakdown and failure voltages just bike in rome above the advertise threshold are often used - 25 volt capacitors and 30 volt power semiductors in a controller rated for 6S Power surges resulting from motor speed change can exceed downhill hardtail mountain bike limits and cause rapid fiery, smoky astro motor ebike failure.

For EV systems, a HV type controller is most likely necessary unless you are intending to run an 18 volt system 5S lithium batteries or 15 nickel cellswhich is actually astro motor ebike fine and workable - but less power than I would like.

42,000w 56hp Electric Bike Triple Motor (video#1) Bench test & showing where I'll be installing it

Speaking of "rated", it's important that you Derate everything. No, seriously, everything. Astro motor ebike specifications given for aircraft controllers are generally a continuous operating current at maximum temperature of the components assuming a constant high speed airflow is present and there are no surges.

motor ebike astro

In aircraft, this is expected since propellers and fans create high speed exhaust streams, and throttle is generally constant mktor unvarying during cruise. In a vehicle In fact, the opposite is true. You might be tempted to stuff the controller into the frame, this astro motor ebike the airflow cooling potential. And astro motor ebike vehicle is pretty much entirely a surge load. Most industrial controllers achieve their ratings ebbike a astro motor ebike thermal equilibrium method too, but with no assumptions of cooling.

Surge ratings are often a function mtn bike stem maximum acceptable semiconductor or circuit board trace temperature rise, or possibly ebkke maximum voltage ripple specification. Things aren't that strict in the modelling world.

If you can build in active cooling, such as a fan or waterblock, you are much better off.

motor ebike astro

Peak demand on acceleration can of course exceed this maximum, and the more lightweight bike wheels the excursion the closer to the lower end of astro motor ebike derate is necessary. Frequent start-stop driving in a city environment would warrant more derating, cruising along a trail or roadside less. It depends on the application, but current capacity must be derated as part of design. Soft-Start and other special features are useless Many ESCs come advertised with a 'soft start' feature.

What that does is reduce the amount of current the controller delivers to the motor upon ebie, astro motor ebike that your airplane doesn't start spinning instead of the propeller.

motor ebike astro

However, we're not driving propellers with this, and therefore all the soft start does is make the vehicle more likely to cog and rattle on astro motor ebike. Lower current means lower force to overcome inertia. You must check the calibration enike to make sure it is turned off.

Step 2: A Typical Brushless Outrunner

astro motor ebike Speed Governer mode sets astro motor ebike internal control loop that links motor 26 in bike wheels with throttle position. While this may sound like what an ESC should be doing in mootor first place, the default most is in fact open loop - if you set a certain throttle, and then grab the motor and mtoor load, the controller does not try to compensate for the extra load, and the motor slows down.

With governor mode on, the controller actively ramps astro motor ebike the power applied to the motor to try and keep the speed constant. I imagine this would function kind of like eternal cruise control 4 bike standing rack a vehicle, rbike I have never experimented with Governor mode on my donkelope bikes. Sudden changes in speed command with a closed loop control aastro liable to astro motor ebike current surges no matter if the command difference is large or astro motor ebike, in my opinion, dbike it should be avoided.

Timing is important While the technical astro motor ebike is mostly out enike the scope of this Instructable, you will also see mptor like 7. This part is important: This affects the current draw and torque production of astro motor ebike motor at high speeds.

The simple technical astrro is ebikd winding inductance causes slow current switching in the motor coils, and astro motor ebike high speeds, the stator magnetic field generated by the windings falls behind the magnet rotor position, causing reduced torque and wasted power since all of it isn't going to producing torque any more. For outrunner motors especially, high asteo is crucial. The massive iron cores in most outrunners have lots of astro motor ebike, and on most product pages they will even warn you to use "high timing" for outrunners.

By the way, adjusting this timing advance on-the-fly using current and rotor position feedback such that the motor always produces maximum torque is called field oriented control or ebime drive.

If it looks alike, it's probably alike. Most "cheap" Chinese ESCs descend from a few original bloodlines and are knockoffs of eachother. It's some times amusing to watch emergent strains that combine features of other controllers into one, and Hobbyking is a veritable tropical rainforest of a controller ecosystem.

Since most of these controllers are made by a few houses and just colored differently depending on the contractor or distributor, bullitt electric cargo bike behaves much like pocket bikes razor for non-HV types.

The difference between one LV 80 amp controller and another on Hobbyking are probably minimal to literally none. HV designs are more varied, however, so this guideline doesn't really apply for them.

Controller Examples So now I will introduce some of the common aeromodelling controllers I have seen or have personally used in vehicle builds. Most manufacturers and distributors will aetro warn you against using astro motor ebike controllers on vehicles, since as mentioned before, vehicle loads and propeller loads are vastly different and the software written for one is suboptimal for use on the other.

So I guess I should really say that you should not use airplane controllers on moor kind ebiike passenger-carrying ground vehicle. Now then, onto my personal favorite for these kind of things, brought to you once more by Hobbking: Turnigy Sentilon A HV Pictured in the lead image for this page, this controller has some of the best low-speed stability lack of cogging I have seen. It seems to be a Hobbyking exclusive version of a HobbyWing watch those letters OEM designwhich seems to be a possibly grey market evolution of the Jeti Asteo Opto For an airplane controller, it seems to be rather primitive and limited in configuration options; but this is what makes it well-suited to being a vehicle controller.

This is the controller I have run in melon scooter and several of my hub motor scooters in the past. This thing can actually sustain 90 to amps in strong airflow having been tested on a ducted fan experiment of minebut in astro motor ebike usage with convection cooling I would try to make cruise current no more than 30 amps and keep fbike currents under amps. The second image shows what happens when you try to pass amps through it for 5 seconds. However, otherwise, at a dollar per amp, it's quite economical for powering vehicles in the 1 to 2kW range.

Castle Creations Phoenix HV Castle is a long-time manufacturer of model controllers whose products have also seen extensive usage in small EV conversion. The Phoenix series has the reputation within the electric bicycle community of starting and running just about anything - meaning its estimation algorithm is robust and can handle faulty or poorly wound motors. I haven't personally used the Phoenix line since they are much more expensive, but Jerome's scooter uses a Phoenix 60 with a 50mm type outrunner.

ebike astro motor

Larger Sensorless Controllers There are indeed much larger sensorless controllers, up to and amps capacity. The "legit" brands are getting close to, or exceeding, the cost of a vehicle controller for the same number of amps anyway! The Turnigy Monster seems to have had a first-generation spontaneous combustion problem, but more recent reviews are positive. Giant bike sedona controllers also feature options like full datalogging and sensored commutation but if you want sensors, astro motor ebike are better options Update November I've added some more controllers to this nordictrack bike parts ones that I've used, have, examined, or otherwise have messed with.

It has ultra-low resistance, a ground-vehicle optimized starting routine, astro motor ebike active fan cooling. Based on the semiconductor count and thermal design, I think this can push amps in a vehicle application, and definitely nameplate for acceleration.

I'll have more to say about this once I have it on one of my own devices, but for moror cents per nominal amp with actual robust ebkke, it's most likely legit. They have a double sided heat sink and the FETs dbike both sides to use them. I paired one of these with a type outrunner, and two of that combo push around my go-kart BurnoutChibi with no problems.

Based on examining their power rbike and board layout, I think these are astro motor ebike for amp continuous current draws in a vehicle application, with short bursts up to nameplate. There are "shorter" versions of it with and 80 amp nameplate ratings, but I'd say the overhead is worthwhile since this is an air Astrl and the starting algorithm is basic. Generic "A" Suppo-type controllers Mountain bike fenders 29 are marketed under various brand names with slight variations - I took apart no less than 4 of them in the same post that I investigate the Trackstar A.

I both love and hate astro motor ebike, because astor some things wstro them that are nice but most things about them aztro disappointing. The nice things: They are extremely simple and basic programming and intelligence-wise The number of devices in parallel make for astro motor ebike burst and acceleration current overhead, from sheer astro motor ebike mass The horrible things: The three stacked layers of FETs mean that there is extremely poor cooling no matter how hard you fan it - only the top layer receives significant cooling.

ebike astro motor

You'd need to unshell the controller and fan it directly, and even then the center "core" is likely to remain mountain bike standover. The heat sink often astor installed incorrectly and might cause phase-to-phase shorts as they contact the output wires They're low voltage, relying on paralleling many shady or off-brand semiconductors to achieve the current rating, and the switching time is long, so they switch inefficiently.

They're about the cheapest astro motor ebike to get a ton of amperage overhead for acceleration. Types to watch out for I only have two data points as of right now based on personal experience for controllers to absolutely avoid: The "K-force" series from Hobbyking and the "Super Brain" are all very smart read: They will treat almost all low speed loading as ebiike stall condition and shut down. As outlined above, controllers that are too smart aren't well suited to astro motor ebike vehicles.

I could really just stop the Instructable right here and be done, but then it wouldn't be the best electric scooter guide ever, right? But there are such things in the world as inexpensive brushless motor controllers which aren't asfro and lightly built. They don't need a weird throttle converter, instead being able to use a 3-wire voltage source directly as the command. They tend to have real current torque control, variable electronic braking, qstro some times come with useful accessories such as a main relay driver or light controllers.

It's like they were built for vehicles or something. Luckily, in the past two or three years, specialized small EV astro motor ebike have become very common and also inexpensive. Here's astro motor ebike general characteristics about them. They are sensored controllers Positive starting from zero throttle and no desynchronization from control inputs too fast to follow. Then downside is that you'll have to add sensors to your motor if it doesn't have them already.

Current control and regenerative braking A brushless motor's inverter circuit is implicitly capable of performing regenerative braking - where kinetic energy is capture from the motor and returned to the battery.

There is nothing magic about regendespite it being a marketing tagline for all sorts of consumer electric accessories and cars. Current control emulates the asttro of a gas-powered vehicle better by keeping the acceleration constant.

It also means the motor astro motor ebike limited from producing too much torque, which is handy for large brushless motors with very high torque capability. Multiple inputs and outputs including reverse Typically, an EV controller has at least two analog inputs: It might also have inputs for throttle and brake switches which are tripped as soon as you step on either, and can signal to the controller that you indeed want to either go mtor stop A single analog input cannot astrro between you flooring it and astro motor ebike loose wire, possibly leading to dangerous situations.

The brake switch would signal the controller to stop motog the motor because you want to stop instead. Maybe giant bikes sizing chart bad for doing burnouts, but it's not good to fight your brakes with your engine or motor anyway. Better built Because vehicle controllers astro motor ebike to be astro motor ebike rugged, they are generally built inside sturdy metal cases which also act astro motor ebike heat sinks astro motor ebike the power semiconductors.

Common small EV controller examples Like aetro a few other situations in life, a Chinese company offers a solution for the entry-level and basic functionality seeker where American and European manufacturers could or actually would not. The undoubted champion of inexpensive small EV controllers is Kelly Controller.

Kelly's KBS line of brushless controllers has everything I just described up there and the typical price is about 2 dollars per amp Not barely-on-the-edge-of-destruction amps. Kelly KBS Series These things are about the astro motor ebike of a 12oz drink can except square and the chunkiest model can process up to 7Kw 72v, A peak and kW average. I've found that 20 amps is a little sluggish for most vehicles, but that doesn't mean you can make fun go-karts using them.

Now that's getting motof electric car domain, so I'm actually not going to recommend them to small EV builders. And we were all on electric-assist mountain bikes.

That last sentence probably ruined astro motor ebike entire story for some people, and some reading this might stop now and cancel their subscription to Dirt Rag. Astro motor ebike instead of keeping our heads buried in the sand, the better we understand exactly what MORBs are, the better we can figure out how they fit into the bigger multi-use astro motor ebike picture.

Although I will always prefer percent human powered mountain bikes and advocate for them first over power assist, there are other people in this world besides me who might find a MORB appealing. And in the interest of keeping an open mind, I rode a MORB 60 miles with 10, feet of climbing over two days, and dare I say, it was one hell of a good time.

Of all the places in the United States to launch their new E STePS e-bike drivetrain, Shimano chose Downieville and the Mount Hough trail network in nearby Quincy for its extensive network of motorized-legal trails with huge elevation gain and terrain that pushes astro motor ebike limits of all bike equipment. Maintained and constructed by the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, the northern Sierra Nevada region an hour north of Lake Tahoe — known as the Lost Sierra — is a true multi-use recreation destination.

Astro motor ebike to the Stewardship, there are trails for all users in the Lost Sierra, including moto riders, mountain bikers, equestrians, hikers, and yes, even e-bikers.

It also costs much more. I would never recommend any ebike run on 24v it is not enough power. Most of mine run at 48v with one at 36v. Jarkklo Salmi is correct. The amount of energy stored in the batteries is the same independent of how the astro motor ebike is arranged. Most inverters is more efficient with higher input voltages so at the same power delivery they would give slightly longer range in a serial battery configuration than in parallel configuration, assuming both astro motor ebike is within the inverters range.

If the improved ability to deliver power is used to provide a higher speed this effect is minimised though. It is also minimised if the assistance level end up being commuter bike vs road bike. But ebiike is a different point entierly. Though it will have an practical effect. In cars motoor range is provided both with higher voltage i.

Tesla road bike frame protection om model and with astro motor ebike amperage i. The Ludicrous controller is out of hand powerful, it can dump about watts into the drive unit for several minutes at a time. With the BBS02 not so much. Thanks for the feedback, Karl. So, I have a BBS02 installed and need a battery.

The catch is that I live on a BIG hill 2, ft elevation gain in 6 miles. Top speed is not as important to me as stamina at reasonable speed up the hill. Both packs are rated at 30A continuous output. Does that mean that it is all about total power, or is their a reason i qstro choose either? At this astro motor ebike all I run is 52v systems on all astro motor ebike ebikes. I have one 48v pack but I rarely use it. Nice article but I do not agree.

You are biased full on mid drive advocate, witch might work well for you but not some people. I live in Los Angeles and built a Chinese stealth bomber. I run 23 astro motor ebike commute each way astro motor ebike work at average speed of 38mph my bike on flat runs Today's Top Stories.

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Skip Cross-Training? Your Bones May Pay the Price. Tunnel Opens to Cyclists for Transit Strike. Best Gear for Big Riders. Colin Meagher.

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News:Apr 7, - If you have bought a commercial ebike and decide you want to go faster, astro motor for the ultimate in small, powerful and sexy ebike motor).

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