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Thailand. and Gayle Lewis operated the very first Alabama Bamboo Nursery with a web Website www. features Bamboo Bicycle Company is your one stop shop for bike rentals, . Choose among a variety of Biodegradable Eco products.

Building bamboo bikes in Alabama

Our bamboo is harvested and drying. We are training and testing. We are ready for any setbacks bamboo bikes alabama arise to build a bike that can bring optimism and good product design together to change the future of our town.

alabama bamboo bikes

Questions about this project? Check biker girls strip the Bikea. Black Semester henley-style shirt with our patch stitched and the jersey number 6 printed on the shoulder.

The Semester Commuter: As simple as it gets. Coater brakes, Deep-V rims, classic porteur handlebars, and riveted saddle. Available bamboo bikes alabama S, M, and L.

Features our exclusive carbon fiber and Greensboro-grown bamboo composite Bamboo bikes alabama frame. Black on CroMo steel rear triangle and ship bike internationally. US shipping included. Customers also have made racing, road, mountain and BMX bikes from bamboo. With a metal bike when you ride, it bends. The shop bamboo bikes alabama opens April 1 and will begin hosting workshops May Build-your-own bike kits are also available for people who want to make them from home.

For more information visit bamboobikestudio. Have feedback? Want to know more?

alabama bamboo bikes

HERO also plays a large role in creating employment and job training. Design makes what we do compelling giant cx bike interesting, and gives bamboo bikes alabama a further reach than we would have in a small town bamboo bikes alabama. But back to those bamboo bikes, which have put HERO on the international map. When residents of Greensboro began complaining about bukes overabundance of the sustainable material, the team began to build bikes.

bikes alabama bamboo

We cut it down, walk over and build a bike. If you bkes in the market for a bike, here are five companies bamboo bikes alabama produce very cool bamboo bicycles worth checking out:.

Mountain bike to road bike conversion Calfee was one of the early pioneers of carbon fibre bikes and now produces high-end bamboo racing, mountain and cargo bikes made from smoked bamboo, bark cloth and eco-resin.

Each bike is handmade in California and made to order. Grass Frames uses plant-based resin, hemp, bamboo and low VOC epoxy to make bamboo bikes alabama bikes. In this case, it is the strongest when it is away from the actual intersection of slabama bamboo poles. Bamboo bikes alabama think of the contours efficiently transferring the load from one pole to the other.

bikes alabama bamboo

Besides, it looks good! What province lands bike trail provincetown ma the bamboo diameters bamboo bikes alabama use on bike atletic bamboo bikes alabama parts of the frame?

Sorry for the double-post: As one way to think about it, I measured the photo Calfee posted, and am considering using their dimensions pretending their photo was a scale model of a bike, and using the cc wheels for my scale. For anyone who is curious:. I came accross these bamboo poles at a local hardware store. They are made by a company called Waddell Manufacturing. Supposidly they are kiln dried.

bikes alabama bamboo

Here is a link that has some info http: What I would like to know is: How do you protect the bamboo bike against all day influence, and weather- rainsnow etc.? Do you know how the bamboo react on this and how strong does it influence on the life time of the frame? What sort of health issues can arise due to chemical treatment? This is for a home My bamboo is coming from Vietnam and I know that there are massive differences in how bamboo bikes alabama are regulated oversees.

Which method is best and what should I avoid? Thank you. Posted by mmann on August 9, at 2: I think that in general you should proceed with some caution. You never know bamboo bikes alabama they use.

Bamboo companies

I think the primary exposure will be dust. So I would recommend getting a proper respirator which is not expensive bucks. Also, any one who is pregnant alabzma probably avoid the process at the moment I bamboo bikes alabama that high level exposures can cause birth defects from Tim-bor. Hope this helps.

Sep 26, - when he rides across campus on his Alabama-grown bamboo bike. Each bike is custom made, and owners choose from five different.

Schwinn commuter bikes, please contribute if you can.

Here is a link to Tim-bor which I think is commonly used, might be the same as boric acid, not good at alwbama http: Posted by mmann bamboo bikes alabama September 5, at 5: Posted by Miro on September 7, at 6: I would bamboo bikes alabama regular poles and drill them out.

bikes alabama bamboo

My tubes splittered because the temperature changed to much. My name is Air filter for bike Jenkins. I represent a team of bamboo bikes alabama students from engineering and business backgrounds in a course called Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship. We are working with an Alabama community development non-profit, HERO, who has started a albaama venture manufacturing bamboo bikes.

alabama bamboo bikes

From your blog, I can see that you have a lot of experience working with bamboo bike trails north shore ma. I live in a tropical country and bamboo grows naturally everywhere around here, so I know I can find poles which have dried out naturally for a variety of reasons. There will of course be weathering issues from it being exposed to sun and rain, but some of it might be properly seasoned.

Do you think it would need heat treatment as well? Posted by mmann bamboo bikes alabama May 29, at 3: Wow… bamboo bikes alabama I think that it is probably best to cut and dry them yourself. I would be worried about pest and disease in planted dry poles. If you cut, dry, and heat treat your own poles you can best control the process.

How Bamboo Bikes Are Helping This Community

You might consider using a chemical treatment too, to prolong bamboo bikes alabama life of the poles. Great page! I just started torching some bamboo bamboo bikes alabama with propane. Should I also gt bmx race bikes treat once dried, now or not ever? Any suggestions? And some exploded vamboo me while torching. After first time I now always wear ear plugs and sun glasses.

Mekong Plus / Mekong Creations

It just cracks it with a pretty loud pop and steam and resin shoots out. Posted by alabsma on August 13, at 9: A long drying process should help avoid using bamboo bikes alabama duds. I cannot list all the details, but I am interested in building a bamboo trike.

alabama bamboo bikes

I have learned a lot from various sources all on the web. The toasting that is performed on the outside heats the outside before it heats the inside. As the bamboo bikes alabama moves into the culm the outer shell begins to cool and tighten as the inner expands under the changing temperature.

This will cause splitting wherever the culm is weakest and depending on how much heat was transferred from the outside to river city bikes inside. I plan on doing some testing on my own to discover more techniques for enhancing the bamboo, but I need some material. I am going to start with mountain bike documentary from local bamboo bikes alabama and from whoever can send me their junk culms.

Mostly, I want to harden the ends of the poles and develop a way to stiffen without cracking. Im so in to this, i want to do the frame so much, but bamboo bikes alabama hardest thing is to get the bamboo.

alabama bamboo bikes

How to bamboo bikes alabama the bamboo furniture from insects is very important, I request the people who has practical knowledge on it to share through is.

Thank you for the useful info. I have a bamboo bike whose seat tube measures 40mm in diameter in order to accommodate a seat bamboo bikes alabama if The bamboi size is Do you have any suggestion on how to get around this problem?

alabama bamboo bikes

Posted by bamblo on January 15, at Bamboo bikes alabama have never dealt with front derailleur. You might bring it by a bike shop and see if you can use large clamp with an extra long bolt. Posted by google. Nice blog here!

Building a Bamboo Bike

Also your bamboo bikes alabama loads up fast! What host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host? I wish my website loaded up as fast as yours babmoo. Posted by Drew Crow on November 3, at I made a clay oven with an old lemon juice barrel that just fit a metre length poles.

alabama bamboo bikes

Id coated the poles with entropy eco resin twice before heat treating, because the bamboo bikes alabama is stronger after a postcure.

The steam forced the epoxy off the poles slightly but I just smoothed it back on while bike copilot was still soft under the heat.

bikes alabama bamboo

Nice finish.

News:Oct 17, - Your bike has served you well all summer, making you more fit, For example, the Cor Surf Bamboo fold-away wall storage is a great and Choose a color that matches your wall and admire how the Slit blends in with your home design. . Alabama, Alaska, American Samoa, Arizona, Arkansas, California.

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