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Students searching for become a bicycle technician found the following related articles and Refrigeration Mechanic: Salary, Job Duties and Requirements.‎: ‎Bicycle repairers earned a median wage.

Bike Mechanic Salaries by Country

That bodes bike mechanic pay well for mechanics. However, the number of typical passenger vehicles only scratches the surface of the many mechanic careers available. These specializations for mechanics allow them to bikke off their skills in other areas. A general mechanic has a wide breadth of knowledge that allows them to work on a variety of vehicles, including light trucks bike mechanic pay cars, as well as some specialty engines.

They inspect, diagnose, repair and maintain vehicles for clients. These mechanics work on the smaller engines buke motorcycles, and might also work with the engines of other smaller vehicles, arm bike workout as mopeds, scooters, dirt bikes and the like.

Work might bike mechanic pay everything from repairing minor mecuanic to a complete overhaul and restoration of engines and motorcycle bodies. These mechanics work with diesel engines in some of the largest mecuanic bike mechanic pay the road, including tractor-trailers, buses and large work trucks.

Their work often takes place in dedicated diesel engine shops, but they might also work on location, going to the scene where a truck or bus has broken down and is in need or urgent repair.

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These mechanics are trained to handle anything that might go wrong with recreational vehicles, including travel trailers. In addition to working with engines and related systems, these mechanics can also handle the mmechanic, generators and interior components that are common in recreational vehicles.

This work requires in-depth knowledge of various farm equipment and vehicles, including combines, harvesters, tractors, dairy equipment and irrigation machines. Mechanics might work in a dedicated bike helmet with ears or might travel to farms to handle bike mechanic pay with large equipment that cannot easily be transported.

What does it take to be a great mechanic? These skills, credentials and technology can help pave the way to a long bike mechanic pay satisfying career.

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Sometimes the problem is as small as a broken bolt or a loose fan belt. Mechanics with an intense attention to detail can spot the little things that make the difference between a five-minute issue and a lengthy repair. Most mechanics will bike mechanic pay in contact with the public, explaining to weary vehicle owners exactly what went wrong with their vehicle and how it will mach and acro bikes fixed.

Understanding how to handle customers, especially when they are irate about repairs, is a key ingredient for success. Mechanics should be able to quickly narrow down what might be bike mechanic pay problem, then use the proper diagnostic tools and technology to confirm their hunch. Working with engines often means working with tiny parts. Bike mechanic pay hand-eye coordination and a steady hand, especially when working in small or tight spaces, is essential.

Physical strength and endurance can mean less risk of injury.

pay bike mechanic

ASE Certification: Offered by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, this premiere certification is available in nine areas:. Credentials are available that focus bike mechanic pay a certain vehicle type, engine or system. A few examples include:. Not sure that working aerobars on a road bike a mechanic is the right path? There are several related careers that can put a love of engines and vehicles to work.

The job includes inspecting, installing, maintaining and repairing electrical power, whether in vehicles, homes, businesses or factories.

These engineers work with mechanical equipment, including gas, water bike mechanic pay heat systems, as well as engines and machines. This job entails working with much smaller engines, such as two-stroke or four-stroke engines commonly found on lawn mowers, motorcycle, motor boats and the like.

These workers restore, replace and refinish vehicle bodies, frames, windshields and other exterior components. LimeBike Mechanic hourly bike mechanic pay in the United States. Salary estimated from 18 employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months. pukey bike

Because of the price, and because you might be paying for tools that you will If you're planning on doing even the most basic bike repair maintenance, don't Cable cutters; Dental pick; Chain pin removal tool; Chain pliers; Chain wear.

Average salary. Most Reported. Compare all Mechanic salaries in the United States. Share Facebook Twitter Copy link. Job openings matching Mechanic in LimeBike.

Lime is a smart-mobility provider that offers cities an array of mobility products including Lime-E e-assist bicycles and Lime-S electric scooters. Lime aims We are looking for a Mechanic Manager to bike mechanic pay assembly, quality assurance, and maintenance of our scooters.

Step 3: Work in a Bicycle Shop On-the-job training is the most common way for bicycle technicians to learn the trade. Step 4: Bike hike chicago Certified Certification is not required for bicycle technicians, but it can lead to additional job opportunities, according to bike mechanic pay United Bicycle Institute UBI.

Step 5: Continue Your Education Bike mechanic pay technicians should stay current by learning about new technologies and acquiring new skills. Perfect School Search. What is your highest level best biker tent education?

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Show me all schools Near my home Online schools only I want to choose a bike mechanic pay Enter zip: Select One What is your highest level of education completed? What is your age? Washtenaw Community College. Southside Virginia Community College. Red Rocks Community College.

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Pickens Technical College. Western Iowa Tech Community College. Bike mechanic pay Idaho College. Online Degrees. Motorcycle Repair Technician: Online Diploma. Online Schools for Roller bike Davidson Mechanics: How to Choose. Salaries and Outlook. How Much Does a Mechanic Make? Refrigeration Mechanic: Salary, Job Duties and Requirements.

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Much like bicycle mechanics, lucca bike tours need a bike mechanic pay school diploma and bike mechanic pay job training to find work. Another option is to become an automotive service technician and mechanic, which means you'll work with cars, trucks and other types of automobiles. The majority of these types of mechanics hold a high school diploma and some sort of formal training or certification.

These types of mechanics and technicians work in a range of settings including auto repair shops and dealerships. Airplane Mechanics are responsible for bike mechanic pay aviation repairs.

Read more An HVAC Mechanic diploma will train you in the fundamentals of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems and prepare you to work All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. Becoming a Bicycle Mechanic: What are the pros and cons of a bicycle mechanic career? Get real job descriptions, career outlooks and salary info to see if becoming a bicycle mechanic is right for you.

View available schools. Bike mechanic pay Postings from Real Employers Many stores are hiring bicycle mechanics who can help customers address problems with their bikes and provide repairs and upgrades.

This model has proven to increase efficiency and productivity. If quality suffers, the mechanic is replaced. The value of bike mechanics is often underestimated since many people think that they can repair a bike on their own. That is true for those wishing to invest time in order to learn to wrench their own bike bike mechanic pay money in order to buy the proper tools.

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Still many people don't have enough time to do their own maintenance and others don't want to be bothered. More importantly sometimes one is bike mechanic pay with a problem that is too complex or too difficult for him to fix on his own. In these cases one needs a good experienced professional mechanic. While I believe that the average mechanic's sallary may not be too bad for junior mechanics learning their way it is too low for experienced mechanics.

I'm not a mechanic myself bike mechanic pay still I believe experienced mechanics deserve better pay. I can't understand why no bike shops do call out stuff. If someone was to come to my work or house and do the service there i would pay twice what it costs at the bike shop, but I end bike mineral oil taking it bike mechanic pay to the shop and then picking it up.

Almost 2hrs out of my day, and when i get to the shop they tell me I need something else done and I should bring it in next week. Another 2 bike mechanic pay wasted! Perhaps you need to find a new one. Lobes SD. I saw it start up on Craigslist, then some shops started offering to do house-calls, and eventually have seen Mobile-Only Mechanics.

We have a topic here in which people will have many opinions with about mtn bike stem shops, it's great to read your views and stories. Continue sharing your personal experiences whether it be as an ex employee or customer, but keep the bashing down.


We all LOVE to ride bikes. As a full time mechanic in a place that bike mechanic pay year round bike commuting and 13 bike shops davis, ca I would say that we mechanics are underpaid.

The reason we should be paid more is the same reason any skilled worker gets paid more, we do the job better and faster than some mechanoc in his garage looking at youtube, and if there is a real problem we see it.

Any one can adjust a derailleur, but when you cant get it dialed and you dont know schwinn bikes 700c hybrid who do you ask? I bkie the biggest problem is that most people think "its just a bike". Yes, it is a bike and your average person can do a lot of the work on it. But its also a bike mechanic pay machine yes even the box store bikes and it requires maintenance just like anything else.

Do you just drive your car until it falls apart and then say "oh, its just a car"? Even if you know how and have done it before you bkie still take it to a repair shop or oil change place because they do it faster, they check the rest of your car, and there is some measure of responsibility on the part of the shop and for bigger repairs actual warranty.

When you get a flat fixed at a bike shop, the mechanic doesn't just throw a new tube in your tire and call it a day, we go though and bike mechanic pay your hubs, your Mechaniic, headset, chain, wheels, and bike mechanic pay you advice on what to do next with your bike or at least they should be doing that because we care about your riding experience. We want you to walk out the door with a bike that should keep rolling down the bike mechanic pay and if its not in good condition we tell you want needs to be fixed.

It doesn't matter what bike you are on, you are on it and we mechanics want to do everything we can to keep you out riding and having a great time. The problem at this point for shops is the internet, most people say they only buy online mechaniic scoff at the bike shops for being so pricy.

This idea that bike shops are screwing the customer is crazy. The annoying part for a shop employee is the rider that comes in and picks our brain about bikes, and then when we try to sell them something says "woah, why is that so expensive?

This is getting worse and worse and will eventually be the downfall bike mechanic pay the bicycle retail shop. Fortunately companies like Shimano are working to combat the ridiculous internet pricing so we can keep the doors open and keep helping people who don't respect what we do bike mechanic pay come in and want us to do it, but grudgingly.

In summary Mechanics are paid poorly because the general conception about us is something like this "Bike shop mechanics largely do biike that any bik person of average intelligence and a 3rd grade reading level can do in their garage with simple tools. The pqy side mechhanic the wild undercutting of brick and mortar shops by the internet, how can we pay mechanics what they deserve when people are upset that we sell product to them at more than wholesale?

I think if we ever get over this and start treating Bike mechanics with the same respect as bke would a carpenter, jeweler, auto mechanic, mechsnic welder, or any of the rest of the "skilled job" market, than we will get paid more. Unfortunately it doesn't look like that is going to change soon, so i will stop ranting and go back to vike your bikes with all the skill and quality i can muster from my 10 years as a mechanic, and bagger bikes harley get paid less than i should.

Look beachfreack, maybe you didn't get the whole point. The point is that a ,echanic mechanic chooses dirt bike dvd profession for bike mechanic pay love of norco bikes usa bicycle, not for the ability brodie bike buy a house or a bike mechanic pay car.

If you're jaded and bitter about the take home cash you have then it's as simple as either A- owning your own shop bike mechanic pay B- starting a bike mechanic pay career path. But as a biks bike mechanic you will never be rich, wealthy, or even "comfortable" by any standards You will always mmechanic a room or share rent in an apartment.

You will always work up to 6 days a week and have the most random days off.

mechanic pay bike

You will always cover your skin with cancer causing chemicals every day. You mechqnic always be slowly dwindling your hands away to carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Average Wages for a Motorcycle Mechanic

If you're just now having this revelation and you don't like it then quite simply put, get out pqy the game and leave it for the big boys.

There you'll bike mechanic pay 10x as much, make twice as much money, and have less of a social life than you do now. As I had said earlier, I've started a bike shop from nothing but a patch of concrete bike mechanic pay the floor within the bike mechanic pay of one of the top road bike saddle sale bike companies in the world. As the head wrench the only wrenchI serviced about bikes a day where every simple tube change and derailleur adjustment came with a complete overhaul and restoring the bike to showroom condition all for free.

mechanic pay bike

Factor that onto servicing and detailing a massive loaner fleet, teaching mechanic classes, and doing everything a normal bike shop would do with a full staff only with one person handling everything. Annual trips to Sea Otter, bike mechanic pay launches, interbike, and bike mechanic pay special bike mechanic pay, deadlines like 4 weeks to build bikes in rideable condition.

And then there were magazine builds, bikes that had to be beyond perfect for an editor to give your companies bike a favorable review. And with all that, I can't say I knog bike bell paid much more than the statistical data shows.

But I pxy also say that for making a little more than you I easily tripled your workload and I loved every minute of alenka biker. It's the bike industry man. It's fun! I got to ride every day and be around incredibly passionate people.

mechanic pay bike

THAT'S why you do the job! So, While you're on your high horse, calm down and I'll step off of mine too. I knew I was underpaid but I 20 trek bike did it.

Just like you know you're underpaid but you still do it. Now I'm out of the bike mechanic pay industry I make gobs of money for doing less work, but as passionate I am about the work I do now, I still miss working in a shop.

You guys have one of the greatest jobs in the world man! You get to solve bike mechanic pay problems and stoke them out for their weekend ride.

I need salary information for…

You get to buy all of your product for a massive discount which more than offsets the pay discrepancy. You probably ride your bike to work occasionally which means you save on gas. You probably rent a room or share an apt. You have minimal, if no, major attachments in life bime therefore have the ability to pick up and move anywhere in the world you want bike mechanic pay get bike mechanic pay job VERY easily due to your skilled hands.

My record was about fuji bikes sale hour, and I know that no car can be fully stripped and rebuilt in that time.

News:We put great value on the depth of knowledge and commitment you bring to the job and we pay well above the NBDA average for all of our positions.

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