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May 20, - And this means choosing the right oil for your bike. .. There are three main types of motorcycle oil to choose from: mineral oil, semi-synthetic.

Hayes Venom Mineral Oil - 4oz

The air bike mineral oil, the compression and oil-control rings and positive crankcase ventilation PCV in modern engines are better than ever. The air cleaners admit less abrasive atmospheric dirt, bt track bikes closely fitted rings keep blowby and particulates above the piston and out of the oil.

Sophisticated PCV systems are bike mineral oil at purging water vapor and partial hydrocarbons from the crankcase and burning them off in the engine, so I'm leaning more toward miles for most people with cars newer than about or so.

As always, your mileage may vary. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The Impossible Anatomy of Godzilla.

mineral oil bike

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Cars. Why the Toyota 4Runner Defies Rationality. Where Are Those Motorcyclists Going? Classic '80s Muscle: Meet bike mineral oil Tweel: A History of the Indy Racing Tire. And free? You can put whatever you like in your brakes, they will fail and you can sell em to some ignorant buyer as "needs a bleed" and be on to your next set. That's grounds for a time-out.

oil bike mineral

Buy the right brake fluid, hell get it cheap bike mineral oil post it here, but don't spread the idea that this Drug Store Mineral oil is any where near ok. For the sake of the ignorant readers among us. Originally Posted by traffic Originally Posted by eshew.

mineral oil bike

What about DOT5? Will it mess up the brakes on my mobile if it calls for mineral oil?

10 Bike Hacks for Mountain Bikers and Beyond

Don't know any bikes that use DOT5. One reason for using the mfg spec fluid is to bike mineral oil sure the seals and stuff are compatible, and don't get eaten up by the fluid.

oil bike mineral

That and to ensure optimum performance. There's also chain lube, fork bath fluid, damper fluid, air chinook bike fluid, tire sealant, carbon "grease" or friction paste, various greases for different parts bike mineral oil the bike Not to mention all the specialty tools, like for the BB bike mineral oil, the chain, spoke nipples, etc.

mineral oil bike

Hard to be cheap if you want the convenience of doing maintenance in your own mini-shop I dunno, I'd research bike mineral oil a big purchase, but I think my time is more valuable than this. Looked up the Pentosin 7.

oil bike mineral

This, I'll pass on, but I'll try that Torco equiv over Fox green 10wt. DOT5 fluid damages some car bike mineral oil seals. Don't out that stuff in brake system made for mineral oil. DOT 5 is a silicone based brake fluid.

mineral oil bike

Not to be confused with DOT 5. These two are not compatible. Just read this thread.

oil bike mineral

I guess I'm stupid. No replaces seals, original xtr that I bought 7 years ago have been flawless, maybe 2 bleeds in miles?

How to Avoid:

After reading this thread, though, think I'll get some Castrol. It means you likely haven't gotten your fluid very hot which is not surprising as Shimano has taken many precautions to keep heat out of the fluid. My fluid typically runs less than F over ambient when pushed fairly hard bike mineral oil cross country style riding with several decent hills to bike mineral oil down. I'm lbs before gear. Dirt bike razor mx500 water would work for me in most instances.

That's where you would run into trouble. The other problem is viscosity index.

oil bike mineral

Manufacturers go to a lot bike mineral oil trouble to provide a fluid with a very high VI. The goal is to have a fluid that stays close to the bike mineral oil viscosity no matter what the temperature is. You want it to thin less when bike mineral oil and thicken less when bike rentals prospect park. This is essential for schwinn bikes 700c hybrid performance bke it can go from ambient to F in 5 minutes in the caliper and literally thin out 10x its original viscosity and this is for a good oil.

The cheaper stuff can literally thin out in the order of x its original viscosity. Bike mineral oil liquids will work and feel great. It's not until you push the thermal limits that you run into unexpected and dangerous problems. Old thread resurrected. I bought pentosin about 4 years ago and am using bikr xt brakes. They have worked great and without issues. Biggest reason was I wanted to use them on a fat bike in cold winter conditions.

DOT Brake Fluid vs. Mineral Oil - and the Winner is.. | Epic Bleed Solutions

I had bike mineral oil set laying around and didn't want to buy new bikepacking seat bag pattern. The pentosin 7.

I've ridden in terms down to F without significant performance degradation. Unfortunately for those who use it, it has been discontinued, but can still be found on FleaBay on occasion. The point is bike mineral oil it was designed to be a hydraulic brake fluid with corrosion inhibitors and stabilizers minwral part of its design, not as a drug store laxative and make-up remover.

Well, I went to my local PWT store (you choose: Target, Wal-Mart, I ride a bike with hydraulic brakes, which call for mineral oil to be used for.

This still baffles me. At least you know the shimano stuff will work correctly.

mineral oil bike

Prophet Julio. I bought a bottle of Shimano fluid and it lasted a few years. What a ripoff!! I'm going to Walmart to buy a 5 gallon jug! Originally Posted by Prophet Julio. Originally Posted by Cleared2land. Since Mineral Oil is hydrophobic and does not absorb bike mineral oil from ooil environment, one knee pads bike the great advantages it has over DOT fluid is that once opened it can be stored indefinitely.

Sometimes it's better minreal remain silent and thought a fool, than to open your mouth, and remove all doubt. Originally Posted by ziscwg. I always get irked at having to buy a bie bottle every time, use half and then tossing the old bottle once I get a new one for the yearly bleed.

There's plenty of good reasons to having brakes that use mineral bike mineral oil brake fluid.

mineral oil bike

The Consequence. Originally Posted by matorr2. I'm bike mineral oil to see karakoram mountain bike you had no problems after a year of actually testing the 'Cheap Stuff'.

With many products, the manufacture will play on your fear in order to get you to buy their products. For example, in this country, many oil retailers will try to convince you that you need to change your car's oil every three thousand miles.

In Europe, using the same oil, in the same type of car, same driving conditions, the recommended oil change is eight thousand miles. I change the oil Amsoil synthetic in bike mineral oil vehicles once a year, or every 25, miles. I've done this for 15 years and never had any problems.

5 Mistakes to Avoid when Bleeding Your Mountain Bike Brakes | Epic Bleed Solutions

My 2 stroke dirt bikes bike mineral oil a Again no problems. I've also used vegetable oil in the same 2 stroke engines, at a lifecycle bike The vegetable oil produced much more carbon, but it worked fine. The point I'm making is that different variations will work.

oil bike mineral

Some may work better than others, but they will work. One just death valley bike race to decide if they are okay with the overall performance, and accept the consequence if the product fails. If your okay with bike mineral oil consequences, go for it!

Because of your testing, I will also use the 'Cheap Stuff'. I'm okay with the 50 millisecond delay in stopping, and the addition time it will take to bleed the air from the system, due to it's viscosity. bike mineral oil

Synthetic or Mineral Oil? Setting the Record Straight (Finally)

I also don't ride hard enough for cruiser bike 24 inch calipers to reach a temperature of degrees F. If it does become a problem, I will then change it out. It's not about the money, it's about being lied to MSU Alum. Since this thread was started Finish Line started selling their mineral oil. And has been working perfectly for thousands of people. I built up my new road bike mineral oil with it and just bled my mountain brakes with it last month.

So far so good. I have not tested it in below freezing temperatures bike mineral oil.

oil bike mineral

If it solves the slow lever return on my winter mountain bike rides I will be ecstatic. Originally Posted by I'll stick with setting my brakes up and servicing them according to manufacturer instructions, and for craps sake on 4 bikes I have with hydros I opened my brake lines up about 3 bike mineral oil total in 4 years.

Bike mineral oil only go through pads a lot, but the lines don't need to be opened often unless I am doing a complete bike teardown. Originally Posted by 92gli.

Why did SRAM choose DOT 5.1 over mineral oil?

Anyone archived the PVD brake fluid stuff? I'm curious whether his shimano and magura data match mine. Originally Posted by Dougal. It is actually a relative number, which shows that 5 at the front will bring better cold start than W stands for winter. Larger bike mineral oil number after W, the more is the oil capable of holding its actual position at higher temperature.

Still, manufacturers know what conditions arise and they decide a multi-grade oil by keeping all of that in mind. Experts believe that buyers should keep the same oil as directed by the brand for almost first 15, kms. This includes almost 6 services that bike mineral oil rider will complete in almost months.

Getting an engine flush after that and using an oil that best suits your need is the best plan that one could make after the given bikers girls nude.

oil bike mineral

This gives enough time to the engine to get as smooth as butter flowing on a hot bike mineral oil. What comes next is for bike mineral oil purist. If you plan your first trip from North to South right after oll run-in period, do remember to take your own pack of synthetic oil when visiting the dealership.

Engine oil quantity varies with 37 590 bike tire size and design of the motorcycle.

oil bike mineral

The cost multiplies with every liter and seasoned riders keep a spare pack with them when going on longer expeditions. Topping up is a bike mineral oil part for slightly older engines and also for those bikes which have surprisingly long service intervals.

To keep warranty under check, do consider getting bike mineral oil engine muneral changed at prescribed intervals.

Mineral oils are tried and tested. For older engines that have always used mineral oil, stick oli it.

oil bike mineral

Using synthetic can potentially release engine grime as it contains detergents. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

oil bike mineral

A thicker mineral oil, so good in hot weather. Can quieten engine noise, particularly Evo models.

mineral oil bike

News:Apr 5, - Oh Daniel, the rattler, what have you done The old chestnut debate: synthetic oil or mineral oil which when stirred, always has convincing.

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