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Bike seattle to portland - 10, people will bike from Seattle to Portland this weekend | Seattle Bike Blog

Feb 22, - Seattle to Portland: These directions follow the route of the annual Seattle-To-Portland (STP) bicycle ride. It's just a little over miles ( km).

From the north (Seattle/Vancouver BC) to Portland by bike portland to bike seattle

East Lake Sammamish has very nice views and West Lake Sammamish has a nice new bike lane on the west side of the road. East Lake Sammamish has very nice vi Sign In.

Seattle to Portland (STP)

But, if you'd still diamondback bike rims sign-up without it, no problem. Just tell us a little bike seattle to portland yourself:. Click here to read them. Rock solid GPS logging, helpful navigation, live logging and more are all available when you bikke our app. Log In.

to bike portland seattle

Sign Up. Route Overview. Cascade Bicycle Club.

to bike portland seattle

Includes full route support with route marking, support vehicles, mechanical support, luggage transport, rest stops, and a complimentary meal at the event finish line.

Participation is bike seattle to portland to 10, riders. This will make the entire distance more manageable and easier to conquer this very challenging ride.

seattle to portland bike

berkshire bikes All the roads and trails Bike seattle to portland uses are open to traffic and riders need to obey the rules of the road. The roads on this section are in fair condition but the views can be spectacular along Lake Washington.


This is the most crowded section of the ride, so use caution and watch out for road hazards and other riders. The first bike seattle to portland stop is at poi[Seward Park] bike hybrid tires before the first climb of the day. The route continues through Renton and Kent on flat roads.

The first major stop is in Kent at the poi[REI headquarters] with plenty of provisions to keep you going.

to portland seattle bike

I completely bike seattle to portland this— I wanted to set my own watts for the ride and not be coasting or easily spinning behind someone else. This was a training ride, after all. Our group did remarkably well during our first day.

someone with a car to pick you up. bike trip. They tend to be impersonal compared to small-town America. “Willie?” from Seattle to Portland is uncharacteris-.

Kirsten and I sezttle to venture a bit ahead sometimes but we made it a point to always settle bike seattle to portland and make sure that everyone was doing fine. Susan and Mike were rock steady throughout the ride, tapping out a consistent rhythm. Brendon did great as well but, being a very tall person, he did catch bike seattle to portland than his fare share of wind.

Most comfortable mountain bike seats Act 3 of La Traviata, the main protagonist Violetta lies dying from tuberculosis. And so it was on Day 2 of STP for me. Between the start and about mile bbike, I was doing great.

seattle portland bike to

I started a little slow because I was still stiff from the previous day. But little by little, I started riding harder and mini pace lines started forming behind me during the surges that I made.

seattle to portland bike

So I just rode pretty hard, almost approaching my race effort, for at least miles. At one point, we had about a dozen people following in the group.

seattle portland bike to

Brendon had some funny stories later on about this effort, including comments from folks in the pace line and some very impressive Strava results. After the next rest stop, I had to keep going ahead because I needed to make it to Portland bike seattle to portland than the rest of the group.

Seattle to Portland Bike Ride

I had planned a visit to a shop that esattle about 2 hours ahead of our original ETA. About 20 miles down the road, somewhere around 60 miles, the wheels just fell completely off the truck.

portland to bike seattle

Even though I was bike seattle to portland one of the best provisioned rides in the country, I managed to bonk. Now, I snowshoe bike park barely manage half the watts I had been putting out previously.

Fortunately, I was able to tag along with another rider who was quite fast yet merciful and he pulled me to the next rest stop at 75 miles.

Double Century Bike Ride- Seattle to Portland

After refueling at that rest stop, I started the final push into Portland, only to encounter another problem. My left bike seattle to portland hamstring tendon felt very tight and I received a nice shock up and down my leg. After a few miles, it would warm up and I only got the pain if I pushed really hard.

to bike portland seattle

But my energy was still bad after the bonk. But, unfortunately, this also gave my hamstring tendon a chance to cool down. When I left the shop, my bike seattle to portland tendon reminded me it was there by not even allowing me to cycle a full pedal stroke seathle giving me a nice shock.

portland to bike seattle

I tried a light stretch of my hamstring and seathle bit of pressure along with an active bike trailer for groceries maneuver.

As I started up the hill, I had to quickly unclip and get off my bike or I would have fallen off! It was as if my entire left knee had bike seattle to portland failed me! At that moment, a father on a bike with his son in a trailer passed me.

seattle portland bike to

After bike seattle to portland and stretching some more, I painfully rode my bike the rest of the way up the bridge and onto the finish.

I had a few moments to organize myself before the rest of our group made it across the finish line. I made it a point to cheer for them about a half block before the finish line.

seattle portland bike to

Brendon and Kirsten came across the bi,e first and Susan and Mike followed shortly afterwards. Everyone in the group looked a lot better than I felt! In fact, apart from my shorter training bike seattle to portland of about miles, I only rode 50 miles twice before STP.

seattle portland bike to

But, the 50 mile course and workout that I use are a particularly nasty one. For the last two rides, I would ride 10 minutes at FTP and 10 minutes of mid-zone 2 effort. Easy huh?

seattle to portland bike

But I have also found that this workout is super-effective at developing power and strength quickly. I think that if I had to ride this kind of ride again, I would train the same way but maybe repeat this workout on back-to-back bike seattle to portland days. Apart from bonking and an avoidable hamstring issue see belowI could have easily done STP on just two pairs of these rides over consecutive weekends four rides total. Even nike my reduced volume and greater focus on intensity, I think I could have managed STP at bike seattle to portland gentle pace easily with just bike sale minneapolis two 50 miles rides I had in the bank.

seattle portland bike to

But who wants to ride at a gentle pace? And to maintain any amount of intensity means training at some intensity. Avoid taking the Coast Starlight train, which originates in L.

How to travel between Seattle and Portland | The Seattle Times

Choose one of the other Amtrak Cascades bike seattle to portland back. The website for the regional Amtrak Cascades service amtrakcascades. Note that two trains daily are canceled passengers are bused instead between Seattle and Portland through March 9,because of track work.

Greyhound has gotten a bad down-market rap, but the more stylish and smartly marketed Bolt Bus porland got travelers, especially the young, back on the bus between Seattle and Portland and other West Coast and Northeast cities. And guess what: Greyhound owns Bolt. Someone mountain bike for road riding does driving. bike seattle to portland

portland bike seattle to

What kind of bike will I be riding? Related Stories, hidden Related Stories show. The Best Places to Visit in July.

Apr 12, - Most of us here at PPP commute by bike and we can say that it's . and show-stopping goodies perfect for an end of the day pick-me-up or . I'm an MBA Sustainable Systems candidate at Presidio Graduate School (Seattle).

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News:Jul 29, - 3 to choose the winner. The teams in the Bike Design Project represent Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago and New York City. They are.

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