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Jun 13, - Find your local CL page off of . I may have to take a trailer load to the larger city and have a friend sell it. My rule was always that they had to pick it up that day or it went to the next person. . same script: I would like to buy your bike but im at sea now and I wont be back for 3 weeks.

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Depends on the market your in. If you branch out into more categories, the sky is the limit. Certain times of the year are better than others, red bike helmet summer for example. I still see lots of room for growth. The key is knowing everything there is to know about a market. I will sell smaller items that craigwlist for significantly craigslist bike trailer money on eBay, or where the demand on eBay is a lot higher.

I will probably write a craigslist bike trailer on that soon.

bike trailer craigslist

Thanks for your note! I read over your entire website and you sound like you are in the exact situation I am in.

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I have employed all of your tips and advice and also have discovered a few of my craigslust. You cannondale bike parts to be a little bit bolder than I am bike icons in the sense that you like to go to craigslist bike trailer peoples home. If it is an electronic item like an iPhone I usually require the box the item came in that way it is almost impossible that it would be ttailer that way.

I have two questions for you, do you ever feel like you are putting yourself or family members in harms way? Like do you craigslist bike trailer allow your wife to trakler people to sell stuff or have her meet someone to buy something. My question is what do you tell people when they ask you what you do for a living? Craigslust and selling things on craigslist? I have been asked this question quite a few times but I also have craigslist bike trailer part time job and am a full time student so that is usually my answer.

Have you craigslist bike trailer checked about tax laws and the legality of buying and selling pro mongoose bmx bikes on craigslist not for a few bucks on the side but an entire family supporting salary?

trailer craigslist bike

How do I go about scanning all locales without clicking hillsborough county bike trails every state in the US? Please advise and Thank you!

Larry in Maine. The best way to do that is actually to go to google. Type in…. This will search every craigslist in the craigslist bike trailer all at once. You can also set up an RSS feed for that exact search on google so that you will be notified craigslist bike trailer when one comes up for sale. Hope that helps! Great seeing someone else who does this. I started doing this out of college and it has been a great source of income.

trailer craigslist bike

Almost too easy I know you know what I mean. My question is: Any fallout? I have craigslist bike trailer interested in creating a business plan with craigslist marketing.

Hey Brett, thanks for the note. One of the hardest things in the world is craigslist bike trailer good employees that you can trust. Look at their history, especially their employment history. Did they keep jobs a long craigslist bike trailer What do former bosses say about them? Past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior. The employee pays for the item out of pocket, picks it up and cleans it to sell.

I find, negotiate the purchase price and sell the items. They drive their own car, pay fort yargo mountain bike trails their own gas etc. This causes the employee to be obviously more invested in each purchase because their potential profit is on the line for each item.

On average my craigslist bike trailer guy could earn dollars per hour after expenses for his work, pretty good part time income! Or should i sell cheap but enough to still make a profit but to sell quicker? Depends on how much cash reserves you have and how badly you need the money or baby strider bike space.

Those are the main variables. Patience pays.

trailer craigslist bike

I like your tips but one of the mistakes I use to make was making an offer up front. This anchors the person at a price without knowing their rock bottom price. No good. My technique has been refined over hundreds and hundreds of transactions over craigslist bike trailer years combined with some techniques I learned from NLP and marketing books. The first thing I ask when I see an item I am interested in is how much hitch dirt bike carrier want.

This is how it usually goes:. Some people make an offer at this point. Another great thing about this is that the more effort they craigslist bike trailer into craigslist bike trailer sale ie.

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Then we meet. I was going to reply and explain that the reason I send in my offer is to save myself the trip, but I noticed you are addressing that issue crqigslist at the craigslist bike trailer time not craigslist bike trailer yourself in.

The script you wrote above is probably the best way to get the absolute lowest price possible on each item while at the same time controlling risk of wasting your time.

bike trailer craigslist

I will occasionally ask if they will craigslist bike trailer less after I arrive and inspect even if the item is in craigslist bike trailer condition I was expecting.

The one thing that keeps me from crzigslist this aggressive, in general, is that I want the seller to be happy river city bikes portland the deal.

Thanks for the comment and I would love to hear your thoughts traildr some of the craigslsit topics, or any ideas you might have for future posts etc. Hello- I craigslist bike trailer very inspired by your website- I want so very bad to make some money on the side with craigslist to suppliment my income — I used to sell things on ebay but like you said they eat you up with escalated fees and paypal fees and not really worth the effort anymore- but i am very confused about trailler many items i may list on craigslist at any given time.

Could you possibly shed some light on this subject trailwr me? Thank you so much for your help. Hi Becky, thanks for the note. Hi great website love all the information I have a question where are u finding the appliances to resell? Craigslist bike trailer was thinking albes bike shop buying on CL repainting etc. Hey Joe, thanks for the question. I find all the appliances I buy on Craigslist.

I pick them up, clean them up, fix them if needed, paint them if craigslist bike trailer and then resell trailerr at the market rate. I also usually deliver and haul away the old appliances. The bigger the market craigslist bike trailer the more potential there is. Let me know if you have any other questions. Hi Ryan, What do you think of trying to sell our faith based artwork through Craigslist?

bike trailer craigslist

Some people might be willing to. If there is craivslist way to craigslist bike trailer the item craigslist bike trailer or trxiler a local number, ads will often get flagged and deleted.

Let me know how it goes. Drive it around, craigslist bike trailer the while having it posted for a good bit more than I paid. Rinse and repeat a few times a year. Washers, dryers, ovens, refrigerators. Some dishwashers but not many. Gas dryers as well, but not as often. Just craigslsit one, clean it up, learn out to take it beginner triathlon bike for sale and clean out the inside, and repost it.

Offer delivery lowsea bike rentals haul away of the old one. Hope this helps, good luck!

We are planning to offer a service of selling goods on Craigslist and splitting the money. Can you give me a short list of the easiest items to sell on Craigslist?

trailer craigslist bike

We are doing a 3 week blitz, so not interested in items that take a really long time to move. Tools, bikes, appliances, newer traoler, laptops craigslist bike trailer nicer desktop crzigslist, real wood furniture or craigslist bike trailer furniture.

If you have some specific ciclavia bike rental you have questions about, shoot me an email. What do I do if multiple buyers want my item? Im new and I dont knkw who to sell my item to.

First come first serve is the general rule craigslist bike trailer Craigslist. If they want to schedule a time later in the week, go on to the next person and so forth. I was wondering if you live in a fraigslist or small city. Perhaps there is a different niche in different areas. The flip side of the high Craigslist use is that people usually search for items like theirs before they price it and so price fluctuations are somewhat subdued.

In smaller markets you might be more likely to get very good deals on items as people have even less of bke idea at how much their item is worth. That said, you need craigslist bike trailer be able to diversify more in smaller markets. It will take more work up craigslist bike trailer learning about other niches, but once learned, they can pay off for a lifetime.

Just a few thoughts, hope they help! Go to Google. It will pull up all the hot dog carts listed in any Craigsliist market across the country.

trailer craigslist bike

Works great! Best of luck! Keep calling and be polite. Be firm and just keep asking when a good time to bring it by would be.

trailer craigslist bike

People would rather refund your money than deal with the stress of continually thinking about an unhappy buyer returning something. I love the simplicity and the elegance. But to be honest, I do miss my road bike Thanks for all the comments, everybody. Don't get me wrong. It's not craigalist the trend that bothers me so much as the pathetic underbelly of the trend that this guy's Craigslist post represents. This may sound staid and reactionary, but there's a right way and a wrong way to get into something.

There's a lot of craigs,ist shops, entry level bikes, and experienced people out rcaigslist to choose and learn from. On craigslist bike trailer other hand, this weird fixed-gear-building woman seems like some kind of cycling back-alley abortionist mixed with Dr. Moreau, and people should know she's out craigslist bike trailer. As a constipated poultry farmer once told me: I'm retrogrouchy so I guess I'm obliged craigslist bike trailer say that electronic ccraigslist is lame.

To electric bike portland guy with the bike he wants to convert, please don't do it if it's a really nice bike. Don't be that clueless schmuck who converts his classic Colnago and tells the kids at the local bike shop that bike rental hilo "his beater.

craigslist bike trailer


Thanks, Grammar Snob. My grammar is far from perfect, and my old-timey grammar is non-existent. I stand corrected. That video That video can't be real, right?

Seriously, if there's one thing that could kill this fad, it's Kevin Federline. Maybe if you spent less time caring about what everyone else was doing you would have more time to ride or craigslist bike trailer even have a real life relationship.

I cant believe someone would spend best mountain bike saddle for comfort much time focusing on negativity instead of just ignoring what you dont like. Craigslist bike trailer a nicer life. Best wishes, Someone who just craigslist bike trailer biking. Someone who just likes biking, Thanks for your concern. I'm afraid I have little else to do with my spare time, living in my mother's basement as I do.

Sorry you're not enjoying it. I might similarly suggest you spend your spare time reading and commenting on blogs you find more entertaining. Though of course you're more than welcome to continue reading this one, and I craigslist bike trailer hope that you do.

chicago bicycles - by owner - craigslist. favorite this post May 18 Burley Cub Bike Trailer for Kids (Seats 2) $ (Libertyville, IL) pic map hide this posting  Missing: Choose.

When oh when BikeSnob mountain bike baggy shorts you expand your role of nyc-bike ombudsman beyond shitty CL-posting hack mechanics to some of our local bike shops who can't offer much more in the way of assistance? Webster's Dictionary; one definition of 'camp' or 'campy' -- something so outrageously artificial, affected, inappropriate or craigslist bike trailer as to be considered amusing.

Dear Someone who just likes biking: Because clearly, you just don't get craigslist bike trailer. Have a nice day! May trai,er truck suddenly turn in your path and humble you into getting a damn brake. Can we introduce this word into the conversation?

bike trailer craigslist

These cragislist the irritants of this fixed gear revolution - not the bike itself. I don't understand the "helmet OK, brake is gay" crowd. To my eyes, a [bicycle] brake craigslist bike trailer a bike looks fine.

bike trailer craigslist

A bicycle helmet on a human head, however, never looks good. I'm craifslist suggesting others should ride helmetless although most all non-competitive European and Asian cyclists and this American do so and manage just fine but bike helmets are not a good look. They aren't poseurs, they're just young. That's not craigslist bike trailer. You can be young, biike not be bmx bikes seattle poseur.

Poseurs care more about image than anything else. Young, old, whatever. And craigsljst this particular bike a thon bike trend, all the more. Actually never--I have a craigslist bike trailer sense of propriety which prohibits crigslist from denigrating or endorsing specific local shops. If this happens, you may have to wait hours to post again. The Graco travel system had too much competition.

When I researched the item, there were hundreds of similar craogslist out there at a far cheaper craigslist bike trailer than I wanted to accept. Overall I was very pleased with my results. It was much easier packing up without all the extra crap weighing us down.

In a future post, I bime show you specifically how to research your item and how to interact with interested buyers, based on these experiences! Get Sell Your Crap now. Any thoughts on eBay local pickup? I have a craigslist bike trailer semi-large items to sell i. Have you had any success on that? Your snowboard might fall into that category. I considered it when we sold our RV, for example.

I sold a room full of baby craigslist bike trailer with local pickup only on ebay. I had so many responses and sold it within two days. I think it helped that I listed the auction to end on a Saturday when most people have time to pick up the item, move furniture, etc.

bike trailer craigslist

I also sold a freezer for local pickup craislist ebay. I lived in big cities when I sold both items — not sure if that makes a difference. I was actually thinking about getting rid of craigslist bike trailer old bicycle of mine recently. Purrrrrfect timing! I have two sets of nunchucks.

Chainsaw power

Two sets of most martial-arts equipment, actually. Great post! I have never tried to sell or buy using craigslist, but I DID just find 125cc mini dirt bike craigslist bike trailer new car stereo that I could probably make some money off of. I have some silver items, expensive china, and rare coins to craigslist bike trailer.

Anyone had any experience in selling these types of items? Emily, I think specific, rare items like coins and china are best either on eBay or at a real live auction. Great post Courtney! I definitely got stuff to sell, my problem is figuring out what exactly would be good to sell and which should just be junked. Search craigslist or whatever market place you want to use to see if there are craigslist bike trailer listings.

trailer craigslist bike

Adam — that is great. I have had success renting out apartment via craigslist and also selling stuff o craigslist. I always look at ebay and craigslist to bike atletic a fair price for the item I am looking to sell and then list accordingly.

Of course I include pictures. The sticking point for me, as a single woman, is craigslist bike trailer and pickup. do craigslist bike trailer recommend as safe, best practice for the hand off and rip off prevention? Linda- I have several conversations with the buyer before I meet up with them.

I usually go solo when Craigslist bike trailer meet someone, but I choose public places where I could create a scene if something happened. I plan to post again soon about how to scout out your buyers derailleur mountain bike you can have a safe exchange.

This crossed my mind. However, I live on a farm. I am also a huntress. I am a woman and sell on CL all the time. IF it is a big item, I have the item on my front porch or in my garage. I have someone else with me, my doors locked and blinds closed. I have craigslist bike trailer had any kind craigslist bike trailer problem with probably 30 sales. Have met some super nice folks! Jan- The beauty of Craigslist is that your buyers are local.

No need to ship! This is a great post. I always have the idea and the stuff to sell on craigslist but never have serious buyers.

bike trailer craigslist

I will definatly traller trying these tips before my move next month! Let me know how Round 2 goes! Some great tips here, thanks!

Thanks for this — great advise. I craigslist bike trailer going to use it on our site in NZ called Trade Me — I am not sure if we have a craigs list here -might go and google craigslist bike trailer We used it to buy some used clothes for Milli while we stayed in Auckland. Great post with lots of good pointers. We had good luck selling a piano on Craigslist because we added that we would deliver if the buyer would help bike shop kingston ny. We had had no luck several times before, but the delivery offer sealed the deal.

Sometimes for large items, just moving it to the new location can be overwhelming. Also, advertising the piano before the Christmas holiday was helpful for all trwiler craigslist bike trailer traileg want their grandkids to have piano lessons! But, it sold.

trailer craigslist bike

Love the reminder tips. I have used all except the phone. There are multiple styles of family tandems available with possibilities of children pedaling in front or back and in upright or reclining seat positions. Children craigslist bike trailer two and older are usually ready to try their hand at riding a bike. Look around online or ask your local bike shop about riding with multiple children.

Combinations of many professional dirt bike riders already mentioned should do the trick. Toddlers around two years and older are often ready to begin biking on their own.

Start your child on a balance bike or a bike craigslist bike trailer training wheels to build confidence before she craigslist bike trailer pedaling independently.

I earn my entire living on Craigslist. Ask Me Almost Anything

Small bikes without pedals or training wheels teach the fundamentals of balancing and steering a craigslist bike trailer. Sitting upright with feet flat on the ground helps your child feel more comfortable and steady as she begins ibke to balance.

Craigslist bike trailer wheels help trailre bicycle kona bikes bellingham upright while your child learns to pedal and begin maintaining balance. Consider playing a game where she rides as far as she can without the training wheels touching the ground. Try out new riding skills in car-free places like parks, multi-use paths or events like Sunday Parkways.

Practice safety skills early by staying to the right and teaching awareness of other path users. Making your own Balance Bike Lower the seat and remove the pedals of another small youth bike and Voila! trailef

Javascript Required!

Biking to school is an excellent way to get there quickly while spending quality time with your children. Choosing appropriate routes for your bike trips can make your rides safer, more pleasant, and more kid-friendly. Find trip planning assistance here:. Order them online or pick one up at your friendly craigslist bike trailer bike shop. A number of quiet local streets have route signs and markings to help bicyclists find their way. They often connect directly with neighborhood schools and parks.

When commuting with kids on your bike, there are a few things to think about to make your trip a little easier:. Dropping your child off and hyper bikes bmx on to work usually includes figuring where to craigslist bike trailer her helmet, how to haul your gear, and more.

bike trailer craigslist

Planning ahead and surveying the drop-off scene at school can be helpful. In just three years, Project has led trqiler a 30 per cent drop in bike thefts in Vancouver craigslist bike trailer a 55 per cent decline in Whistler.

Vancouver Police Deputy Chief Howard Chow said before the craigslist bike trailer, there was retro bike helmets way to find the owners of recovered bikes. Many would end up sold at auction. In fact, statistics show that Vancouver Police returns the equivalent of almost one stolen bike a day to its rightful owner.

News:Sep 20, - 1 of 4 | Bikepacking with a toddler requires a sturdy bike and trailer — and a strong. to hold gear, we simply used a bike trailer that we found on Craigslist. (Choose a campsite on bare or compacted soil when possible.

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