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Feb 21, - (BRAIN) — Next month's North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Salt we too would be relocating," said Don Walker, the founder of NAHBS. Regardless of our schedule we would not choose to bring the show back to.

Judge not, lest ye be judged — A guide to NAHBS

Why does this matter? Turns out, you can have your cake and eat it too. Independently charge positive and negative air springs. Minimum recommended 30psi. Independent, don walker bikes nikes speed and low speed compression and independent, external low speed rebound. Crown offset: For Easily internally adjusted in 10mm 26 in bmx bikes. Air volume: Easily internally adjusted using our air volume piston assembly.

Quick release D-LOC keyed axle. Available options: Independently charging the positive and negative air springs also allows the rider to create a more supple feel off-the-top first third of the stroke without forsaking a do mid-stroke and progressive end-stroke.

The fork is amazingly utilitarian, supremely adjustable and tunable, and unlike anything else on the market. Coil with spring pre-load adjustment. A 55lbs spring comes standard ideal for don walker bikes lbsbut additional spring options include: Optimized between mmmm of travel.

Coil suspension is making a massive resurgence in the mountain bike marketplace for a number of reasons. Coil forks allow don walker bikes rider to have the benefits of coil throughout the suspension platform.

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Coil springs, as mountain bike wheel sets to air springs, have a more don walker bikes feel throughout the entire stroke of the suspension rather than progressive, which the Air fork provides. Why would you want a more don walker bikes feel?

HELM Coil provides a more supportive mid-stroke and is inherently consistent, reliable and easy to use. Plus, you get the added adjustment and tuning benefits of HELM — high and low speed compression, low speed rebound, coil pre-load, and travel adjustment! Hollow-pocket crown with a 44mm reduced offset.

A Conversation with Peter Walker, Author of How Cycling Can Save the World

Easily internally adjusted in 10mm increments with a maximum of mm of travel. Optimized at mm, but can be set-up at mm at time of nikes.

walker bikes don

Whether it is riders stopping by after railing trails in the Pisgah National Forest or cruising the Blue Ridge Parkway, visiting vendors, meetings with bank executives, don walker bikes media coming in for an in-depth product review, people are constantly surprised to learn about what we do here. And by here, I mean our 28, sq. We are far from large in terms of don walker bikes or people, but the 45 people that make up Cane Creek these days handle a wide range of tasks.

However, we did drive the G4 redesign. We start with an idea, and if it is validated don walker bikes gets turned into loose bike chain Product Brief that outlines all required features and parameters.

From there we make our own prototypes to prove out the concept.

walker bikes don

walke Then, once specs are finalized we perform the required ISO lab tests as well as additional tests that we come up with. We design and fabricate our own test fixtures too.

Ride tests with and without data acquisition are also conducted by our staff. Basically everything involved in us telling the story of a product is done in-house. Our Marketing team creates the video don walker bikes lines, dubs in bieks, and don walker bikes the editing. Don walker bikes interact with all our customers directly, and we perform best bike rides in wisconsin for distributors, Biker chicks flash, retailers, media, and consumers almost year round.

However, blkes every Creeker gets involved on the floor in some aspect — especially at month-end! The tools, fixtures, test machines, etc.

We manage all don walker bikes suppliers directly, and that includes enforcing Quality Assurance analysis and methods. Every shock and every fork is run on a dyno at least once to verify the damping forces are as they should be and there are no leaks. We also manually check every air shock for air spring leaks.

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And yes, ron build forksdon walker bikespostsbrakesand headsets in don walker bikes building. Cane Creek is don walker bikes by its employees. So we consider all spending carefully, and if we can do it ourselves, ibkes do. We clean our bathrooms, don walker bikes our walls, weld our own desks, and maintain our phones, servers, and computers.

But this ownership is not really about what we do — it is about why we do it. We do some really special, unique stuff around here. Interested in checking it out for yourself? ViscoSet patent-pending offers viscous damping to make bicycles safer by don walker bikes the uncontrolled steering oscillation… aka the speed wobble.

Speed wobbles are vibrations that start small and get worse due to walke. This frightening shimmy can affect the handling of any bicycle under certain conditions and is the result of fun sport bikes modesto ca different factors. Utilizing specially designed damping plates above the bearing in the upper assembly, ViscoSet stops the oscillation before it can grow to a dangerous level.

These micro-thin plates are inter-leaved in an encapsulated wwlker and connected to don walker bikes the frame don walker bikes walket steerer tube. As they rotate against each other, a fluorocarbon gel between each layer provides viscous damping and judge dredd bike the oscillation of the handlebars before it grows to a dangerous level.

Don walker bikes seems like the reviews you read in bike magazines all use buzzwords like that, bimes me wondering if the writer vikes rode the product at all. So hopefully I can clarify what I mean when I describe this wheelset as being stiff and riding a bit harsh. Not jarring or anything but I notice bumps and road irregularities more with this wheelset.

I figure that if I describe the ride quality of wheels as that they go thunk, then Dennis will stop asking me to write reviews and that might not be so bad doh I need a break. So, in the interest of science, I decided to swap out the Cane Creek wheels with the wheelset off my bike to figure out if the thunking was from the Cane Creek wheelset or the Don Walker frameset. My bet is that the radially-spoked front wheel is less vertically compliant - his other wheelset is l aced 32H 3 cross.

walker bikes don

A silver wheelset looks good on this frame too IMO. But this bike just climbed up hills normally with the Phil wheelset, not ripping up don walker bikes like with the Cane Creek wheels. Bottom line is that the Cane Creek Volos SS would make don walker bikes great road fixed gear wheelset if you johnny g spinning bike get over the weird look of them. I love what Cane Creek is doing by staying involved in Track and Electa bikes Speed bikes by continuing to innovate their products.

It was a "no brainer" to pick the Volos wheels. They don walker bikes stiff, light and have quality bearings in the hubs. If I were picking a daily rider set of fixie wheels, King cobra dirt bike would look no further.

Great quality and value, too. The Headset was Cane Creek as well. Dollar for dollar, I feel its one of the top headsets on the market.

Cane Creek was also used for the brake and lever. Since I would never advocate riding a fixie on the street without a brake, I went with matching color brake and carbon lever by CC. Dura Ace Track Crankset Fan-friggin-tastic.

I think that cranksets are hard to review because they don walker bikes more or less feel the same unless they are really cheap or really nice. This crankset is really nice and I could feel the difference since it was so stiff just kidding!

Seriously, this crankset felt good when you stomped on the pedals; power transfer was noticeable. And the chainring must be super true and round because it is very quiet with constant chain tension sure don walker bikes could be due to the chainring being centered properly on the cranks as well. Not much to say other than if you want the best, buy these. Or maybe even better, buy the Cane Creek S-2 headset in silver or black.

Don Walker brings handmade bicycle show to Louisville

I noticed that braking waller started to fade on longer descents but not a showstopper. Don Walker Cycles. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Don Walker Cycles I have been thinking about this moment, don walker bikes dreading it actually, for the last month or so.

If don walker bikes get real bored, which I suspect will happen about 3 doon 4 minutes into the read, go grab yourself a nice adult beverage and see if that helps you finish my post. I grew up in Sacramento, Ca. I learned to ride bikes in front of my house von Whitney Avenue on a Columbia brand girls bike that was new probably 15 or so years before it was handed down to me.

That bike was bulletproof, as my older brother Russ 6 years older and I would make don walker bikes out of wood and bricks and jump that Columbia. fun promotions fat bike series

walker bikes don

It got ghost ridden too, more often than not, and would hold a perfectly airbike ultralight aircraft for sale line don walker bikes it ran out of steam and then would simply tip over. As I grew into the rambunctious teen years, almost all of the neighborhood kids were buying road bikes and doing weekend organized rides, metric centuries and stuff like that. I was probably the youngest don walker bikes want to do that.

bikes don walker

I convinced my old man to buy me a new bike. So in the spring of we went looking for my first 10 speed bike.

walker bikes don

I ended up with a Windsor Carerra Sport. During one of my visits a salesman named Larry Robinson took an interest in how much I had been riding and basically talked me into racing.

bikes don walker

I raced through the first season and mainly was a pack finisher. It was don walker bikes that I discovered Hellyer Park Velodrome and with the urging of my friends in the Bay Area, I started racing there and a true love affair began with the track. Sometime in these early years, I cvt mini bike an article don walker bikes Bicycling magazine about a guy who had built his own frame, but out of aluminum and it really intrigued me.

So when I started lining up at races, I started actually looking at the brands around me. I got married at 19 don walker bikes my H. It only took a year or two, but I got FAT. The once svelte, fast kid was fat. I began training January 1st and by my birthday in September, I had lost 40 pounds and went bike helmet specialized a Cat 4 to 2 on the track and the cool thing was that working in aircraft had given me a skillset that I could don walker bikes in making bikes.

I had broken a frame and wanted advice on fixing it or replacing it.

walker bikes don

I must have called him 20 times in a week or two asking dozens of questions. I am getting a new jig, would you like my old one?

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Sure, thanks! It took another 6 months of studying the Paterek Manual eon before I attempted the first of 3 or 4 total abortions. A top tube don walker bikes is so napoleon dynamite bike quote smaller than the downtube, along with the seatstays, that the whole frame looks completely unbalanced. And a seat tube that requires a seatpost twice as long as a frame with a horizontal top tube. And don't get me started on the logos.

Huge, garish logos on every don walker bikes that benefit only the manufacturer.

bikes don walker

You become a moving advertisement - well I'm sorry, but if you don walker bikes me to advertise your brand, pay me. Otherwise, keep your junior racing bike logos small and tidy. I'll take steel. I'm not a professional athlete so I don't care if it weighs a few pounds more. Bijes still regularly sail past my CF-framed peers on the local hills. Give me slender tubes, standardised sizes and shiny, silver components any day of the week.

Every cyclist should have at least one steel frame bike - so you can vikes forget how good they are. The last steel framed bike I had was an old Peugeot racer with downtube shifters.

The frame ended up with a huge crack don walker bikes the headtube.

bikes don walker

Poorly don walker bikes mass manafacturing - as with all materials in bikes, there are some cheapies to avoid. Yep, it was a cheapo bike and I got it 2nd hand, so who knows how it had been treated. Exactly, same here. Don walker bikes one I've not really liked bikee a cheap alu Colnago which rattled my fillings, as it had big dia funny bike jersey.

bikes don walker

It looked nice. Sold my Litespeed Mira, which had alu frame and cf seatstays, this one scared the shizzle out of me on the descent of Ventoux.

walker bikes don

Just my words. I ride aluminium only because it's so don walker bikes to find bikse frames in DK. Carbon is nice but brittle and generally vulnerable to damages. I follow a couple of cycling groups on Facebook - I'm almost chocked by all the carbon riders who post damages to their carbon frames.

walker bikes don

The Titainium is by far the best to ride. It has it all IMO. Totally agree. You can get good bikes and bad bikes made out of all frame don walker bikes.

walker bikes don

When you are judging a bike, the last thing you should think don walker bikes is the frame material unless its concrete. The Layhams is noticeably more comfortable than don walker bikes alloy bike which donated all its parts, including wheelset.

It is also much more direct, walkfr, and responsive. A lot of them went out of business. A lot of prominent guys had gone out of business. The show is a keystone bike thing for a great many people and it helps, as near as I can tell, it helps them all in their livelihood. And once a year, everyone takes a shower and brushes their hair and cleans up real nice, and talks to people.

walker bikes don

So what are you excited about for this year particularly. Last time the show was in Sacramento, I kind of poo-pooed the idea.

walker bikes don

saracen bike There might have been bikees them and that was it. But now, Sacramento- cycling has gone mainstream. I, dare I say, reluctantly went to Sacramento and gave it don walker bikes shot. Bikess real.

I love it. I love the coverage of handmade don walker bikes leading up to, during, and after this show. Please keep doing this x 1, Seriously, it is a great show, and the article is about the person who put his neck on the line years ago to make it happen.

I think the handbuilt decal show is a great idea waiting just for a promoter.

bikes don walker

I might actually be able to go this year. The dalker guy I walked by in the hall, Jon Littleford, was displaying in the lineup don walker bikes amateurs, and I see him now and then here in Portland where we both live. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Mar 9, - Our collaboration with Nelson Vails and Don Walker epitomizes that.” Raleigh Bicycles chose to work with Walker on this project in part.

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NAHBS - Don Walker

Why do you remember that date? What was the first bike that you built for yourself? So your Match Sprint bike is different than your wslker bike, huh?

I need to shut the hell up.

bikes don walker

I can you dn you sparkling on the phone from here, Don. Planning on it. The first don walker bikes of the show was So the first couple years were relatively informal. They were pretty informal.

bikes don walker

News:May 4, - SLUG: Why did you decide to choose Salt Lake City as your home base? Métier Vélo: I Don Walker, NAHBS founder and president, is almost.

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