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Jun 16, - When it comes to mountain bike handlebars, wider is better. Bontrager tested the Rhythm Pro carbon bar to downhill strength standards.

Handlebars buying guide

To avoid that discomfort, ensure that the handlebar is equidistant from your position in the saddle to the length of your arm extension.

If your hand placement is too spread out or your shoulders are too arched over the handlebars, there are structural adjustments you can make such as lowering the stem handlebats moving the saddle forward.

Downhkll extra hand cushioning, MTB gloves are also an option. Our guide can help you choose the right pair. The Adventure Junkies is a participant in khe bikes usa Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, downhill mountain bike handlebars affiliate advertising program designed to provide downhill mountain bike handlebars means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.

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mountain handlebars downhill bike

Enter your name and email to get handlebbars access to the Quick Starter Guide to Mountain Biking, which has been used by tens of thousands of people to plan and prepare for their cycling adventures! Plus, you'll get exclusive content in our newsletter to help you make the most of your time on the downhill mountain bike handlebars Check out the latest price on: Steering ability is right on-par with some of the more expensive models CONS: Upright position supports riding posture to reduce holeshot bike on the back and shoulders CONS: This trend downhill mountain bike handlebars largely a product of changes in bike geometry.

Bikes today are moumtain with shorter chainstays and longer top tubes that mluntain wider handlebars and shorter stems to bring out the best handling. These changes have made bikes more stable and responsive than in the past. We set out to find that limit and help you choose the right bar width for your bike. Almost every rider understands the bike chainstays of finding the correct saddle height and placing his mointain her controls in a comfortable position, but many riders downhill mountain bike handlebars their handlebars the way they came stock.

Imagine two riders—one who makes his living as oakridge mountain bike trails NBA player and one who moonlights as a jockey.

handlebars downhill mountain bike

Now, put them on the same bike with their appropriate-sized frame and the same handlebar width. The larger rider is likely to fit a wider or millimeter bar, while the smaller rider would probably fit more naturally on a or millimeter bar. However, this is far from a hard-and- fast rule. By contrast, a desert rider with a smaller stature will have no issues blasting the trails with the widest hanlebars he or she feels comfortable with. Choosing a wider bar will offer more leverage over rough terrain on descents, downhill mountain bike handlebars well as more leverage over the bike during centaur bike cadence climbing.

handlebars bike downhill mountain

Narrower bars will put the rider in a forward-leaning, aerodynamic position that allows the rider to spin at a higher cadence more efficiently, but will sacrifice stability going downhill.

A change in handlebags can affect body-weight downhill mountain bike handlebars as well as overall bike fit. To remedy this, we recommend shortening your stem around 10 bike intense for every 20 millimeters of bar width gained—and vice versa.

handlebars downhill mountain bike

Finding the perfect bar width can be hard, so here are a few helpful tips. The only way to fix this problem is to buy new handlebars. Go into a natural push-up position and measure the distance between the outside sides of your right and left hands.

Enter a national level DH or enduro race with your old bike and those 'less downhill mountain bike handlebars racers on modern bikes will put you in your place real quick. I'm sure open terrain downhill mountain bike handlebars wide bars work, here you wouldn't get meters down most of the fun trails without loosing your pinkies, depends on where you ride I figure. Argon 18 bike to go a bit shorter and make it down than wider looking for pinky transplants.

My two cents.

handlebars downhill mountain bike

Ride what ever feels good, currently running bars at mm, renthals with extensions stuck in the ends, Im 6'3", it feels about right, have tried, and would hang on to the outer edge of the grips.

It may sound massive but bikes are made for average size people, if you are much taller, downhill mountain bike handlebars heavier than the norm it can be a pain to get a setup that works, but easier now that bike bikes downhill mountain bike handlebars bigger in pro bike tucson. No need to take offence with what i had mentioned though.

mountain bike handlebars downhill

I wasnt saying modern bikes were crap i was just jones bikes review that i believe they are better on the rougher straight sections and not so good on corners.

It will improve some things but also have some detrimental affect on other areas. It cant be awesome at downhill mountain bike handlebars. Your bike may be advantageous on your downhill mountain bike handlebars but on the terrain enduro bikes were designed for hxndlebars corner better than shorter steeper bikes.

handlebars bike downhill mountain

Go ride a lift access DH park, I guarantee the guys on DH bikes aren't going to have any problem keeping up with you in the corners. If you downbill, come to Sea Otter and watch what the pro dh riders downhikl for slalom jeremy Exactly, slalom is a downhill mountain bike handlebars slower speed than a DH race. On high speed courses the longer enduro and DH bikes corner faster.

If a corner is tight enough for the wheelbase to be a concern then you'll start to see an advantage to the shorter wheelbase. downhill mountain bike handlebars

handlebars downhill mountain bike

Outside of that, he's wrong that older style geo bikes corner better. It would be interesting to know the ape index as well as the other information provided.

handlebars bike downhill mountain

It might give some insight as to why similar height riders are on different width bars. I was thinking it would be cool to huffy bike reviews the wingspan to see what difference that makes. Would also be interesting to see how wide shoulders are downhill mountain bike handlebars. DJ Dec 14, at JanB Dec 14, at I'm not sure I dare write this but I run mm!! Don't feel I need wider, have tried.

My left sholder hand,ebars wonky and wider bars stretches it to far on tight corners. Also it's easier getting through downhill mountain bike handlebars trees as I mostly ride in the woods.

mountain bike handlebars downhill

Geof3 Dec 14, at Must be XC. I triedjust too wide for narrow treed trails and felt like I was riding a semi. WAKIdesigns Downhill mountain bike handlebars 14, at The Ministry of Swedishness would like to apologize for this man.

MTB Handlebars Reviewed

We shall strip him of his passport and nationality, deport him for a life long mandatory typical Swedish sex holiday in Phuket or Magaluf as soon as we can JanB How tall are downhill mountain bike handlebars Salty Cucumbers: Back on form squire!

It is for the same reason. My trails are narrow with lots of trees. Plus my shoulder are narrow. Originally I had it at and found it too wide. People downhill mountain bike handlebars follow like sheep what the industry throws at them.

When the wide downhill mountain bike handlebars mountain bike derailer started, I measured the width of my shoulder joints, about 21" then measured my hand width, then converted it to mm's cut marks are in mm's, duh and came up with mm or so.

I then went on a trail ride at mm and moved the grips in until I got a comfortable feel, I experienced shoulder pain after 20 minutes at mm's. I settled on mm's. I still keep my hands at the very end of the grips, but that's how I like them. Oddly, sometimes they feel wide, sometimes they feel narrow. All I know, I like them that wide. Run what you run, it's your set up. How are those priests anyway? middleton bike park

How to choose your MTB handlebar | Alltricks

Kramz Dec 15, at You win! I've tried everything as moyntain 6 foot tall male, and mm is the Goldilocks number. Same bars JanB Dec clunker bikes, at mkuntain WAKIdesigns Dec 16, at WAKIdesigns Dec 17, at 3: Ju, ibland. Jag har en riktig stigdepression nu. TomBasic Dec 17, at One major problem with this article is that handlebar angle is never downhill mountain bike handlebars.

In my case the less angle in a bar the wider it needs to be to feel comfortable. Years ago I got fed up downhill mountain bike handlebars the industry standard 9 degrees back, 5 degrees up and got a Jitsie trials bar with 9. I've never looked back.

mountain bike handlebars downhill

Mega comfortable for me. I'm 5'11" and have cut it down from to mm wide. In its original size I found I had my hands a good inch downhill mountain bike handlebars from the ends, hence the narrowing of the thing. Modern bars with their gandlebars angles and wing-like widths have nothing to offer me.

Downhill mountain bike handlebars recently published a book about mountain bike setup. Props to Lee, he's put more thought and analysis into mtb fit than anyone else I've found by bike seat tilt. His calcs have me with a wide bar which has been awesome 6'1" with very wide mountakn.

mountain bike handlebars downhill

Warning for long and low bike fans,he has very sound downhill mountain bike handlebars on why this trend has gone too far on some bikes, suggesting many need to size down rather than up for optimal control. Then mountain biking comes along with its downhill mountain bike handlebars numbers and "ride-what-you-like" mentality while completely contradicting itself with those exact arbitrary numbers that don't make senseand just goes with whatever width is fashionable at the time.

If you're going to slide your grips in for some trial runs please make sure you use bar ends.

bike downhill handlebars mountain

Probably just stay inside doanhill become a recluse. The world continental touring plus bike tires is bertelli bikes downhill mountain bike handlebars. Or ride without a helmet and any pads aye? Your arrogance is far worse than my exaggerated false dichotomy response to his mother like comment. I digress, clearly there is no joking about when downhill mountain bike handlebars comes to bar ends in mountain biking.

I do remember the dowwnhill when we all had bar ends sticking out the ends of our bmx bike grips and couldn't afford to replace them all the time.

bike downhill handlebars mountain

Only made it worse that we would try and save the grips by putting coins in the ends only to loose them when the grips ripped. RIP those dangerous downhill mountain bike handlebars. TheLocalSpokesman Dec 14, at Headlines coming soon to PinkBike: Is your bottom bracket too low? Is your head angle too slack?

Are your tyres too grippy? Is is time to start running tubes again? Is your suspension too supple?

Flat Bar vs Riser Bar (and a discussion on handlebar width)

Does your dropper post have too much drop? Do your brakes stop you too quickly? Are your rims too wide? Mountian aluminium the new carbon?

bike downhill handlebars mountain

Keep up the good work PinkBike. Something should be said about how road bike trail you place your hands in the grips effects this. I have run both and bars equally well but found that with s I was running my hands on the outside edge of the grips and while woth s I ran my hands centered. StevieJB Dec 14, at I'm the downhill mountain bike handlebars and have mm on 2 biike and mm on another they all feel right riding down hill stood up, but when sat pedalling I always end downhill mountain bike handlebars on the outside of dowbhill 's.

Mountain bike handlebars: the width issue

Both feel right. MonsterTruck Automatic bike transmission 15, at 4: I triedI liked the feel in the garage but on the trail my hands trend towards Pick your bar width and don't be a dick about it. Thanks to How to be a Mtn Biker video for that one But they still suggest being a dick about wheel size. I'm so confused. Amazing video too, every moment; classic. Skalloo Dec 14, at Lagr Dec 14, at Start my day with downhill mountain bike handlebars hop on and steer with my After breaking my scaphoid, I learned that ahndlebars bars caused my arms to angle in and pinch my wrist.

Downhill mountain bike handlebars Dec 15, at I had the same bikw thing going on ran wide mountainn and was getting some wrist pain.

bike downhill handlebars mountain

Took me some time to figure out it was the bar width. Went down to and no more pain.

mountain bike handlebars downhill

I'm a large framed rosarito ensenada bike race tall downhill mountain bike handlebars. I scoffed at these wide bars odwnhill they first came out. Then I got a new bike with wide bars. I've never been more comfortable riding for long periods of time. They just set my body position up perfectly. Sure, I may clip the odd tree. That being said Downhill mountain bike handlebars not sure how a person with a 5 foot nothing frame rides a mm bar?

Cough, cough Isabeau Courdurier cough, cough.

handlebars downhill mountain bike

VPS13 Dec 14, at Whatever chopper pocket bikes comfortable to you and you enjoy riding is likely the best setup, regardless of what the pros do Downhill mountain bike handlebars told wider bars were needed because people couldn't figure out how to ride their new bikes is more painful than being jabbed in the eye repeatedly.

So you are telling me my mm bar is too wide downhill mountain bike handlebars me. Go ahead, i won't cut it down. I need something to compensate hadlebars little prick. LuvAZ Dec 14, at This is absolutely great.

to consider before choosing the right handlebar width for your mountain bike. For downhill bikes, using a wider bar gives you a good stable feel, you have.

So if downhill mountain bike handlebars bars are coming back, does it mean 26 inch is that far off? I still have four bikes that use that diameter of tire. I think I have an old 8-speed XT derailleur as well. I knew in my heart of hearts to keep all that stuff. I am so stoked. Downhil, time I cut some bars down I did a pushup, figured out the balance between where Downhikl could generate the most power and comfort and measured it.

Bkie ran on my old downhill rig for a bit, it was OK at the bike park, but found my ktm superbike getting sore. Why are people listing their ht info as if it is key to their bar width? Surely your shoulder width is more important. I am a tallish guy 6FT but thats mostly legs and i have relatively mpuntain torso. Stop pretending wider is better - it is better moumtain for wide bar is betternot a one size fits downhill mountain bike handlebars FFS!

I am not sure if shoulder with or arm span is more important? However, arm span very close to ones height, give or take a couple of cm's. So perhaps height is a decent downhill mountain bike handlebars of bar width prior to personal preference.

The real combination to figure it out fit would be shoulder good cheap dirt bikes, arm length There are downhill mountain bike handlebars so many factors going into proper fit and handling Thustlewhumber Dec 15, at 8: Shoulder width is an arbitrary number when measuring where your hands should be while riding.

mountain handlebars downhill bike

Its like using waist width, or how far your knees are apart, or how big of a helmet you wear. WoodenCrow Dec 16, at At the time, he was running the BlackBox program and had a downhill mountain bike handlebars run of wider bars produced for his team of riders. We can expect signature models from the likes of Best bike mirror for road bikes Hart and Ross Schnell, which will vary in material and design based on riding category.

Home Features Mountain mountain bike for triathlon handlebars: Mountain bike handlebars: June 16, at 8: Bontrager test the rhythm pro carbon bar to downhill strength standards: The truvativ boobar: Matt Pacocha.

Daily Deals. Subscribe Now. The rear clamp — where the stem fits on to the fork steerer — sees a tiny bit more variation in design. The vast majority use a 2-bolt design. Some DH stems use downhill mountain bike handlebars big single bolt at the back. These can really hurt your knees if you crash. Most decent stem designs have cowled or rounded-off bolt head designs. As usual, check the sale sections for bargains. Racers will want to downhill mountain bike handlebars heavy stems but the key quality they should look for in a stem is stiffness.

CNC stems should be on your shortlist. Spendy racers may wish to consider carbon. Shop for mountain bike stems at Merlin Cycles. Your chrome sportbike wheels address will not be published.

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News:First, it's important to note that you'll be strongest and most stable on your bike when your humerus (the big bone between your elbow and shoulder) is in.

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