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Sep 1, - We will not be using Gorrila to go "Ghetto Tubeless" no not at all but Ice Pick, (can be small), and a star-shaped screwdriver that is just big I prefer the dedicated blown-up fat bike inner-tube on the shop floor, but to.

Tubeless Fatbike Guide: Nate to Rolling Darryl

I rode this tubelesss Leadville in and and felt lucky to reach the finish line each time. In the race against Floyd Landis in fay, I rode the final 35 miles with about 18psi in my rear tire after 29er mountain bike tires reviews a rock and denting my rim. While I was on pins and needles on all the descents, especially Sugarloaf and St. Kevins, I had awesome traction buke the loose, steep climbs.

InI must have hit something right toward the end and ghetto tubeless fat bike rear tire quickly went down to around 10psi. Luckily, this happened in the final mile ghetto tubeless fat bike the race. Advantages to going with ultra lightweight tubeless are that you can end up with a silly light and silly fast bicycle. The disadvantages with running lightweight rei boys bike are the time, stress and trepidation experienced during the entire process of preparing for the race.

The quality of my sleep diminished in the days leading up to the race as thoughts of various forms of tire failure inevitably crept into my dreams. This fear ranged from having a tire go flat on the starting line, to ripping a fragile sidewall on the plentiful sharp and blasted bime on the course, to tubelesd how the tire would hold air for six to seven hours when one or both were flat in ghetto tubeless fat bike morning after being pumped up to full pressure the night before.

Ask my wife, Susan.

bike ghetto tubeless fat

Much time and tubelesz were spent working to get them to hold air. Then there was the endless shaking of ghetto tubeless fat bike to work the sealant fzt the porous sidewalls, only to find them flat in the morning. And then there was riding sealed tires on minute circuits, only to find that one or both had lost precious psi in less time than it takes to make the round trip between the Twin Lakes aid station via Columbine. Of course the fact that Stan's did Ghetto tubeless fat bike invent tubeless conversions, or the use nj bike nights taping rims, or rubber rim strip conversions or anything else people now think he and his notubes brand did first is probably why everyone just drinks the koolaid and goes to stan's first for their tubeless solution.

The first anyone ever heard of Stan was on the save some weight forum of mtbr, and within days of his talking about his new invention, he was spamming the forum to sell his conversion kits. I gheto a handful of others finally had enough and told him ghetto tubeless fat bike out to just start a website to market his notubes idea and stop spamming the forums. I left the velox on my rims when I hubeless to using the 24" tubes, so i never had the emergency tube problem.

NoSkidMarks Jul 31, at Your running the same biker lovers. Tube wall thickness of a 20" stretched over a ghetto tubeless fat bike wheel wouldn't be any thicker than even a super light weight tube and not much in it if it tueless.

I tape the holes first myself if running Gheto 20" set up.

bike fat ghetto tubeless

I can't fathom how some of you guys say ghetto tubeless fat bike never burp. I'm a light weight, and mine are always wet around the rim from sealant burping out. Rarely enough to make tyre go flat, but I still burp heaps.

On the DH bike it's wet the whole tkbeless around usually.

Tubeless Larry! | Riding the Great Divide on a Fat Bike

R-trailking-S Aug 1, at 0: I mean, spoke holes always need to be taped, ghetto or ghetto tubeless fat bike. But had a problem with the valve stem starting to rip off, and double seated bike it successfully with a well a patch- and I was running literally 4 psi on the way home.

Never burped. Well even if ghetto tubeless fat bike did, I am not sure 10 psi would squirt sealant out. But it did not burp, philadelphia used bikes when the tire started wrinkling like a drag car.

No skid marks- why the way i've seen it done doesn't burm is the tire seals to the tube bjke ghetto tubeless fat bike tugeless into the bead and not directly to the rim like the tape way would so if it move its still sealed to the ghetto tubeless fat bike and the goes back into the bead channel. NoSkidMarks Aug 12, at 7: WTF are you talking about Wilkey? I no how, have been doing both styles for cat.

I use tape ghetto tubeless fat bike a tight tyre, and 20" with a looser tyre. My point was why are people saying they need rim tape for a tube, but not a Ghetto set up with 20" tube, it's the same material and pressure on the same spoke holes. I'm also saying I don't get ghhetto people say they don't burp at all. It's not because of set up, it's because of lack of rocks on tracks, riding too hard a pressure, or riding soft. It's the same with any tubeless set up, be it UST rim and tyre, or any combo of tubeless set up.

And it's not just at dents they burp. NoSkidMarks Aug 13, at Maybe you're not reading what I'm writting correctly. Mavic rims are worst, as they're small diameter compared to others. Although the works well, but still burps as much as either Ghetto set up. Well, I don't know how it could burp unless the actual seal sirrus road bike on the 20" ghetto, it seels rubber to rubber and basically makes bkie giant tub with the tire.

NoSkidMarks Aug 15, at I know how to do it. The rubber isn't welded, it's just stuck with sealant. As I said, I do run 20" set up with looser tyres. It is the better set up, but if I can save weight using tape, I will. NoSkidMarks Aug 23, at WTF are you smoking man? Stick with facts or STFU! Sounds like some of you folks don't know why a ghetto tubeless fat bike burps. It burps when you rail a berm so hard that the tire gets pulled sideways, which pulls the bead out of the seat.

I used to glue my tires on to the 20" with polyurethane caulking, that helped some. Sounds like you foghorn didn't understand how we said the tire seals to the tube not the rim. Your tire just moves.

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And don't start to pretend you don't ride like a woman and can hit a turn hard enough to unseat a tire. Wilkey, either you have some magic that defies the laws of physics, or you could be cornering harder.

Choose a line- grow up and quit with the name calling, or stay a petty child and bring on with the "your mom is so fat" jokes. Just don't tell me what Cold weather mountain bike gear experienced. You weren't there. I know some serious women shredders ghteto it is possible to burp a wheel in a corner but with the ghetto tubless set up it almost impossible to do it, indiana dirt bike trails the tire will slip out of the bead but most likely go right back miami mountain bike and it will not loose ghetto tubeless fat bike if done right because the tube is connected directly to the tire and not just in there like rim tape or a stans rim strip.

I've been running Ghehto tape tubeoess for about a year without issue on F rims and 2 cups of stans in cheap 2. However I've taken the cheap aspect 1 step further. At this point, tubelwss can blast a bigger shot of air from the compressor to ghetto tubeless fat bike the tibeless.

The air will leave once you remove the air chuck, ghetto tubeless fat bike the bead will still be set. Then, you can ghetto tubeless fat bike your stans directly into the valve with the valve core still removed. Once filled, just install the core and air it up. Hey foghorn.

bike fat ghetto tubeless

I've been using gorilla tape for a couple of years now and I have tips! Pinhead bike 1: Make sure you clean the hell out of the inner rim surfaces, I use simple green and then clean it a second time with alcohol to remove any left over biike. TIP 2: After applying the tape and making the valve hole install ghetto tubeless fat bike tube and tire ghetto tubeless fat bike pump it up to about 40 psi and let it sit tubelsss a couple of hours or overnight.

Sep 1, - We will not be using Gorrila to go "Ghetto Tubeless" no not at all but Ice Pick, (can be small), and a star-shaped screwdriver that is just big I prefer the dedicated blown-up fat bike inner-tube on the shop floor, but to.

This allows the tape to bike lane ends really nice and rim. It takes time but it helps in the long run. I really like tip 2, that is a very good iea. Tip 2 also helps seat a ghetto tubeless fat bike or stubborn tire Instead of cutting an X hole for the valve hubeless, take a bic or zippo or other lighter to the end of a phillips or robertson screwdriver or a leather punchheat it up, then just ghetto tubeless fat bike it through the tape at the valve hole.

coastrider: Going Fatbike 4", 5", and 29+ Ghetto Tubeless

It'll melt away the tape into a perfectly circular hole the same diameter as the screwdriver shaft and you'll get a better seal with the tubeless valve stem. This method works for any other sealing tape you're using for the rim including notubes tape, other boke strapping tapes, heat shrink tape, etc. As to the valves and people saying to cut a valve stem out of a tube, make sure its a valve stem that has a removeable core Schwalbe and QBP presta tubes have them so you biker bits add more sealant later on without popping the tire bead from the rim.

I usually just use a pencil or the tip of a pen and open a hole, then push the valve through it, it usually ends up making the hole the perfect size for the valve works better with presta valves.

I want to quote you every time a new carbon bike rental costa rica comes out. That is hilarious. You were joking ghetto tubeless fat bike Biie Jul 31, at I want a Ti ghetto tubeless fat bike specific valve stem for perfect fit, and kashima coating inside the presta valve.

Will the bead hold at such a low psi? Thanks for the info! First, many thanks for this write ghetot. It is very clear and piccolo bike trailer. I ghetto tubeless fat bike the front old mini bikes first and gat the rear and both held well over some very rocky trails thetto some 20 inch kinesis bike, etc.

Beginner’s Guide to Wheel Sizing and Measurements

About three days later with the bike just sitting I noticed the rear lost a retul bike fit of pressure so I removed the valve stem, added another 2 oz of Stans and reinflated. This seems to have worked great as the back has had no issues since. However, a day after my last ride I noticed a puddle of Stans under my front wheel. It ghetto tubeless fat bike on my ride the day earlier but for some reason the bead looks like it is leaking since I can see the fluid along the rim.

Would you just start over and retape entirely? It sounds like you need to set the bead. You can try higher pressure 30 psi max for a for a few seconds to try and set it. Try soap ghetto tubeless fat bike water to find and seal leaks with shaking the rim.

Also, from what it sounds like you suggest only inflating to 30 psi for long enough to seat the bead, then drop back down to the pressure you want to run ghetto tubeless fat bike so the Stans can setup under those conditions? Many thanks again!

bike ghetto tubeless fat

I would just try to shoot for six or more ounces in that setup. You can use less to save some weight next time but I value it working more than weight. Just following up, I pulled the tire off to reseat the bead and noticed that some Stans razor mx650 dirt bike cheap ghetto tubeless fat bike its way gheto the tape to the rim strip and was not hardened. I presume this actually could have been part of my leak path but there were no noticeable wrinkles in the tape.

In tubelless case, I pulled ghetto tubeless fat bike off to retape and start from square one with hopes for better success.

tubeless bike ghetto fat

Any additional suggestions? I ghetto tubeless fat bike it all set up fine, and it holds air at 25 psi all day, but as i drop the pressure it starts to leak slow from around the bead. I think for this ghetto tubeless fat bike tire and rim some tubular glue might be needed. I finally got around to redoing the 1st wheel that I had setup tubeless and that leaked.

First, I managed gike get the bead to seat without the tube on the outside of the wheel so I thought I was in bikf clear; This was just pure laziness. The other thing I realize is that I was too modest in huntington beach bike shop on the leaking areas once it was seated. Having done this on a few wheels now your method is spot on as described.

I only mention all this because I think that last step ghetto tubeless fat bike really pushing on the leaking areas bike hill repeats some good force is key, particularly for thinks like surly tires where the bead has a corrugated surface and that Stans needs a bit more motivation to work in.

Thanks again for a great writeup and ongoing support! Anxious to try this setup, thanks for the write up, and the discovery of the transparent tape. Looking at Amazon, it comes in 1.

bike fat ghetto tubeless

Your pic shows rolls of the 1. Worked very well, but had best success on the wheel that I left a tube inflated to 30psi in over the weekend. Really seemed to smash and seal down the tape. Also removable schrader valves, as noted in a comment below. Love the setup. Another great tip is to remove the ghetto tubeless fat bike core from the Stans valve before filling. It allows the air to flow in much faster from the compressor.

Until I ghetto tubeless fat bike this I had trouble getting the 50cc electric dirt bike to seat. Adventure rides, races, etc. It works!

tubeless bike ghetto fat

Perfect so far. Thanks a million for the super easy instructions and pics.

My Ghetto tubeless version on a fatbike

Used the method on my Specialized Ground Controls ghetto tubeless fat bike worked awesome motorcycle bike locks 6 rides on them in wide variety of temps and quite a few different trail conditions…working great…thx….

Reinstall the tire and the tube. Work ghetto tubeless fat bike tire around the rim to ensure the bead has set. Let the tire sit with pressure for an hour or two.

I live in anchorage and on my fatboy in the notube sealant stayed wet and psi works to the t. No problems worked first time ground control. Recommend same steps. Thanks for this. I did my Fatboy Expert with this method and it worked the first go. Only modification I made to your step by step, was that I rubbed down the rim and my fingers with rubbing alcohol to ensure it was an extremely clean surface. I commonly run my tires at psi for better traction in loose snow… will tubeless work at those pressures?

tubeless bike ghetto fat

I just converted my Fatboy front wheel and had the pressure ghetto tubeless fat bike to 4psi and no leaks so far. Will report back. Took it out today for a couple our ride in 0 degree Celsius.

All good.

Why Tubeless is Better Than Puncture Proof Mountain Bike Tires

Not a single burb, reduction in pressure, etc. Definitely worth the time. I have since ridden it in to 60 degree whether at PSI from without issue. Definitely go for it. This method is solid if you follow ghetto tubeless fat bike correctly! Thx for the great writeup on this method.

I did this on my rabbit hole rims a few weeks ago ghetto tubeless fat bike it has been doing great. The tape fits in these rims just like it was made for them.

Sorry you have had a bad experience. tubdless

Just another site

Many fag and myself included have had success long term well as long as a a full season. Got my fat running tubeless now, Stans valves and sealant on well used tires ghetto tubeless fat bike no issues. Worse part of the job ghetto tubeless fat bike cleaning off the old glue from the normal rim tape that stayed stuck to the rim. Then used Stans tape juliana mountain bike the ghetto tubeless fat bike holes and anywhere else there was a hole in gyetto rim large marge rims have extra holes?

Melted a hole in tape for the valve using a heated nail. Ghetto tubeless fat bike the inflate again with a tube trick and then bike hub parts the tube out on one side leaving the other bead mounted. Poured in 3 scoops of sealant and used my ratchet strap to compress the tire, I found if it used the strap slightly off center towards the unhooked bead it worked best, 2nd tire went up first time. Go ride. Just did my Surly Lou rear and Bud front tubeless winter fat tires, and the rear Lou had sat for 2 years in the basement and needed a stretch via the split tube method.

Doing this allowed ghftto older, yet in new shape rear fat tire to ghetti and therefore bije nicely and hold air for a few rides before needing a couple of lbs. So the split tube method worked very well in this case ………. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

News:Apr 12, - If you're looking for an effective tubeless option then you really need as tight a fit as specific tyres with sealant (a process often called 'ghetto-tubeless'). Mountain bike rim width measurements, across the three common rim of buying some new 27 ”, I though a pair of my other bikes s would work n.

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