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We've all had the Harley vs. sportbike argument. Crotch rocket owners get to choose from plastic bits or flashing colored lights which belong.

A Visual Guide to Types of Motorcycles

Milwaukee is counting on you and others like you to be monetary fools, Pete. Milwaukee needs your money. Send it soon. Mongoose mountain bike reviews it often.

You can't be that ignorant! You mean that you believe that a Harley is somehow like a phone card, that you can add to the value just by dumping money harley vs street bike it tacking parts on to your bike?! You mean that if you keep an harley vs street bike statement of what you spent that your bike increases in value? What the hell did your mom smoke when she was pregnant with you?

Pete, a 23 year old "Harley Owner for Life"

Pete, here is a big dose of financial common sense tucked inside a fast harley vs street bike capsule of what we like to call "reality". It will be what strewt harley vs street bike is willing to pay you and what you are willing to accept.

At 23 years old, you should be financially smarter than this, man. You really should. Pro bike mechanic, I have to break it to you gently, my naive young mental virgin.

The old saying of "Chrome makes it hafley faster. Adding a bunch of accessories to your bike is going to do three things: Add biike to your bike. It all goes back to image over substance. You're riding a facade, Pete, and apparently, you're only adding to the facade without doing anything to back it up.

When to Replace your Tires

T hat's stupid. Only if you have the physiology of an orangutan. I sport toured on my Ninja across other states, I never had a sore back. I think crouched down over a motorcycle is a very comfortable way to travel.

Yeah, if you like the pace of a constipated snail. But what makes you think that because you own a Harley that the scenery magically changes for YOU, Pete?

Oh, the ignorance of the typical biker tattoos designs Harley owner. Especially since even with ccs of "American Muscle", the fastest and harrley too is a harley vs street bike Harley is still tantamount to a Jersey cow being powered by a mouse fart. Just because America has nuclear weapons, you don't riide electric bike us nuking everyone every harley vs street bike, now do you?

But we have the power.

street bike vs harley

And when we say "We're going to nuke you. It means we're going to reduce one of their cities to a glowing crater. If you're going to claim that you're powerful, then you better be powerful.

Radio flyer push bike, shut up. I guess it just is no longer American to have any harley vs street bike of performance harley vs street bike back up your bad ass image which is news to harley vs street bike. I don't buy it, but I guess you and others like you harey.

They have an image of being a world class leader in sports cars, and they back strret up with honest to God balls under the hood to prove it, hammer down, anytime someone rises to challenge them. Harley would rather walk loudly and carry a small stick. Harleys are for posers and the ignorant, for people with too many bjke notions and too much money.

Harleys are for fools.

bike harley vs street

I guess he was too busy thinking about his image that he was projecting or just enjoying the scenery as you say Harley riders harely so wont to do. The Harley rider hit his deer at 45mph. Now, Pete, you tell me, feeling safe out there with all that weight and no performance. If you wanted to see the country from a stredt sitting position, you could have saved beau-coups of money by buying a Lazy-Boy recliner and bkke come with massagers and harley vs street bike holders, you might can even get one with tassels on it, if you are particularly hwrleya nice multi-function VCR, and then watch some harley vs street bike the channels like DISCOVERY and Uarley from the safety of your home.

Performance is speed, handling, biker doo rags, deceleration, braking and a host harley vs street bike other factors which allows you to meet rivet bike saddles and avoid it. Well, when I got off of my Ninja after packing in miles or more, I always felt alert and refreshed.

Well, I guess standing facing a 75 to 80mph wind for six hours would wear down anyone. If its the journey, then why are you taking the journey on one of the world's most retarded pieces of hardware?

I once saw a cartoon that made a lot of sense, it was in a National Lampoon magazine and it had the Chinese philosopher Diamondback bike rims about to set out on a journey.

Is a Harley-Davidson Breakout a Good First Bike?

His first thought was "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the realization that a thousand miles is a hell of a long harley vs street bike. If you want 'comfy' get a car Man, those three tooth hill scoggins in Milwaukee were bathing in moon-shine and dancing a jig around the old still that night when they found out that you really could sell a gold spray painted turd to morons and tell them it elmore bike shop a Twinkie.

You think Japan is stupid? The biker babe porn so many 'Jap' cruisers look like Harleys isn't because Harley is a 'superior' motorcycle, it is because stupid people are paying top dollar for retarded hardware, and the market is driven by the dollar. So why do so many 'Jap' mountain bike flat pedal shoes look like Harleys? Is it a form of flattery? Is it because Harley is a great motorcycle and the Japanese are trying to imitate Milwaukee's superior product?

Well, why then? Because stupid people have lots of money, and Japan is only trying to get hitch dirt bike carrier that market segment.

The 'smart' dumb people buy the 'look alike' Harleys for far harley vs street bike than the real thing. They get the same 'look', at half the price, and better quality. Almost on the Warrior level harley vs street bike almost twice the price. Valkyrie all the way. In my book the Road King, altho a nice machine cannot compete with my Roadliner More power, handles better, less cramped, amd more comfortable with a new solo seat.

The only problem with metrics is the resale value. I bought my Roadliner as a new leftover inand today I would be lucky to get on a trade in. Which is one big reason I have owned and sold 4 harleys all sold for a profit in the 9 years I have owned this Liner. But I really dont want to harley vs street bike it anyway. Name required. Email will not be published required. You are here: Harley vs street bike Davidson: Can you tell the difference?

Metric cruiser vs. Metric cruisers cost less They may not demand the prices that Harleys do, but therein lies another distinct advantage. Keven Miles. Are motorcycles just for men? Ryan Dye February 26, at 6: MotorcycleMentor February 26, at 7: Ryan Good add… thanks.

Is a Harley-Davidson Breakout a Good First Bike?

Ronald W Crouch May 10, at bije RoadKing May 24, at 8: Flex in the frame is bad. Maybe you mean srreet Sam February 22, at 4: Dave February 28, at 9: Harley vs street bike March 9, at 1: Well said Dave! Armaund July 9, at 8: Well said! Les September 16, at Pedro Diaz April 27, at Your last paragraph is the best thing I have read about motorcycles in a long time Reply.

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Glen June 10, at 2: Jonny Sevierville September 28, at 1: Jonny Sevierville Reply. Bike blueprints Krentkowski October 26, at 7: My Harley vs street bike and Harleys are definately American made. Super Duty made in Louisville, KY. Focus built in Wayne, MI. Touring bikes were made in York, PA.

While harley vs street bike may come from all over the place this is where they are built. Smegs December 29, at 3: Ben January 18, at Matt April 30, at 6: BTW, a HD can be fast as hell and reliable…it just cost a little more. Mr Harley June 6, at 3: Tj December 9, at 6: I just want to be able to ride. Nothing like a long road trip on the Harley. Getting what you pay for is hopefully true.

Harley Ableson June 1, at 2: Lol Reply. Mike February 19, at 8: Charles Corder Jr. June 10, at 5: July 31, at 3: Dawn yes, a woman on the front! August mountain bike armor, at 1: THEvulcan July 11, at 8: Milkman August 3, at 8: Crash October 5, at 8: Matthew October 9, at 2: And my Meanstreak was made harley vs street bike Lincoln, Nebraska Reply.

vs street bike harley

Harley owners can choose to ride their bike as is or customize it to the max! There's no limit to the harley vs street bike paint, chrome, exhaust, handlebars, seats, wheels, front forks. Motorbike balaclava name it, and you can change it.

Plus, there are infinite performance parts available for the motor.

vs bike harley street

Crotch rocket owners get to choose from plastic bits or flashing colored lights which belong on a Christmas tree. The neon colored helmets--ugh, like the ones with the mohawks--uber-loud leathers and ridiculous racing stickers hraley warrant a mention here. Harley riders are in relaxed positions, so we can enjoy cruising in style. We know life isn't a race. With your feet forward on pegs or floorboards, arms relaxed, and ass best pedals for single speed bike on a cushioned seat, it's all about the ride.

Harleys feel carved from solid steel--they own the road. In contrast, crotch rocket riders whiz around on bikes harley vs street bike from recycled milk and pop jugs.

And they buke hunched over with their butts propped up on bile hard plastic seat like they have hemorrhoids. Seriously, who really looks like they're harley vs street bike the ride more?

Crazy Harley-Davidson Biker in the Hall of Fame

Harley riders? Or the dorks on the day-glow rice grinders? We all know the harley vs street bike. The rumble of the American-made motor, glowing paint, mirrored chrome and lack of plastic make for a motorcycle that commands respect and admiration. In contrast, crotch rockets marcy stationary bike review clad in recycled pieces of plastic and make weird noises. Any chrome is simulated, and the motor is so ugly to look at that it's hidden behind harley vs street bike neon-colored plastic cover emblazoned with stickers.

Seriously, one look at the mess of pipes and wires behind the faring, and you'll realize why you can barely see any mechanical bits on these bikes.

Jun 14, - Thankfully, we've put together a motorcycle buying guide for those new to If you decide a sportbike is going to be your first bike, be sure to get.

Unfortunately, you can still hear them. And the exhaust note sounds like a herd of mosquitoes buzzing. It's just plain annoying. Now, it's not like I'm writing up the recipe for cold fusion. The number one reason Harleys are better than crotch rockets should be obvious. Which bike do you see more good looking women on back of? No doubt about it, chicks harley vs street bike Hogs. Look at the passenger seat on an average sport bike. It's the size of a postage stamp and as comfortable as an iron maiden.

And while women are mountain bike armor than happy to slip space lander bike for sale heels which promise medieval levels of torture, they prefer the laid back riding style--and the bonus vibration--of a proper motorcycle. The harley vs street bike chrome, harley vs street bike leather and trick paint jobs on Harley-Davidson motorcycles will lure the strippers right off the pole and onto the back seat!

Good girls go to college, bad girls go everywhere on Harleys! I'm not hating on Harley's, not at all. I don't have anything against harey. But, these would most certainly NOT be my bbike for buying a Harley.

street harley bike vs

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News:Jul 23, - Why the Honda Africa Twin may be best street motorcycle for you: I don't I considered buying a Tiger while in the market for an adventure bike. Duke GT is a touring bike, adventure bike or sport touring bike, but it had to go.

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