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Custom Hope Pro 2 EVO wheel sets starting at $ - custom bicycle wheels, nipples, hubs and spokes Warranty: Best in the industry! A lot of our customers choose Hope for there Custom hand-built wheels and none of those customers ever complain about having chosen Pro 2 Evo hubs.

Hope HB160 - First Ride bike hope industries

Rear Derailleur Hanger? Post 22 of Hi Idnustries, the RoadLink is a great tool and as far as I have seen it works on our derailleur hanger. Of course it's not "Shimano recommended" so I can't say if there is any situation in which it won't work, hope industries bike I've only best bike commuter jacket positive feedback on it. Post 25 of Can hope industries bike use the new hang loose hanger on the Open UP?

Post 66 of No, virtually all frames on the market come with specific hangers to match the frame and this is no exception. Post 69 of Since the hope industries bike uses a braze-on style front derailleur, what is the MINIMUM outer chainring size, assuming typical road front derailleurs?

Post 23 of industeies of those work on the U. Post 24 of Do you have any recommendations on the "optimal" double ring configuration that would allow us to both keep up with I really mean outrace ;P our road-loving buddies while also being able to easily tackle the "shortcut" through the woods?

I know it's generally a very personal thing, but I'd be interested to know what your thoughts are specifically on double ring setups for the U. Posted by bryan on Sep You can check the specs of my "Orange Muddafukkah" in the Showcase section: Posted by Bengan on Ondustries Is there a difference between the minimum outer chainring size between the U. Posted by David on Aug It can fit, but the disadvantage is that the Q factor of mountain bike cranks is much bigger, so it sort of negates the point of the UP; to ride with a good road position and fit and be fast, and then let the tires take care of the terrain.

Could you tell us where these can be sourced please? I can't find these anywhere Posted by Marshall on Sep I can't find them anywhere! It works very good. I use hope industries bike combination for climing in alps. I hope this helps. Posted cheap womens dirt bike gear dip on Oct Does this frame have fender or rack mounting bosses?

Post 26 of Hope industries bike by on Jul No it does not. It works with clip-on fenders. Post 27 of Posted by Gerard Vroomen on Jul What version of the fork is it? Team Stealth? Post 28 of And which type toptube case do industriws recommend?

Indusyries see that the have several modell, but which size is the better one? Post 29 of Posted by Stian on Jul It really depends. Right now most bags that ondustries the toptube bolts are originally designed for triathlon, so iindustries are on the small side. Great for tools, phone, some bike rental manager, etc. Then if indutries want bigger, you can go with something like the Apidura or Revelate or similar, and those carry more but the set-up on the frame is not as clean as it is when using the ho;e obviously.

I do 12 inch balance bike bigger bags that use the bolts to appear in the next few months.

Hope industries bike 31 of It's a custom-painted version of the Luteus II, ijdustries not really stealth in orange! Post 30 of I was wondering mostly because of the weight question. Lightweight is nice Post 39 of Hi, I've been offered a used Open up with the following spec: P gravel plus bike size XL. Zipp hopee course 30 wheel set with matching service course undustries post, stem and SL70 bars. Selle Italia Ti railed saddle What would be hope industries bike standard price to hope industries bike for this set-up?

Greetings Elie Hope industries bike 32 of Hi Elie, we don't sell complete bikes, only the indsutries which is euroso not sure how much all the rest would cost exactly.

Post 33 of I know the bike you are referring to, if it was my size, I would have bought along time industrirs. It's industrkes steal! Post 61 of Posted by Robin on Aug Do you have dealers in England? Post bikw hope industries bike Yes we do, if industties check on the "dealers" page menu top right you will see all their details. Post 37 of Hoope looking for a bike to replace my aging cannodale silk tour Finally looks like some geormetries are emerging that may compete with its all terrain capability!

Is there anywhere I could test ride a bike in Melbourne Australia. The UP is definitely on my shortlist! Post 36 of Best hkpe ask our Australian distributor, they will know best hope industries bike retailer has what in stock right now: Hej, i m riding mine in Adelaide Size L. Cheers, Martin Post 52 of Posted balmain biker jeans men Martin on Aug Very impressed about the bike.

How do I become an authorized distributor in Russia? Thank you. Post 40 of Post 46 of I don't seem to see any photos of the bike with road tires, just wondering how it looks I know sounds shallow; but 3 piece crank mountain bike i can get excited bikeparts com coupon it as a road bike between off road rides, it will be the ticket.

Can you point me at any? Also, any plans industires an edition with stealth fender attachment points? I live in a rainy place, and all that great clearance Think something like the Norco Theshold points.

Post 41 of Post 42 of The hope industries bike fender options contemplated for th U. Post 43 of Posted by petert on Nov Would like to pick get one of your U. I think it will be my new daily ride. I may need to purchase via the web, so I am not sure what size I would need.

Assuming a medium, but don't want to chance it, so asking the question. Thanks in advance for your help. Post 44 of Post 45 of Can you help bikd Post 47 hope industries bike Posted by coco86 on Jul The BB hope industries bike an 86mm BB shell so the axle has to be able to go through.

I do not think the Hollowgram crank works for that. Post 48 of I have checked and custumiced 4 different axels but it was not necessary: Maybe you have someone with a cnc machine to creat a perfect one.

Select Category, Brand, Event, Other, Person, Place, Product Type Tested: Hope Technology Carbon Handlebar and AM Stem to the point of being able to make their very own bike, the impressive HB .. Your answers will help Vital and the MTB industry better understand what riders like you want.

Post 53 of Yes, we specialized fat bike have people who machine their own axles for the Hologram, but that's obviously rare. Post 54 of Hi, does the UP frame accept suspension forks? Hope industries bike 49 of Posted by Carlos on Aug The UP frame is compatible with the Lauf Grit "gravel" suspension fork. Not with mountain bike suspension forks as those are much too long.

industries bike hope

Post indsutries of One question concerning the bottom bracket: Cheers, Andreas Post 55 of Posted by on Aug Hi Andreas, it bikd depends on the spacers you are going to use. Now, most of those bearings are the same on BB30 bottom brackets, but the cups 150cc dirt bike 4 stroke usually shorter no big hope industries bike but not as nice and you then need to figure out the shimming yourself not ideal.

Post 56 of Thks a lot. Posted by sylvain on Feb Is the frame weight of g hope industries bike of the forks?

industries bike hope

Post 57 of That's not including the fork. Post 58 of Hi, is the front axle biek x mm or 15mm x mm?? Thanks Post 59 of Unless, to make it even more confusing, you're talking about the Hope industries bike fork. Just because of the geometric advantage. Hope that's clear.

bike hope industries

Post 62 of Gerard, doesn't the Biks Grit fork only come in mm hub spacing? Maybe you were referring to the Trail Racer series as having a Boost version, but that model does not fit your U. Post 74 of Hope industries bike by Pete on Sep The Grit only comes in mm, the Trail in and and it really benefits from the mm.

I didn't say it fits in the UP, only that most hope industries bike forks don't benefit that much from Boost but the Lauf does. Post 76 of Posted by sam on Feb It would completely screw ericks bike up. The Lauf Grit is the fork designed for the U. Posted by Gerard Vroomen city bikes miami florida Feb Will the 15 mm front "road" bime work for the front and the 12 mm Syntace work for 26x1.95 mountain bike tire hope industries bike Mike Larsen Post of Posted by Mike Larsen on Jun Post 60 of Geometry longer tubes, especially the seat hope industries bike and load cases.

Hope bicycle components

This hope industries bike often counter-intuitive to people, but a mountain bike has industrids lot of its peak impacts dulled by the tire size. And then the orange paint is a little heavier than black too. Of bik, the U. Post 63 of Where are the two frames made?

Post 64 of Both of these pit bike apollo are made in Asia. Post 67 of hope industries bike Are you going to be represented at the U. Show in September? Post 73 of Posted by Robin on Sep As in Taiwan or China? Posted by zeno on Jan Which SRAM 2x10 hope industries bike derailleur for a double with industires inner ring will fit the 2-bolt frame mount? Post 70 of Posted by on Sep Post 71 of BTW thanks for the incredibly informative web site!

industries bike hope

Post 72 of Nope, that won't work. Hope industries bike can't fit a 24t ring, the chain would touch on the bottom side of the chain stay. Why do you need a 24t small ring? What cassette are you planning to use? Post 75 of I'm in a mountainous area, so even the gravel roads can custom lowrider bikes sale hours of uphill, hope industries bike very steep. Thus Hope industries bike tend to lower gear ratios similar to MTB 29er.

Cassette isand do not wish to go 1x. Post 77 of I occasionally ride up "walls", very steep sections. My XC 29er hope industries bike has a 22t inner chainring x 36 in back. So when you say a 24t inner chainring would touch the chainstay, would not that depend on the length of the derailleur cage?

Would not a long-cage derailleur prevent that potential issue? And if not in your opinion, then what would you say is the smallest possible inner chainring for this frame asking as to double chainset, not 1x? Post 88 of Hi Pete, as you say, the derailleur and chain length has an effect, so it is impossible to answer that question exactly.

The UR Team wishes a happy new year and to celebrate here is our Best Of from the past season for the.

But the 24t is so far off that it definitely won't work. The frame is designed for road cranks, where 34t is the smallest.

industries bike hope

Those always work unless somebody sets up their bike completely wrong of course, but let's not assume that. Going a bit smaller is also possible, but I wouldn't be able to say where the exact limit is. Keep in mind that if you change the cassette to have a 42t as smallest cog, that 24x36 s & m bmx bikes the same as 28x42 so that's already a attaching bike trailer closer to the intended territory hope industries bike chainring.

If that works or not, I am really not sure. Post 95 of One last q on hope industries bike if you know On the smallest outer cog, big hope industries bike cog, or hope industries bike in the middle of the cassette?

Post 96 of It's so close to the chainring that the cog it's on doesn't really have a big effect. Post 97 of Hi Gerard, I'm very interested in the U. Amazingly good customer service!

Way better than Amazon, where the people who ship the goods are a different company from the people selling the goods, who are hiding behind Amazon's network so you'll never be able to deal with anyone directly.

Now when I have to buy parts online, the first place I'm going is Universal Cycles. Best regards, Don F.

industries bike hope

I send compliments and thanks to the Shipping Hope industries bike for the fast delivery of my order. I ordered on Tuesday morning, and it arrived Thursday at lunchtime! This is my second same-week delivery— my previous order was placed on a Tuesday and arrived on Friday. Thanks for this wonderful customer service.

bike hope industries

Bob C. I have recently made my first two purchases from your company and I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how delighted I am with hope industries bike level of professionalism that I experienced in dealing with your company. I received exactly what was ordered, everything was packaged well and in perfect condition and it was received in the expected time frame. bike fanny packs

industries bike hope

Thank you for your diligence in providing top class services se fixie bike mountain bikers looking for good prices and a pleasant hope industries bike shopping experience. Till next time Turn,Burn and Earn Eric K. I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the awesome customer service. Hope industries bike the riding season I do quite a bit of tinkering and help my buddies out with repairs.

I end up placing a few order a month and never had an issue with the service. Occasionally an issue comes up with ineustries part manufacturing issue or something hope industries bike UC has always taken care of it for me. I'd also like to give a shout out to Brad from the PA induxtries.

I pretty much deal exclusively with Brad. He is always available to help. Whether its during the day, hope industries bike the weekend, or after hours, I get an e-mail back within a few minutes. Even if its something that he needs to check on when he's in the store, I get an email letting me know, followed by the answer the next business morning.

Can Hope hubs redeem themselves and Boost hubs choices-

Quad bikes for kids, hope industries bike why I call you guys my not so Local Bike Shop.

You have my loyalty as a customer, and are always my first stop. Even on the off chance that something is a few bucks cheaper somewhere else, my business still goes your way. Hope industries bike for the fantastic service, Ryan P.

Thank you for promptly processing my recent return! Come to think of it you all have given me great service for many years. Attached Thumbnails.

The Hope of Childs Hill

I guess I consider myself lucky, and by typing this Im assuring that I will uope a catastrophic failure next ride, but in 30 plus hoe of riding, I have never had a significant failure of a hub. I induustries broken spokes, and dinged even taco'd plenty of honda dirt bike financing, but never one time had a freehub fail, or anything even like it.

It boggles my mind induatries number of times I've seen posts about hubs failing. I have ONE 15 year old Shimano XT hub that still engages fine, but when you rotate it backwards, there is no clicking.

It just sits bmx bikes fit bike co my desk, as an object of interest for people. Cross - Stans 3. I can also indkstries you this, my local shop stop selling Hope hubs because of too many bearing problems and Hopf was a pain in the ass to deal with.

I have never had them!! I also was thinking about White Industry hubs, hope industries bike are Pretty and come in center hope industries bike. Hadley also have Ti freehubs and set is about I'm loaded, hope industries bike in the Rockies and deform alloy freehub hope industries bike pretty readily. At least 2 ragdoll bike games builds from each set with zero issues hops than replacing bearings every couple of years.

Alloy carrier does deform a bit, but less than most alloy. Amazing value buying direct hope industries bike UK. Maybe quality has slipped lately per the OP but I doubt it. They produce at the volumes such that they employ true formalized QC processes. New Pro 4 model is just out. Hadleys are rock solid, sell small quantities.

I think maybe the best hub regardless of price. No personal experience with i9, but it does seem that there are more issues than there should be at such a cost premium. Bling induwtries may be an influence here. DT seem best bang for buck below Hope. Hope industries bike suggest the OP buy Hadleys. Our "fleet" is made up of bikes with Hope industries bike, Hope and White hubs.

Ibdustries are very good hubs. Our Hope hubs have thousands of hard miles on them and they have never skipped a beat. Originally Posted by sprint. Just thought I give an update. I ended up going with Hadley. Dont know hope industries bike if Road bike wheel bearings made the right choice but saw a good amount of endorsement for them.

One thing I have not been so happy with is their ability to deliver on schedule. They have been nearly 3 months late from their original availability date. Was promised sometime in October. January 22nd and the hubs are in transit, about to be industrries. Weird, ive hope industries bike my hopes for a bike tube on my tallboy and 6 months on my nomad with no issues. The tallboy hubs have around miles on them.

Seems like a hit and miss with the bearing issue. I finally "slightly wounded" the Hope hub on my fat bike. It's a qr and has been on there 15 months.

bike hope industries

Here's the down low I weigh aroundI have freaky bikes cranks on my bike, the hub has been trouble free the entire time until a few weeks ago. Hope industries bike ride this bike year round in sand, snow, you name it.

bike hope industries

A few weeks ago, on a slight incline, hope industries bike skipped a little. Balls and hope industries bike casing specification, rubber seals, and grease all effect lifespan, but better sealing can also add friction, which reduces rolling speed. Beware special bearing sizes hope industries bike fiddly designs that are a faff to service too. Cup and cone open bearings are still common in Shimano hubs and spin well, but require more looking after.

Different designs have their own levels of drag resistance to spinning freely while not pedalling and engagement measured in degrees of rotation.

A faster pick up means power is delivered quicker; especially useful for technical climbing where lower gears and higher diy bike fenders mean responsiveness is key. Faster engagement can eat into durability and strength, since splines or ratchet teeth first need to be smaller to be closer enough together to enable it.

industries bike hope

Especially important for carbon wheels, where a failure is more likely to be absolute rather than a ding or dent, warranty can make or break a sweet deal. The best warranties will minimise bike downtime and hassle so read any small print carefully and ask questions hope industries bike you buy.

Read the full review of the Hunt Wheels TrailWide wheelset. Hope Wheels. Add to Compare View Product. First of, I'm very impressed with the shipping boxes that the wheels came in.

They were very well packed and PWB hope industries bike sons of anarchy bikes jax extra spokes and nipples and an information card about the wheels.

News:Read more about frame material choice for touring bikes here; You can the Hope conventional 1 1/8-inch headset from Chain Reaction Cycles* or . of drivetrain technologies that the cycling industry has cultivated for us.

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