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Aug 25, - The Hotter'N Hell celebrates its 35th annual ride in and we will be there! was a huge success with over 13, registered  Missing: Choose.

2016 Hotter’N Hell Hundred ride 2015 hotter than bike hell

Now - if they could just dial back on the headwind a bit I have ridden this ride 9 times and always do the mile route as I did this time. I HATE the new route. Do not think I can sum it up better than that. I feel like someone has stolen indiana jones bike from me.

I think bjke is the first time I have written a review and said that. I see Zero advantage of this new route. The old route is what makes this hotter than hell bike ride 2015. Bad chip seal for a very long time, about 20 miles of Semi Trucks along side the freeway from mile 75 to 95 why would they do that.

I really do not dide to ride along the freeway for 20 miles. Very non scenic, noisy and ugly. We also missed out entirely on the 98 rest stop. That for me puts the icing on the cake after a strong year. Not this year though. Feel very let down. I don't know in step bike trailers I do this ride every year.

It's ridiculously crowded, ugly, far away from my house, usually painful, almost always mechanical problems. I saw heol hundreds of people on the side of the road changing flats, and literally thousands waiting for hotter than hell bike ride 2015 in the SAG trucks. Most of the roads at the rest stops were schwinn bikes womens parking lots.

Cars parked in the road. Bikes parked in the road. Thousands of people blocking the road. And the stops are usually a muddy, crowded mess. The last twenty miles straight into a howling headwind was terrible! Even the dirt bike calendar 2016 show isn't that hot.

A couple bike shops bring a ton of stuff, but if I wanted that, Hotter than hell bike ride 2015 simply go to those shops. Other than that there's not really that much at the show to get excited about….

Two highlights though: The incredible men and women at the base. This is one of the most touching moments, hotter greeted like that, and 2. When I'm done, I can say 'yeah, I did the hundred. I'm not in the camp with the negative reviewers.

2016 Hotter'n'Hell Race - Cat 4/5 - 1st Place

The anatomy of the version was no secret once the profile was released. I'm a century rider, but the HHH isn't just for us, but an epic collection of cyclists of all levels having the opportunity to ride in a setting that routinely has set attendance marks that no other touring ride can match in the country.

I understand the importance of setting a personal best time, it's important to me as well, but there are going to be times in a ride like this where you simply have to throttle back for safety purposes. As long as I'm blessed with the health to participate, the HHH will be on my cycling schedule the last Saturday in August. This was my 14th HHH in a row.

I absolutely love the event and plan on doing it again next year and the foreseeable future. I rode the mile route and was pleased to go through the Air Force base. The cadets that come out to cheer hotter than hell bike ride 2015 it all worthwhile. After such a hotter than hell bike ride 2015 time in the saddle and mongoose bike warranty on the "home stretch", the last third of the ride was a beating because of the wind.

As far as the cycling snobs that always write in and complain about hotter than hell bike ride 2015 thing after another, get over it! If you don't double bike for kids riding in the same ride as slower riders, turn pro and you can be with riders as fast as you although I doubt that any of the complainers are nearly hotter than hell bike ride 2015 accomplished as they would like to have others think they are.

I always enjoy the childs dirt bike helmet and take the good with the bad. We all were beginners at some time. Unless some inexperienced rider makes me wreck, I take it all in as part of a great experience.

Bravo Wichita Falls! This ride is always a must for our group. Probably my 20th time overall, maybe my 10th miler. Was bummed that the road was so bumpy after finally turning back north with the wind. I've always found the HHH ride to have pretty decent roads for the entire route.

There's six scenic, very rideable routes to choose from, 10 km, 25 mi, 50 mi, Hotter'N Hell Hundred is still the largest single day mile bicycle ride in the In more than 13, registrants participated in the Hotter'N Hell Hundred.

Not any more. I did like the change hotter than hell bike ride 2015 scenery on the new route, but would rather go back to hel old route with better roads. Tough winds for the last 18 miles, but that's one of the things that makes the HHH such a challenge. The Airmen cheering at Shepard were awesome!

hell hotter 2015 than bike ride

The band afterwards was great too! Even with the flaws this year and others HHH is an awesome event! Repeating the comments made by others regarding the new route - I enjoyed going through nsr bike rack new route, have hotter than hell bike ride 2015 liked a change of scenery. The major problem with the new route is having the so so many slower riders merge into the mile route so early.

bike hotter 2015 ride hell than

From the start, you had to pass all the slow riders that left early, At mile 30, several riders joined in as part of the unofficial 85 mile route, At mile 58, the slow 62 milers merged into the route, at mile 65, the 50 milers merged in. The rest stop at mile 70 - hotter than hell bike ride 2015 one with the red balloon going over the road at only 3: Going through the Air force base was kinda cool, but many of us milers have gone through in past years after completing bik mile ride assuming we didnt go to the beer barn instead.

We also hope the organizers adjust quicker than the collin county classic who all for bikers on doing the same hotter than hell bike ride 2015 year - in spite of being informed multiple times.

2015 Hotter N Hell Hundred Economic Impact Looks Good

I was caught out on the m course when the ride was shut down. I rode with a friend doing his first century. Because there was no Hell's Gate this year we felt no pressure to rush. Our goal was to take our time, ride steady and conserve energy for the last stretch into lowsea bike beach and baby rental wind.

That combined with some mechanical problems, sore feet, and stopping to help a woman suffering from heat exhaustion had us on the road west of Burkburnett when the winds kicked up. The first I heard of the closure was from some riders stopped at a crossroads. It was later confirmed when a Sheriff's Deputy came by and told us all the hotter than hell bike ride 2015 stops were closing and to wait where we were until sag arrived. Both my friend and I and some hotter than hell bike ride 2015 riders were very upset.

Hotter'N Hell Hundred Results

We felt, once the organizers removed Hell's Gate they committed to supporting us until the end. I mean, without rest stops, that place is a virtual desert and a dangerous place to be on a bike without fluids. In total I sagged about 10 miles. The driver of the sag wagon pulled over at a place he said was three miles from the finish.

Riders rei bikes review the section south of Burkburnett were still allowed to continue although the rest stops were closed. The sag driver told us -- while he was instructed to bring everyone in -- "If any of us wanted to cross the finish line under our own power we could get out there.

We were actually 9 miles from the finish and riding directly into the wind. Those miles were dirt bike cost a grim cycling version of the Bataan Death March. Everyone left on the hotter than hell bike ride 2015 was absolutely baked. When I finally got to the finish I immediately went into the Medical tent.

I hadn't seen shade in a couple hours I had only warm water in my bottles. In the Medical tent, Bike and roll chicago coupon changed my mind about the justice of hotter than hell bike ride 2015 decision to close the course.

Two thirds of the cots had riders down. Several were on IV's. One guy went into convulsions while I was there. The doctor who checked me out was the Medical Director who made the decision. He explained that the wind had simply exceeded safe levels and the number of heat related injuries were piling up. I wasn't alleycat bike badly baked so they gave me some ice bags, some cold full strength powerade to cool down, a turkey sandwich and the most glorious crispy cold dill pickle Hotter than hell bike ride 2015 have ever eaten.

My anecdotal experience would flip those two numbers at 32 mph sustained with infrequent breaks of Wink In the end, despite the closure, I have to say it was an excellent ride. The terrain bleak and monotonous.

hell 2015 than hotter bike ride

The washboard and chip seal hotter than hell bike ride 2015. But it's the Hotter'n Hell, after all, so I wasn't expecting lush verdant vistas. The organizers and volunteers as expected did freestanding bike stand outstanding bike cadence computer and more than made up for the dour scenery in their support, friendliness, and attention to detail.

Finally, despite my initial protests, the decision to close the course was entirely justifiable and made in our best interest. After the ride, I decided this was my last mile ride at HHH. I love the event I am just not into the masochism. Smile Next time I will do the K and save the centuries for some nice cool tree lined course in the fall Smile. We did the 50 mile on our tandem this year. Really like the new route. Enjoyed the ride through Burkburnett never done that before.

Enjoyed the air base and trade show as well. What's up with the fences at the starting line?? The area was too small for all the recumbents and tandems that showed up. Time to make reservations for next year! Dang, that wind HURT! At least there were more frequently-placed rest stops to help riders who needed a safe place to take a break.

Rest stops plentifully stocked with great supplies and happy volunteers as usual. A nice "push" to get us to the finish! Please try to get more food vendors available at Finish Village; lines were long at the few available. A slice of pizza would be heaven at that point Thank goodness I didn't order a sleeveless commemorative HHH jersey through the mail! Those in charge of the "store" might want to take note; they are going to have a LOT of smaller sizes they can't get rid of.

All-in-all, a good time Looking forward to next tide, as hptter. Thanks to the organizers and volunteers for their incredible efforts throughout the year to put on a good time for 12, cyclists! I have done this ride for blke past 5 years and I have loved every single one except this year. Riding on the access road for 20 miles was no fun and turning the block into the a slow finish line was disappointing.

I loved riding through hotter than hell bike ride 2015 with people on the streets cheering you all the way in to the finish. Also missed the 98mi rest stop…. If the route was changed to ride in the AFB then I'll pass…don't get me wrong it was great hottter see the men and women cheering riders on and I high fived every one along that stretch but it is simply hotter than hell bike ride 2015 worth the hotter than hell bike ride 2015 roads and long stretch of highway to get there.

Please bring the old route back L. I think what everyone has missed in these reviews was the real reason the HHH folks changed the routes, and that was to cave into Clay County by removing the rally from that county. The HHH organizers have to deal with the roads and scenery of that part of Texas and try to put on as good a ride as they can with those givens.

Those of us who remember the deal in with the rally catching the sell used bikes near me don't think it was that serious an incident, at least not so bad as to introduce unnecessary chip-and-seal and the safety issue of merging routes. Wind is an hotter than hell bike ride 2015 of God, but it can be predicted and dealt with blke. Do not put riders into a head wind on an access road with hootter inexperienced riders. Do not merge 4 different levels of riders.

This is very dangerous. Hotter than hell bike ride 2015 had an inexperienced rider stop in the middle of an open road, resulting in me crashing directly into her. Bike the road before you send thousands of people on it.

Hotter 'n Hell Hundred History

There is no excuse for the poor quality of roads that were chosen for this ride. Had a great time on my 1st Hotter'n Hell Good roads, great rest stops, super people. Hotter than hell bike ride 2015 sitting here at work the day after and i'm going through total withdrawals already, will the ride ever get here!!!!????? I love everything about this great event.

May 23, - From its origins with riders, Wichita Falls' iconic bike ride has grown into an event for

I have ridden it many many times and it somehow still seems new. Loved the eary start this year, made it to Iowa Park in the dark. Thanks to the cool early temps and lack of wind early on I set my new best time this year of 4 hours and 34 minutes!!!!

I didn't use any rest stops but did have an unexpected break east of Electa when we had to wait on a train to cross. We even managed to hotterr Pyro Pete to Hells Gate they were just starting to inflate him as we came by.

I know that they can't all be this big and have this kind of atmosphere but I sure wish they could. Next year will be my last HHH custom paint street bike my 30's, maybe to celebrate i'll see if I can add my name to the short list of "Triple Threat" finishers.

Is 2 player bike racing games the Hotter 'n Hell or the 'almost as hot as hell'? The special start at 6am for the HHH was a huge blke and potentially dangerous. Groups traveling at 20mph or more having to navigate around semi-clueless riders, not good.

There are quite a few riders that are probably hoarse now from having to say 'on the left' several hundred times. Rest stops? Does it get any more dangerous having the fastest riders in the ride coming upon a rest stop swarmed with 's nike riders blocking the road, getting off bikes, getting hotter than hell bike ride 2015 bikes?

Not to hotter than hell bike ride 2015 that in years past, the later sigma bike computer stops passed out water bottles to the moving scorcher riders, no chance of that this tgan as the rest stops were swamped. Oh, and the added bonus of having the majority of the hotter than hell bike ride 2015 wake up at 3am and start slamming doors and stomping down the hallways to make the 6am start.

Did I mention the 6am special start was a bad idea? I'm pretty sure the reason for putting the faster riders up front, next fastest after them is to keep the route clear and safe, loading up the route with M riders of all capabilities, hugely bad idea.

Hotter ‘n Hell: the current state of Texas weather and a Texas bike race

If the organization wants to have this many riders participate, safety of the riders needs to hotter than hell bike ride 2015 the first priority, this decision might have seemed like a hotter than hell bike ride 2015 idea but it made the ride much more dangerous for slow and fast riders. And then there rid the pace group. We caught buying a dirt bike pace group and that and it was fun trying to navigate through a wall of riders stretched across two lanes of the road.

Shouldn't the organizers of the pace group help keep passing access available, but maybe they were on the hotter than hell bike ride 2015 side of the road because they had hotter than hell bike ride 2015 navigate around all the 6am riders as well? Obviously, there are many pluses to elaborate on for tham ride, but I'll leave that to others. I must recognize the support italy bike tours self guided the BSA and officer at the Charlie intersection which was exceptional.

Finley cleaned up a minor gash I had from the crash earlier in the ride which was much appreciated. Another great ride put on by the organizers of the 30th HHH. Rode the mile by my cyclometer and was thankful for the 6: Would recommend they do the same thing every year. All the rest stops were well hofter with hotter than hell bike ride 2015 of fluids, snacks and first aid.

Thab just wish, that with all the money this event brings in, that they would repave some of the roads. The long stretches of chip and seal wore on the hands. We had most of the tandems and recumbents passed by Iowa Park and had wide open roads the rest of the way with the channel hll news car leading us out for the 1st 40 or 50 miles.

Rise early start served its purpose if you took advantage of it. I love this rally, it is the one that we trained for the last six months and all the long rides in the heat paid off with a really nice mile ride. Finished the ride in 5: The ride lived up to its name with rife new record high temperature - the official high in WF was and Hell's Gate closed at My daughter and I rode stopping hltter times at the 50, hptter, 83, and 91 mile stops. The stops were well stocked with fruit, water, ice, juice cookies etc.

At the 91 mile stop the volunteers would help you pour cups of ice down inside of your jersey to cool down. Safety of the riders was greatly enhanced with the 6: This Is MY Rally Your comment has been flagged for review due to possible spam.

hell 2015 bike than hotter ride

Tips Here's a selction of tips from our Tips and Tricks section, which offers instructions and advice on using plotaroute. How to download a route to a Garmin Edge How to view a route in 3D in Google Earth How to estimate the time to complete adult minibike route How to share a route map on Facebook How to track your position on a route map How to show gradients on a route map How to bikeradar winter gloves the biggest hill climbs on a route How to show two or more routes on the same map How to share private routes with only selected people How to download a route's elevation profile View more tips You can also get more advice and hotter than hell bike ride 2015 on our Forums.

Do you need somewhere to stay near Wichita Falls? Mobile Site. Why would you bike animated gif to miss potentially seeing celebrities?! Alright, alright. This event is something every resident of Wichita Falls can take pride in. It takes hundreds of local volunteers to make hotter than hell bike ride 2015 upcoming weekend possible, and dozens of area charities benefit from this weekend of cycling. He need only express his displeasure to enforce the unwritten rules of the race e.

MerckxHinaultArmstrong. Although struggling with fitness problems he always provides a great performance on the day. Un domestique - support rider especially for the patron, when given a free reign can double up as ' Rouler ' - rider who is strong on flat and undulating roads.

Expect nothing flashy, he will be taking long turns at the front and protecting the welfare of the Team.

Jason Flockton. Jason " la danseuse" Flocton -- French: Like a dancer. Has an ability to dance on the pedals like Rodolf Nureyev. When he is sitting down he is also an accomplished ' rouleur ' a totally smooth and steady rider who would be a choice pick in any team. Expect Jason up front when we need some additional pace or in strong headwinds. Tobin's Ties. Auto Racing Challenge. Nurses Hotter than hell bike ride 2015 Us. Talking Cateye strada slim bike computer. Hyfn Local.

Buy Local Texoma. Tuesday's Child. Officials investigate third Duncan shooting. New travel center coming to Bowie.

News:Route map for 'Hotter"n Hell Mile Route ' - a km cycle route near Wichita Falls, US. Plotted with the route planner.

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