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Supercycle Bike Cable Combo Lock secures and protects your bicycle Features a resettable 4-digit dial combination. Rating Snapshot. Select a row below to filter reviews. . Same comment as the others new lock, barely used, and now we cannot unlock it to free my son's bike. Do NOT buy this lock.

The best U-lock

Watch this at the peril of having your heart burst with pure joy.

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In many ways, the system worked: Someone saw something, then said something, and police ibke an arrest. But what happened next would play out a fundamental tension at the heart of our criminal justice system: View policy.

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Sort by: Bike was stolen. Well, I cheaped out on the lock and now I'm looking to buy a new bike. The cable was cut.

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Click to agree. Step 1: Insert torsion wrench in bottom of lock hole.

How To Pick A Bike Lock | Picker Of Locks

Put tension on torsion wrench in the direction that the lock turns. Simultaneously rake the pick from the back of the lock to the front of the lock.

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Repeat Step 4 over and over again until you pop the bike lock straight open. These locks were created to keep you cigit safe, but will the? Learn how to crack these open and we will let you be the judge.

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In order to do this the fastest, you will need a round bump key, however, you can also improvise one by cutting a chunk of soda or beer can, using paperclips, safety pins or hairpins. Step 2: Take hard fist sized object and hit the bump key in the road bike carbon handlebars that the lock cylinder turns.

Using Manual Tension to Unlock a Combination Bike Lock when SHTF

Yes, seriously. This method should take you about 5 seconds once you have a bump key, effectively awarding it the least secure bike lock available.

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If there is xrack sort of bike lock that you would specifically like us to show you how to pick, hit us up by going to the Contact Form and leaving us a message. To be able to crack your combination lock all you will need is a length of cord or rope around 30cm long and the combination lock that you wish to unlock.

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First of all you will have to thread your length of rope through the loop on the lock and fold it in dirt bike wrecks around the shackle as shown in the first photo.

This will become your makeshift handle that will give you a sturdier and stronger grip of the lock to make the procedure easier.

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Next clasp the rope tightly in your hands cgack push down on the top of the lock as hard as you can using your thumb finger and make sure to keep prescription mountain bike glasses the same amount of force on the lock throughout the whole procedure.

While still keeping even pressure on the lock you now need to rotate each of the dials slightly in each direction.

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You will quickly find the dial that is the hardest to rotate which is the dial you how to crack a 4 digit bike lock begin with in my case it was 'C'. Start to gradually rotate the dial that is the until you hear a resounding 'click' and feel the shackle move upwards slightly. Check the dial and make a note of the number that it 'clicked' on then continue to gradually rotate that same dial to double-check in my case dial 'C' was the hardest to rotate and it 'clicked' on '7'.

If it continues to make a 'click' sound on the same number every rotation then you have successfully figured out the first digit of the code and places to ride dirt bikes in maryland can now move onto figuring out the next dial.

How to Crack a Bike Lock in an Emergency

Once again rotate each of the remaining dials to find which is the hardest to rotate in my case it was dial 'B'. Repeat the same process you used on the first dial until you have figured out the second digit of your code in my case it was '1'.

If you have a three digit combination lock like what I have demonstrated with, you should digkt only have one more dial to figure out.

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All you will need to do now is keep constant pressure on the lock and slowly twist the remaining dial in a full rotation. Better to be forewarned as to how easily something of supposed "security" is to get past and take remedial measures too better secure your bike or whatever.

How I Unlocked My 4 Digit Bike Lock

A lot of multi bike don't work like this, because they have more than one locking mechanism which prevents any movement until all numbers are set.

I figured out how to do this when I was about 8 years old.

How thick should it be?

Very simple to do, but I haven't seen this style of bike lock in years. Thanks dude, I needed this.

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I forgot the combo to my bike lock and decided to google "how to crack bike lock," luckily enough your link was the first one that came up. This worked great -- first try.

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I have a krypyonite and you can't see the spaces. Dude my bike lock has been on my bike for months without knowing the combo! Thanks alot!!

It worked on the first try!!

Supercycle Bike Cable Combo Lock | Canadian Tire

Thank you, thank you. Had a ski lock that I couldn't remember the combination for and was going to have to chuck it. Just used a version of your bike lock video and it worked within about 10 seconds. Can't believe it - thank you so much: Well at least this spin bikes uk work on my Kensington combination lock. I think they learned their lesson from the pen cap trick with their old U-locks.

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I went to take my bike out today and found my brother had locked it up - obviously as a bit oock a prank, but when pressed, revealed he didn't know the code.

News:Unlock 4 Digit Cable Lock: My brother's friend found my 6ft On Guard cable lock lock discs. this lets you feel the shape of the discs better and decide when one.

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