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How can you prevent your bike from being stolen? Use certified locks; Use at least 2 locks and secure your bicycle to a solid object; Choose a safe location.

How to stop your bike being stolen

If you have to use a free-standing pole, such as a parking meter or sign post, be sure that it's high enough or bulky enough that your bike and lock can't just be lifted right over the top.

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Check local ordinances to be sure that there are no restrictions against locking how to prevent bike theft to parking meters, signs, trees, or other public property. Respect private property, and don't block access to doors, stairways, sidewalks, wheelchair ramps, etc.

Choosing a good location to leave your c02 bike pump unattended can be a trade-off situation.

If you choose a secluded, out-of-the way location, then it might be less likely to be noticed.

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However, a secluded location provides a thief a better place to work on taking your bike without being noticed by a passing law enforcement officer or good samaritan. The best balance of seclusion and visibility might be a commercial parking garage, since only others using the tp are likely to be passing by your bike, and the area might be patrolled by the garage staff on a bike rental east lansing how to prevent bike theft.

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If your workplace has dedicated bike parking, use it, but still be sure to use your lock. Bring your bike into your workplace with you, if your employer allows it. Finally, use your lock even when your bike is parked in your own garage at home.

Tips and tricks for protecting your whips

The open garage door has often provided a too-easy opportunity for the bike thief passing by your neighborhood. Find the serial number of your bicycle, and make a note of it in your records at home.


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Keep a picture of the bike with your records, too. The serial number of a bike is usually stamped on the underside of the bottom bracket shell--this is the part of the bike frame where the pedals connect.

Apr 17, - With the popularity of cycling rising, bike theft is also unfortunately on the Even if you pick the best bike lock on the market, it's useless if you.

If necessary, ask your local bike shop for help in locating your serial number. Step 1: Sometimes the serial number can be found on other parts of the bicycle as well.

How To Protect Your Bike - Simple Ways To Keep Your Bike Safe When You Stop On Your Ride

If you are having trouble locating the serial number, stop by a local bicycle shop to have a professional find it for you. Also, take a few good pictures and keep them in a safe place in case you ever need to use them down the road.

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If so, make sure prevenr insurer has the documentation they need to replace it in the event of theft. Step 2: Purchase a U-Lock or heavy duty chain lock.

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Step 3: Breadcrumb Home 7 tips to prevent bicycle theft. Opening hours Log in student.

May 23, - Choose the right place to lock. The best place to keep your bike is inside your home. That means somewhere that's inaccessible and invisible.

Language EN NL. Have your bicycle marked. This is free and barely takes any time. I done it to feed my habit.

The Epidemic Of Bike Theft

Two weeks ago Aziz had his own bike stolen while he was buying cigarettes from his local shop. He started to call the police but gave up when his credit ran out and decided to catch the thief himself instead.

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I come back out and my bike is gone. If I'd caught the man who stole it that minute.

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I don't know what I could have done, honestly. But then I said what goes around comes around.

Bike thief tells how to stop your cycle from being stolen

It took Aziz just days to find his stolen bike. He was on crack. I could see it in his face that he was in a bad way how to prevent bike theft I felt sorry. I thought what am I going to do to him. But people can't help it.

News:Jun 30, - Whatever your reason for choosing to bike is, every biker has one are some tips and tricks to help you prevent your bike from being stolen.

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