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Aug 31, - How often do you change your motorcycle fork oil? We have different viscosities to choose from based on manufacturer's recommendations, type of use and environments ridden in. Dirt riders, on the other hand, have fork oil services down in terms of frequency RELATED: How To Rebuild Your Fork.

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Think about that. Factor in that as the fork springs compress and relax they flex against the inner fork tube surface, adding fne metal scrapings into the oil as well. How to rebuild dirt bike forks a given period of time, say 20, miles, you can imagine the amount of dirt that works its way through the fork seal into the oil, the bike lights rechargeable usb of metal debris added and the number of heat cycles the oil has dorks subjected to.

The damping characteristics of old fork rebiild are very interesting in cooler weather.

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At first it will resemble cold Maple syrup, not easily stirred. Fork action will be minimal, abrupt and quite harsh.

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After a few miles the fork oil will begin to warm and change its flow characteristics, providing a little more suppleness to fork travel. That will improve considerably the longer you ride, but only to a point. Modern suspension uses very light oils.

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A change in viscosity by just a couple of points makes a big difference in suspension compliance and action. We now offer a lifetime warranty on fork seals installed by Airborne. Offer is per bike ownership, and non-transferrable.

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Oil, labor and bushings if necessary are additional. Our Performance Revalve tailor fits the front and rear of your suspension to you and your riding style.

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Offering a predictable plush ride and precise handling, with none of the harshness experienced with stock suspension or an incorrect setup.

Basically, just work backwards from the process you used to take apart the engine and make sure you put the right length bolts in the right places. Test-drive your newly rsbuild dirt bike.

A Look Inside These Dirt Bike Forks

Be sure you wear appropriate safety gear when taking your pro forma bike for a ride, such as a helmet and pads. Michael Cantrell is a freelance writer and musician from Piqua, Ohio.

He has been writing professionally since He has a diploma from and is currently attending Edison Community College with a major of criminal justice. Cardio football-player Created with Sketch.

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Shape Created with Sketch. Exercise Shape Created with Sketch. Gearing you bike higher with less teeth on the back sprocket will give for better traction because of lower engine speed.

Suspension ericks bike bottoms out too easily might need more compression from your clickers, more compression valving, a higher oil level, stiffer spring rate, or just need to be serviced.

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A rear shock that kicks up bije bumps has a different set of problems than one that kicks to the side. When you are testing suspension ride the same lines around the track in order to determine if your changes are working.

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A good rider can avoid all the bumps on the track and make any suspension feel good. Use a small dial pump with a good no loss air valve. The air in the fork will heat up and expand as you ride causing an increase in pressure. Nitrogen does not offer a significant advantage over air.

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News:We've been servicing motocross suspension in Colorado for over 15 years! Once we've serviced your fork seals we will guarantee them for life, with a fork rebuild. We then perform our valving modification specific to the rider, bike and type of If I had to pick between a built motor or a set of suspension done by Airborne.

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