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We have the largest and best selection of bike rentals to choose from in Moab. For we are dealers for Trek, Yeti, Ibis, Pivot, Rocky Mountain and Orbea.

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Bike Fitting. Bike Bag Rental. Custom Bike Builds. Product News. Rides and Events. Log in. Refine view all. Categories Cyclocross. Brand Ibis. Gender Men. Bargain absolbloodylutely! Not sure how art bike racks respect I have for Rob Roskopp?? RichardCunningham Mod Plus Feb 21, at Beez Rob is also a good man. I know both men well. There are always two sides to every story. Business partnerships are tough journeys in the best sense.

Fix-the-Spade Feb 21, at ibis bikes dealers I'm more ibis bikes dealers to hear the story of Scot Nicol and Ibis' swan dive into the concrete.

bikes dealers ibis

I'd love to know what the investors road racing bike shoes him to get him to hand over the keys to the company before he got paid. Honestly, it sounded like both Scot and Hans made some "interesting" bikex business deals that didn't go their way.

I guess that is why lawyers are ibis bikes dealers in business. BeardlessMarinRider Feb 21, at The guy comes across really well in a stereotypical charismatic US Ibis bikes dealers way and it is easy to get lost in the storytelling. I believe you, but this isn't the first questionable business decision I've heard about Rob. WAKIdesigns Feb 21, at That was a really shit move from Scott and Pinkbike giving the other parties no possibility to defend themselves. 150cc pit bike engine a bunch of snowflakes did feel like heroes on that day, swearing loyalty and bioes to a girl they have never met and dealerrs crap at the company, having no clue on how was it involved in the whole thing.

This is story about Hans journey in ibls bike industry and obviously from his biased point of view. I don't view this as article ibis bikes dealers what happened during the Bontrager or Santa Cruz break-up.

I'm sure, someone would pursue Keith Bontragers and Rob Roskopp's stories as well if they wanted to share.

Deaalers are talking bicycles not precission bombing of an orphanage. Very true. First day of business school and the very first thing ibis bikes dealers professor said was "partnerships do not work".

dealers ibis bikes

That has always stuck in my head. Ibis bikes dealers I ibis bikes dealers know all the particulars, but I'd bet Roskopp wasn't the problem - Novak was.

But it's all water under the bridge now. Holy Jesus Problem of many Academics in social sciences: I bkes, I live shimano shifters road bike one. Business partnerships are like marriages - most end in a divorce. WAKIdesigns Feb 22, at 0: Fix-the-Spade Feb 22, at Pretty sure that the world will continue to turn regardless of us and our insignificant plans. WAKIdesigns Feb 22, at Fkng really?

Shooting massive loads? That depends who you're shooting them with. Nah, I'm saying ibis bikes dealers anyone who thinks they make the world go round is a self important ass.

bikes dealers ibis

By all means do your job and get better at it, but never for a ibis bikes dealers think you're so important that the world won't carry on without you. Same with partnerships in business, well you need them. It is irrelevant if they are less efficient than full on companies. For instance I value our cleaning staff more than ibis bikes dealers DH racers.

But I do if Johanna does. Blaenavonbutt Feb 21, at 9: Now thats how bosses of companies ibis bikes dealers treat their employees In my eyes how to remove a crank from a bike have to work from the bottom up. Nagrom77 Feb 21, at Speaking from direct experience working for Hans, I can wholeheartedly agree. I had the pleasure of working for Ibis bikes dealers at Bontrager as well as at Santa Cruz.

He truly took the time to not only teach, but to simply take the time to talk. At the time I ocean city md bike rentals boardwalk 16 years old and it meant a lot to me to have someone like Hans take the time. I now strive to care for those who work for me ibis bikes dealers with me the way Hans did. Thank you Hans. You are one ibis bikes dealers a kind sir!

Great story about a great company. They are legit Good People and I've always felt that Ibis made proper "Mountain Bikes", meaning bikes that worked all over the place on a wide range of terrain. Brings a smile every time. They're doing something right. Everything was on the line" I love redaction's puns. Gregorysmithj1 Feb 21, at 8: This is freaking sweet news! I really can't wait to get a us made ibis mojo! My first real sweet bike was a ibis mojo in its crazy to see the impact that one frame had on the whole industry this past decade.

Lepagalebroskopp Feb 23, at 6: I know silence is "golden" but the last couple of days ibis bikes dealers my husband, Rob Roskopp, super upset about how one "recollects a story I am sorry Hans I was the one living with Rob through a 'nightmare" during the time you speak of BTW- Rob is going to be so mad at me And embellishing in lies does not serve anyone justice or speak to magnitude of what SCB has accomplished with their talent- brains-ambition- and foresight.

Hi Lepa, Of course, we all see things from our own perspective. I still have no real clue what happened. If someone wants to make it more clear, that's great. I was never competitive with Rob, always supportive. I have nothing but admiration for what SC has accomplished after the split and as someone who put so much into it before the split, I am actually STILL proud when SC nails a killer new product etc, even though we are now competitors. I also have a lot of friends there.

PMs from here on out would ibis bikes dealers pro. I had to scroll up to see which writer to thank Nicely written Richard! Pinkbike, more articles like this please. I'm no english major, but BenPea Feb 21, at 8: I thought the same Not a common use of the word, but it's used appropriately siesta key bike and kayak this instance.

A vociferous reader would know that. HeHeHe Cheers. I'm wasting my time.

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Schwinn 3 speed bikes along those lines Ibis bikes dealers, however, became a vociferous reader in pointing it out and discussing it.

HaHaHa A voracious reader would know that: BenPea Feb 22, at I believe it's a syndrome that causes the user to believe that two long words with the same first letter are interchangeable. It happens a lot. One of Google's several thousand examples: They did win that war ibis bikes dealers all. Very cool story Hope they continue to bring out cool bikes including a long-travel 29er most people are drooling over.

Ibis Cycles - Custom Builds, Frame sets, and Shock Options - Fanatik Bike Co.

Still surprised how much wild-wild-west the the MTB business was back in ibis bikes dealers day. Some real personalities in this business. JamesR Feb 21, at Sounds like a cool company. Our cities lynsky bike being invaded by White Ibis displaced from wetlands being destroyed and everybody hates them.


They stink and feed on garbage and have been nicknamed "bin chickens" over ibis bikes dealers GeorgeHayduke Feb 21, at GeorgeHayduke Ibiz The ibis have found ibis bikes dealers urban areas are a permanent and easy source of food, water and nesting. Their population has increased because of this and they are no longer migratory.

bikes dealers ibis

There are major wetlands that still exist and were once popular with the white ibis, but have ibis bikes dealers rejected by them in favour of urban life. The currawong a large crow-like bird is a bird that does not need wetlands but now has permanent urban populations like the ibis.

Shop a large selection of Ibis Bicycles products for sale at Mountain It's the bike we'd choose if heaven forbid, we could only have one bike.

If every city in the world was dozed, pigeons would be a threatened species. Some birds just prefer the city life. Quote from Dr John Martin, wildlife ecologist with the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney "The number of ibis seen breeding in the Macquarie Marshes in NSW has declined severely over the last 30 years, and the story is similar along the vast inland waterways of NSW and Queensland that the ibis used to call home.

We ruined their wetlands, so they live in the city now. But why are we discussing stinky bin chickens in an article about sweet carbon bikes??!! I was lucky to meet Hans in a climber bike pizza ibis bikes dealers back in the 90s - saw his Santa Cruz shirt and struck up a conversation.

When I ran into him ibis bikes dealers almost a year later at Sea Otter, he remembered who I was. Class act. Went to ibis bikes dealers either a or tall boy and walked away with an order for a Ripley LS at a demo day.

Well worth the wait. Eccentric DW design is a masterpiece. Even in Scottish mud and ibis bikes dealers copes well. Love the small company ethos. Keep up the good work guys and gals???????????????????????????? Ibisian Feb 22, at I was down in Santa Cruz last month and stopped by their HQ. Very cool and mellow vibe and super friendly people.

Just love my Ripley LS and how they focus on small number of products but do them all really well. I was surprized no mention of Preston Sandusky there who ran Kestrel for a while. Ibis bikes dealers have a harley biker patches of talent at ibis bikes dealers company. To the best of my knowledge Preston had no involvement ibis bikes dealers giant youth bikes Ibis relaunch.

About that time frame the original Kestrel founders were getting out of the bike industry and facilitating the sale of the brand to ASI. Very bike touring handlebar bag guy though.

Ibis Bikes

Awesome stories from Hans. Guess I can be considered a ibis hardcore fan, not that I intended to be one. But mojo is just plain awesome. I have had ridden many bikes used, new, demo starting about Intense spider, intense tracer, foes fxr, ibis sl, ibis HD, Ibis bikes dealers Cruz high tower, niner rip, yeti sb5c, ibis HD3 My favorite is 1 mojo hd SwissCheez Feb 21, ibis bikes dealers Seems indeed a nice company to work for.

Every diamondback road bikes review talking about this idea of "family" too often sounds like some marketing BS but in the bijes of Ibis sounds genuine.

dealers ibis bikes

And I like the idea that they are trying to mitigate the effects of using carbon fiber on the environment. Road 3 Mountain Ibis Not Designated bioes Extra Large 1 Small 1. Home Ibis Cycles. Ibis Cycles.

Ibis Cycles

The Ripmo is a bike Ibis has been wanting to make for a while now. Think of it as a mashup of the Ripley's balance and speed, coupled with the Mojo HD4's capabilities when things get hairy.

Note that we do not sell our bikes directly to consumers. We ibis bikes dealers through retailers only. Enter your location and we'll show all the Ibis dealers in your area. If you live outwith the USA or Canada you can filter the dealer map to show your ibis bikes dealers distributor. You can also filter the results to show dealers with demo bikes. If there isn't an Ibis bikes dealers dealer near to your how to put handlebar grips on a bike you can find a list of all our authorized online dealers below the map.

bikes dealers ibis

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