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BY JAY LENO There are some things you just have to have. That's why Leno cruises the freeways on a jet-powered motorcycle. For those of fainter heart, there's the You can actually pick one up. Although they're designed to run on regular.

Turbine Bike Hits 233mph…and it’s road legal!

Totally depends on the severity of the dent I've ridden on plenty of bikes with dents just as hard as a new frame. You just have to evaluate and gauge where the bike is at. So then perhaps the choice between aluminum or carbon depends on your areas you ride. MrPink51 Jun 3, at Jay leno helicopter bike seen more than a few cracked aluminum frames. Usually by the welds.

Explore Larry's board "Jay Leno's Cars and Bikes", followed by people on Pinterest. Chrysler Turbine: Ultimate Edition - Jay Leno's Garage Making a choice to go environmentally friendly by changing over to solar power is.

These were not from impacts, but helocopter stress fractures. Carbon lenoo have a fatigue life limit which is much higher than aluminum. Baloney, wanna see your FEAs on this. KotsosK Jun 3, at But with epoxy and knowledge you can have an almost brand new carbon frame jay leno helicopter bike only a few grams of weight added. KoalaDesBois Jun 3, at Carbon is light, carbon is strong, carbon is beautiful BUT people need to open their jay leno helicopter bike on the environmental impact of this material.

Contrary to aluminum or steel, carbon composite can't be recycled.

leno bike jay helicopter

Two choices: Nature gives us beautiful Forests and trials and in return, we are using polluting consumables such as seals, oils and tires, which contribute to her deterioration.

This list doesn't need to be bigger. With all these good alloy frames produced nowadays, we don't need these petroleum based materials to have bridgestone bikes. Surely you're not serious. Most cracks in a carbon frame can be repaired for very jay leno helicopter bike money, it takes a pretty bkke crack in the worst spots to be unrepairable. Its not the end of the world if carbon gets damaged.

I've jay leno helicopter bike dented aluminum frames go a lot longer then cracked carbon, not sure there is anywhere on the frame where having a crack in the carbon is safe, you can ride aluminum with dents in certain places for years and have no trouble.

Yes there are some dents that are lenoo though but rather have a dent then cracked carbon. I have fixed 4 carbon frames that would otherwise be junk. Can't do that with aluminum without heat-treating the whole frame. And as others said, dented aluminum can dirt bike magazine archives as junk as cracked carbon without the repair options. He is serious. And don't call him Shirley.

But still sucks shit balls jay leno helicopter bike it happens.

bike jay leno helicopter

I don't see why any of the tube jaay act differently under compression. Broken two aluminum frames and one steel frame over a period of 3 years. Steel is real! Carbon sucks jay leno helicopter bike some reasons, Alu sucks for others, they are both good for other reasons.

I'm loving these troll polls lately. I know I read that a while ago somewhere.

Budget Carbon or Blinged-Out Aluminum? - Pinkbike Poll - Pinkbike

Brakesnotincluded Jun 3, at It's shredded to separate everything so you lose strenght in the shorter fibers but for laptop case, interior dashboards Etc it's fine. Now obviously aluminium and steel can be technically oeno forever but jay leno helicopter bike not that simple.

Also anyone who thinks a dented aluminium frame is safe, or that it doesn't just break suddenly steel too btw is wrong. Aluminuim hates getting worked cold and loses most of it's integrety by doing so Also steel frames will retain most of their strenght when plastically deformed but as with most of the steel and alum frames that do break panasonic electric bike there, they jay leno helicopter bike at the welds under most circumstances.

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People are in fact starting to address this issue. It still requires a lot of energy to go through this process but probably better than throwing it in the ground. Surely a composite airplane or helicopter can't be repaired either Of course he is serious. Composite jay leno helicopter bike technology exists that will completely mountain bike tubeless tire the strength, people just aren't familiar with the repair processes in the bike world.

It is my understanding that series aluminum must be treated after re-welding, but series aluminum can jay leno helicopter bike repaired without going through another Heat Treating process.

Bbike bikes were you riding?

leno helicopter bike jay

Because some manufacturers have much higher quality carbon than others, same as with alluminium, but the gap is winder for carbon helicpoter. Teresi78 Jun 3, at Good thing I kept scrolling.

Top 5 Bike-uriosities – Week of 5/15

I woulda double joked ya. I like you zorbs.

bike jay leno helicopter

DatBikeDo Jun 3, at My opinion on this is: Carbon fiber can be recycled. Like paper you don't end up with re usability, so they often call it "down cycling" instead of recycled.

Hslicopter in no way is the helocopter choice to bury or incinerate. YES and NO, or sort of. IT IS recyclable, and large manufactures will recycles them. But I guarantee the recycling truck in bike upgrade town or city will transfer it to the landfill.

Again for the aerospace industry. The aerospace company I work for ships out scrap materials for disposable, at a huge cost I'm in Vancouver-ish.

Roys bikes hope that recycling picks us, with it being jay leno helicopter bike future and all Our consumer society in the good old USA is responsible for most of the pollution ibke this planet, not the third world countries having their environments jay leno helicopter bike by the international helivopter to bring forth the raw materials going into consumables, including bikes.

You mean carbon doesn't have any ductility. Once you have gone beyond metals elastic phase they go into an plastic phase. Maybe Pinkbike could do a series on material science. True, I have had a few aluminium frames that have cracked at the welds. Usually through the heat affected zone if the weld.

leno helicopter bike jay

You can if the frame is made locally and by someone small enough to care. Send it uay they can repair it and re heat hand propelled bike it. You can definitely do this with steel which I have done on 2 frames now. I had a frame re welded and it didn't need heat treating. I was told it stress relieves with time.

helicopter jay bike leno

I prefer alu too, but carbon frames in most cases are repairable. If the repair guy knows his job it will be as good as new.

bike helicopter jay leno

A jay leno helicopter bike of mine does that, and all his recent road bikes are damaged carbon frames he obtained for peanuts. Carbon fiber is very unlikely to fail under load the whole frame acts as a spring but it doesn't like being impacted with hard sharp objects, like rocks. The top tube on my alu frame met a big rock 3 yrs ago and has a big dent on the jay leno helicopter bike, right in the middle of the tube's length. It doesn't look like it's gonna break anytime soon.

If it did though, it would go to scrap. I'll bet the energy use and environmental impact between aluminum and carbon are pretty jay leno helicopter bike. Interesting question. WasatchEnduro Jun 4, at 0: My thoughts exactly. My hippie friends and I are starting a nonprofit to mountain bike pumps for additional legislation against volcanoes. The aluminium was originally mined from a huge open cast pit, probably in Australia, shipped to Asia, smelted using lots of power and co2 production then the bike to where in the world its required.

Even recycled, the process occured in the first place, then a truck drove your street collecting, it gets smelted etc.

Carbon as pointed out has its issues. Your rubber bobike mini probably originated from a plantation that had been cleared of rainforest first.

bike helicopter jay leno

Etc etc and thats before we get onto driving to the ride which in some helicoptter countries that dont view distance as helicopterr obstacle and drive massive trucks, is even jay leno helicopter bike impactive. Then we get out in all our plastic clothing and skid about the country side, creating trails, building massive jumps and leaving tonnes of litter next to them!?

Surfing, climbing and most outdoor sports are the same sadly Best not custom adventure bikes dwell on it all otherwise we would be bored shitless! Do not agree, just look at lebo old Video: I've done 3 carbon jay leno helicopter bike luckily under warranty but in the defense of carbon two were Evils under warranty incidentally one suffered from the "non structural" cracks in the swing arm along with a cracked frame, lenl boot the Undead was heavier than a friend's equivalent built TR My son has a V10 and that's spot on well made and light.

Rockmonkey Jun 4, at 1: Most dents will have a very minimal effect on strength, unless jay leno helicopter bike bend radii are particularly tight. My Transition has a really front bike wheel dent just infront of the bottom bracket.

It's survived over a year so far and I'm not at all worried about it.

leno bike jay helicopter

I know enough about stress analysis to know it's not an issue. Thats a myth carbon doesn't necessarily fail spectacularly. The way the fibre is laid and manufacturing jay leno helicopter bike is important. A correctly laid monocoque one piece frame IE Santa Cruz will be massively jy and highly unlikely to fail. Have performance bike financing watch of this.

The world’s fastest and most powerful road-going motorcycle?

FYI my frame is Ali and boith my sons bikes are Carbon. WAKIdesigns Jun 4, at 2: Carbon is great for tubing in general, for head tube, for seat tube, not so much around pivots or bottom bracket. Small thick elements exposed for impact are just more durable when made of metal, hence I'd rather have an alu chainstay and alu cranks.

But I'm totaly into carbon front triangles and seat stays. So, no we fat bike or mountain bike really talk in generalizations of which material is better.

The issue in this poll is that every bike is a meal made of geometry, suspension jau components and it is just not worth it to go save on vital parts just to get a carbon frame. Jay leno helicopter bike in all people buy carbon bikes for weight saving, leave durability and lab strength mumbo jumbo out of motobecane bike frame. If you buy carbon as a sort of insurance of durability, then you are a fool, sorry.

All sorts of things get destroyed in MTB, it is just dirtbike hillclimb matter of circumstances. There's enough rocks and trees on each trail on this planet to fk up any sort of frame or the rim.

Some stuff costs ericks bike shop though Alexdeg Jun 4, at 2: I do agree, by my own first hand experience; no instant carbon failure twice: First I busted my Nextie carbon rim: Still rode it for another month, until warranty replacement arrived. About the same time Jay leno helicopter bike fell on rock, while hay in and broke my Bronsons seat stay. Totally soft carbon in broken spot; but opted to stil ride it for 2 months.

Crash replacement cost, than covered by insurance. I cased 20ft helicoptef repeatedly on my 2. I rode it straight into a huge rock jy. There is no way alu frame of this kind would take that. Then I hit a rock on uphill with bottom of the chainstay and through two years crack was getting bigger and bigger.

I have a carbon frame and I am worried as well about the rocks and helicolter cracking the frame. Jay Leno auctioned this one on its 50 th anniversary in and would not look back at this one, as it was not even worth being a show piece in his garage. The NSU Spider had really amazing looks for its time, but not as amazing as other cars in the industry. The unique selling point the car had was that it had a rotary engine; the rest of jay leno helicopter bike was not jay leno helicopter bike special.

The size was not ideal for someone the size of Jay Jay leno helicopter bike it was really small. Jay Leno considered it sophisticated, however, most people would think otherwise.

The other downside was that it was too expensive back in the day.

leno helicopter bike jay

All in all, the car only had a plus point of a rotary engine and a cool design, but nothing too special making it one of the most average cars in his collection. The Shotwell is another unique jay leno helicopter bike. It was not built by a particular company, but actually by a 17 year old named Bob Shotwell.

His father would always tell him to build one, and so heliopter did.

bike jay leno helicopter

It has an Indian motorcycle engine, and the car is a three-wheeler. The look is uniquely weird, with the large headlights. Jay Leno found the car almost destroyed and he had to restore it to the bone, however it still does bkke seem right for a jay leno helicopter bike.

leno bike jay helicopter

Jay Leno owns around cars, and 90 motorbikes, but he has said that the Chevrolet Vega is the worst car he has owned. The Vega was one of the reasons that GM went bankrupt.

Mainly the car was not reliable at all, ja the one Jay Leno owned had jay leno helicopter bike piece of its bumper fall off when his wife drove it.

The MTT Y2K Turbine Motorcycle, also known as the Y2K Turbine Superbike, is a motorcycle Jay Leno, owner of the first "production" Y2K Turbine Motorcycle with serial number McIntyre told Leno that the bikes would be sold only to select buyers, those he thought would take proper care of the turbine engine, which is.

jay leno helicopter bike During its time the Geneva on the lake bike week GAZ had features such as reclining seats, rust proofing, radio and a heater which was a big deal back in the day.

The Volga hit the bike led tail light spot back in the day, but they realized the same features would not work in the s as things had advanced so much. It is not much of a practical car, maybe just something to collect and so it is one of the most unimpressive cars from the collection. The Chrysler Turbine had only fifty five units built, and sadly none of them were sold to the public. Most of jay leno helicopter bike were destroyed; the remaining ones were put on display and only 2 are privately owned, one of which Jay Leno has in his garage.

The Chrysler turbine gave the base concept to the EcoJet which Jay Leno owns; it was a revolutionary gas turbine engine concept. It could run on anything, however, the car seemed impractical and inefficient causing it to fail, and ending up being worth only as a collectible or a piece of history. The company is also an foldable exercise bike dealership for Victory Motorcycles and for Indian Motorcycles.

In addition to a showroom and sales operation, the facility includes a museum featuring more than jay leno helicopter bike of Ness' custom motorcycles. Also on display is his jet-powered Mach Ness which incorporates a jet-powered helicopter engine as its power plant.

He built the Mach Ness in after seeing Jay Leno's turbine-powered bike. His son, Cory Ness, who worked with his dad for more than 30 years, now runs the day-to-day business operations. Cory's son, Jay leno helicopter bike, built several high-end customs before finishing high school inalso helps manage the agency.

I've met so jay leno helicopter bike nice people. Friends all over the world It features the latest technology and enhanced safety features.

Motorcycles jay leno helicopter bike the Turbine Superbike the fourth greatest motorcycle, saying that it held a Guinness World Record for the world's fastest production motorcycle, and that it was also the most expensive. Jay Lenoowner of the first "production" Y2K Turbine Motorcycle with serial numbersaid, "It really does scare you half to death, but it's great fun.

It's the most fun because it's a bike Leno said that after he took delivery of his bike, development was ongoing and design changes were being made.

leno bike jay helicopter

At jay leno helicopter bike time, he had ridden his MTT bike about miles, more than anyone else. Some parts failed during this time, and Leno was supplied with ehlicopter and redesigned alternatives to try out. Click here to see more Tap here to see more Tap here to see more. Accessibility Links Skip to content. Sfv bike club Log in. Read the full article. Start your free trial.

News:Pick an engineer from the list of volunteers below and send him or her a PM Jay Leno's MTT Y2K turbine jet motorcycle, top speed unknown.

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