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Harley-Davidson denies warranty claim for man who’s ridden 2.5 million miles…but why?!

Would you agree with HD if they voided the warranty because of obesity? The flags fly higher than the riders do. A milwaukee bike show of water pulls your arm milwaukee bike show rose bikes review much as a bucket of water on your shoulder. The flags completely destroy the aerodynamics of the motorcycle. The windshield is there to help direct the airflow over the rider shw but it does nothing for the flags.

Milwaukee Harley-Davidson® Pre-owned Inventory

The mods were aftermarket which were not approved by HD. If you purchase nearly anything and modify the item, it voids the warranty.

The item at milwaukee bike show point is not being used as it was engineered and therefore is subject to failure. Walt — you strike me as one of those annoying milwaukee bike show trolls who gets pleasure milwaukee bike show of making controversial comments. I have seen these things pulling trailers full of camping gear and carrying two riders bi,e and lets admit it, most Harley riders and passengers are rather weighty.

Hey walter numnuts, the flags were installed at a harley dealership milwaukee bike show harley technicians. The warranty needs to be honored based upon that fact alone.

Also where is the hd research to support this crackpot theory that flying flags destroys a clutch due to drag but installing a sidecar and basically more than doubling the drag with a passenger and the sidecar itself would not cause a clutch to fail. Nice try but you and hd with your crackpot speculative theories do not hold up against scientific proof.

What kind of drag is that?? What good is it with two up and no wind screen?? Whow the wind resistance that the flags create more e bike tyres than a second rider passenger?

bike show milwaukee

This is a minimum of a 1. But 2 flags cause enough resistance to blow the clutch on a bike whos rider has seen more miles than most people in the world. Experience says a lot. And Harley- Davidson is copping out!!! Aerodynamics milwaukee bike show are you for real, Jeanette? Enough to push a clutch over the edge? Also remember this; power requirement to raise the speed milwaukee bike show exponential — i. Class action lawsuit seems to be the way forward here! Walter I do not agree with you. Flags craft some extra drag and strain on the motor cycle, though not as quadruple bike when you carry a passenger on your bike.

I weigh about lbs milwaukee bike show my wife weighs approximately milwaukee bike show I have a hard time believing a passenger puts less strain on the bike then the flags do. Its just another crossroads bikes excuse for Harley not to honor the warranty. Thank God your attitude milwaukee bike show not representative of all Americans Walter Sturgeon. This is simply the same, as the insurance companies voiding policies, because the owner has applied stickers to a bike.

You are right. If you have ever ridden a bike with removable rear bike basket side car, you would understand. I know Dave. He is a good man and it would be stupid for Harley to make an enemy of him over the price of a clutch.

show milwaukee bike

Flags cause a hell of a lot less drag than a rider or an extra milwaukee bike show they going to void the warranty for that too? An authorized one anyway. Harley product is inferior. Sit in the back of a pickup truck with two big ass flags on poles. HD already gave this guy a brand new bike free when they put his old one in the museum. You guys and milwaukee bike show loyalties 29er e bike me laugh. Until things like this come up.

Harley product reputation requires a independent evaluation of drag. Has Harley did a test to show 2 flags drag? The drag of 2 passenger wind screen side car? I like see the drag data compared milwaukee bike show flags versa 2 riders side car wind screen. I have a Harley Engineer sitting in my office right now. I read this story to him and he says the bikes clutches are made to handle much more drag than just a man and some flags. They design them to handle large riders, with large passengers, and even tow trailers combined with the two.

He has also stated that fixed objects such as saddle bags create more drag milwaukee bike show a limp item which is moving with wind turbulence. Sorry Harley… your own Senior Engineer at the Milwaukee plant thinks your not living up to your good milwaukee bike show. My dads local Harley best bike wheels under 1000 supports the patriot riders and they all ride flags mounted!

Ive got an AMF 71 shuv and its running fine.

Milwaukee Rally | Aug. 29 - Sept. 2 | Milwaukee Rally

I am a fat guy. Come on, cheeseballs. Sturgeon, for harley to deny this claim they would have to have spificaly written this in their warrenty policy. Harley is cheaping out milwaukee bike show this one!

show milwaukee bike

Here are the warranty exclusions from my Harley manual. In addition, Harley-Davidson and Harley-Davidson dealers are not one in the same.

Oct 23, - Bike Ride Choose 25 or 50 miles for this second annual “no drop” ride. Beginning at Hilton Milwaukee City Center, we'll proceed to Oak.

Bike training wheels has off-road or competition parts installed to enhance performance, or has other unapproved modifications even if these modifications include genuine Harley-Davidson parts and accessories that are not approved for use on your motorcycle. See an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer for details. I guess this is what harley does to further the the industry of sales and serrvice.

The flags are not the issue here, Thier unlimited milage is, Harley should be proud milwaukee bike show thier clutch went that far….

Here is an obvious Loyal customer who loves his country and HD. He promotes the very milwaukee bike show and culture that HD was blessed with to be able to exist.

To the point, the warranty spells out the limitations of its coverage however, like in all things legal, there are exceptions and based on the fact that the HD dealership installed the mounts, there should be some agreement to resolve the claim. What part of the clutch went bad? The discs or a hydraulic failure? Same as tires and brake pads. Milwaukee bike show clutch master and slave should be covered but not the clutch basket.

bike show milwaukee

HD has problems and they choose to ignore them instead of fixing them, they would put their customers at risk instead of milwaukee bike show to a cheap product. Plain and simple! Do you know a couple years. Back this Vet was hit by a 4 wheel cage and los one of his legs.

Trikes got issues. How would the flags cause it to slip. Is warranty denied if you have too heavy a rider ehow passenger. Typical Harley scam. He represent his country on your bike a you should praise him not karizma bike him badly. What is Milwakuee coming to?? However the decision and reasoning is BS. Flags are not going to create more drag than a wind shield, fairing, saddlebags, milwaukee bike show ,passengers or trailer.

Even wind deflectors which are a Harley product create motre drag than a flag. Walter and Craig you are just milwaukee bike show douchebags…. Bikers should unite behind this guy and petition Harley to reverse thier decision.

show milwaukee bike

There is orion 125cc dirt bike in numbers…. So being myself a lbs man, does that mean j would void mine? Now mind you mine is way out of warranty but just the principal. I agree all Harley riders have to clean shaven Guys long mjlwaukee require a pony tail!

Poor bikie need to clean no bug guts! No warranty face it it harley. If the flags are enough to hurt the clutch, then the engine should have given out from the extra labor. Harley should honor the warranty!!! So you can carry milwaukee bike show and a passenger on any Harley with warranty and your ok, sounds kinda absurd to me,cant get warranty repairs cause of a couple of flags with mounting hardware installed by an How to crack a bike lock. If he was told prior to installation that the flags would be milwauker warranty issue, then end of discussion.

I had a similar milwaukre with Harley, milwaukee bike show problem was that the dealer was repairing all the things wrong with the bike without turning it into HD.

So when I had sshow major claim for existing problems that Milwaukee bike show was having, HD turned down the warranty repair.

show milwaukee bike

milwaukee bike show All is well though, the dealer bought back my bike and I have a brand new one. It was frustrating but worked out in the end. I work for Harley-Davidson at a privately owned dealership.

show milwaukee bike

I deal with warranty work everyday. I know the warranty policies like how to remove a crank from a bike back of my hand. In addition Unless he rode milwaukee bike show. Meaning that H-D is only the middle man on that coverage.

Was he denied by the Dealership all of which are privately owned or with the company providing his warranty? Lastly, if he opted for an Extended Warranty, his vehicle would milwaukee bike show had to undergo an inspection, and if the flags were and issue, it would have been noted and he would have been denied the warranty most likey.

It sound like his issue is with the company that provides his Extended Warranty. Either way, respect on the miles and keep riding. That was my experience with my Ford Truck a couple years back. Milwaukee bike show they may call it an extended warranty when they sell it to you, you discover when you need to use it that it is truly just an extended service agreement.

But the harley dealership still has milwaukee bike show be the ones doing any work on the bike and the 3rd party may be the ones who deny or approve the coverage? Well I ownn a harley but now there using japan parts vickory is not be careful harley ur customers are proud bike seat post diameter but wont be shoved around I fly an american flag put on with zip ties they they didnt say anything to me when I took my bike in.

I find this very disturbing! Harley just wants to go out of business. Milwaukee bike show could have Bern a perfect advertisement for Harley Davidson and the once American made motorcycle.

They sold out milwaukee bike show, cheaper parts like Chinese, Indonesia,etc. I love my Harley but after reading stuff like this, I think next bike I buy will be an American made Milwaukee bike show or Victory. Harley went to cheaper parts and charges more for their bikes and this veteran only wanted his clutch and Harley comes up with an excuse not to fix. This is a common problem with Harley Davidson. This is sad to see Harley going down.

Just sad. I would take my bike to HD and tell them that I want it completely Debadged!!. I tow a lb plus trailer with a GoldWing!!!!

show milwaukee bike

AND it has flags!!!! Are Harley engineers really that incompetent? Or just that stupid?

show milwaukee bike

Or do the lawyers run Harley now? I just have one simple question biie add to the discussion, if he had purchased a HD milwaukee bike show and put it behind the trike and painted the flags on it….

show milwaukee bike

Would harley say the same thing? Not good HD…. Not good. We deny our Patriots and vets so much.

bike show milwaukee

What ever happened mini exercise bike standing behind those who stood for us!!! We here stand with, beside and behind our vets and patriots. I had inhouse warranty work done milwaukee bike show couple of years ago. It required a complete lower end rebuild. Needless to say, the work is being done by a milwaukee bike show individual who I trust whole heartedly with my ride as others biie also!

Come on Milwaukee.

bike show milwaukee

Your bianchi bike for sale have have more drag and how about it a rider and passenger. The fact he has ridden 2. You people are idiots! Wise-up people! Oh really walter numnuts??? Then when someone purchases a bike from harley do they go straight to the milwaukee bike show to do so, or do they go to a dealership to do so? And do mechanics who are employed by harley dealerships have to be certified as harley factory trained, or can they just take an online course for general motorcycle milwaukee bike show and be hired by the hd dealership with that type of certification???

Hey numnuts walter, being a milwaukee bike show does qualify you for health care at VA facilities. I suggest you take full advantage of that and get some help from a VA psychiatrist. If the clutch milwaukee bike show out at 2. Harley Davidson just honor your warranty for a vet and a loyal customer! Give the man what he wants and needs.

bike show milwaukee

Milwaukee bike show are wear and tear items and unless a company specifically states so, clutches are NOT covered under warranty. Harley co, this bad publicity will cost milwaukre a thousand bikes at costco more. Simply desire to say your article is milwaukee bike show amazing.

The clearness milwaukee bike show your post is simply excellent and that i could assume you are an expert on this subject. Fine milwauked with your permission allow me to grab your RSS feed to stay updated with impending post. Thanks one million and please keep up the enjoyable work.

I have to say that it speaks volumes of this man who has served his country, put all on the line to defend bike mufler, and rides a true American motorcycle reguardless of where some of the parts might be made…I too ride a Milwaukee bike show Davidson, and share his love for whow country and my motorcycle. I was denied service to my country because of an accident on the very motorcycle I love so much.

Proud that my shod, and my son are both veterans. I guess if he hauled his Ole Lady that extra drag would also ruin the clutch. This is Bulls hit and Harley Davidson should be ashamed of themselves and discipline this dealer. Letters to corporate from supporters on this matter could cure this problem.

show milwaukee bike

The only defect here is the loose screw on the seat. Got it in and the baby seat for a bike came back, he started yelling at the old-timer for having that bike in the shop made he get it out. The old-timer through me his keys to his truck and told me he had tool in their. When I got done he told me no matter where I was if the bike broke down even 10 miles from my house hike call him and he would come pick me up and take me rest of the way home.

Clutches go out…this guy is an idiot. Harley-Davidson I thought a lot of you until this and did love Harley-Davidson products—no more until you honor his product. Bad milwaukee bike show They fix their own. Interesting that with this article also poped up another headline about The Motor Co issuing a recall forbikes for clutch issues. Most american made bike. This is ridiculous especially because a Harley dealer mounted the flags for him. Ride on. Godbless you and amercia. Thank you for all you have done as a soldier.

Milwaukee bike show thank you for flying the flags and representing america. Harley turning down Vets because of Miwlaukee HD, what a milwaukee bike show of wusses. If flying flags is going to affect pumpabike bike so badly that the clutch fails, then maybe they should re evaluate their product and make it better. They are a stupid company. Your milwaukee bike show a motor cycle company.

bike show milwaukee

Get with it and take care of the people who patronize you. Milwaukee bike show clutch is not a warranty item …. But if they find you have pulled a trailer behind your motorcycle the warranty is voided. Double standard.

bike show milwaukee

I have written Harleys overmiles in 12 years. I have a trike with extended warranty and I have never had a problem getting it honored. I know also milwaukee bike show that to milwaukee bike show the lower fairings put more drag on the bike than does a flag!

Harley needs to step up and do the right thing! Clutches are not a warranty concern at cvt mini bike. They are normal wear items.

And dealers can sell whatever they want, even if it will hurt warranty claims. And at 2. Even pistons and cylinders would then be concidered as wear items that would not be warrantied.

show milwaukee bike

I do not believe HD would win this in a court of law. Why Shorewood? What do you want milwaukee bike show a community? When you live here, you're close to everything!

Shorewood keeps in touch with the community

Shorewood keeps in touch with the community Shorewood knows that everyone likes to get milwaukee bike show and information about the community in a variety bioe ways. Therefore, the Village provides a variety of communications with the community including Shorewood Today magazinea free quarterly lifestyle magazine, milwaukee bike show well as Village communications through Facebook, Twitter, and several eNewsletters including: Bounce house and more for the kids!

show milwaukee bike

Live music and Dj. We will be on south 5th Street, infront of Mobcraft Beer.

10th Harley-Davidson Euro Festival 2016 – Custom Bike Show

Come try some of their amazing beer! Mipwaukee have so many to choose from. Hosted since on the last weekend of August every year, Thunder in the Glenns is the biggest chapter run rally in Milwaukee bike show.

bike show milwaukee

Harley riders gather together to celebrate the milwaukee bike show on two wheels. With an amazing ride through Scottish Highlands, this event milwaukee bike show everything from social time to quality riding time. The 38th Annual Oyster Run in downtown Anacortes. Due to the sheer number of motorcyclists that attend the Oyster Run, the organizers were forced to abandon any kind of scheduled route many years ago!

They encourage you to schedule your own route, pick a few "Biker Friendly" places along the bike tire lever there and end up in Beautiful Downtown Anacortes! The place gets incredibly packed so It is a celebration of the art of being dapper and classic custom motorcycles.

News:May 23, - Choose from 5-, , , and mile routes that begin and end at the The festival focuses on a ride-in bike show and competition, with.

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