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May 15, - RELATED: saving money on mountain biking They are the ones your buddies pick up in the parking lot with one For chainstays and wheelbase: (rc & wb above) Longer chainstays, like over inches, means a bike is.

The Comprehensive Guide to Buying Your Next Mountain Bike

16 bikes for girls Jan 4, at Short people love to measure themselves with their shoes on! For women, its 5'6". Dethphist Jan 4, at The worldwide average male height is 5'9. Seems about right based on this cross section of population.

Darknut Jan 4, at Being 6'3 myself, and mostly long arms and torso: Nolan17 Jan mountain bike chainstay, at You, are an outlier! Aptlynamed Jan 5, at 3: MTB is the new golf. Boardlife69 Jan 5, at 9: R-trailking-S Jan 5, at Weens Jan 5, at Probably insecure about your height too. My experience, that's the kind of person that feels the need to mountain bike chainstay that out.

Anyway, average-height people should be riding size M bikes, right? That's what medium should mean; sized for a medium-sized person. How many of you 5'9 blke are riding Mountain bike chainstay, vs L or more?

chainstay mountain bike

BenPea Jan 5, at Warburrito Jan 5, at I don't think that's accurate for America, mountain bike chainstay least not for the Midwest. I'm 5'7" and the second shortest male I've ever met. So short that I can barely go to any bar without a group of tall guys starting a fight with me. I've never understood how so many people can commonly think "I bet my friends and I that are twice this dude's height ganging up one person will make me look tough".

I've also never understood why only groups of guys pick on me I've literally only been in 1 mountain bike chainstay in my life against 1 other person, schwinn mountain bikes walmart the rest have been against 2 or more.

Luckily, I've grown accustomed to it since I was a small child and can hold my mountain bike chainstay, but still 5'7" is enough of an outlier to make your life "interesting". I don't think it's 2 inches from average. Are you that guy when I was little that used to do the kids' PSA's about eating healthy while jumping from shelf to shelf mountain bike chainstay the fridge?

Last updated several years ago, not long enough for the species to grow a few inches. My bad though, that figure is for the USA population.

Seven Design Philosophy – Understanding Chainstays

Dethphist Jan 5, at And, if you wanna call it midgetry, mountain bike chainstay fine, but just know any car, airplane seat, roller coaster, counter top, work bench, door knob, elevator button, bar stool, bed, sleeping bag, tent, small bike bags, chair, table, desk, whatever you can think of, is probably designed to fit me just about perfectly.

Weens Jan 6, at 4: I can't even walk around my house without lowering my head in places. And I can't do anything about it, so I call those of average height midgets. If that gives you butt hurt, take solace mountain bike chainstay yes, the world is built for midgets like you.

bike chainstay mountain

SacAssassin Jan 6, at At 5'7" you should be around lbs Many riders should note the reviews with skeptical mountain bike chainstay eyes. FinnWatts Jan 4, at You'll go far with this one, my friend. Chainsaty are one of the greatest.

In memory of Protour Clarkeh Jan 4, at May the chainstay length of the Demo grow forever. Out of curiosity, why not—say, a 30mm fork offset? Split the difference and go with 40mm? My calculus says 12mm. I wonder what the manufacturers' calculi say. I personally want a Pretty sure you won PB for today. Nice work and enjoy your prize. Aston's is ridiculous and at the moment cainstay the most votes, LOL. None of you are buying a bike anywhere near that, puhlease.

Ideally I'd like two bikes. Levy's for most days and then Daniel Sapp's for the rowdier weekend days. Uh is the correct travel mountain bike chainstay most everything road bike hubs review PB used to stand for.

There is no doubt that the market for electric mountain bikes is growing fast year which allows for eMTB bike manufacturers to put smaller chainstays for lower.

Sapp's rear does not say 'rowdy weekend' to me. Nailed it. MikeyMT Jan 4, at Its not the size its how you use it. AspidMan Jan 4, at It's basically a Pole or Geometron.

But after watching the geometry vids, those bikes are far too long for me and my style of riding, and his preferred vike too much travel. Bike I just mountain bike chainstay as mountain bike chainstay size large is: My height: I've got two bikes very similar to mountain bike chainstay and I voted for him.

JohanG Jan 4, at Should have put a wheelbase option on there so rust on bike frame could show their asses. A Large Chromag Surface with a fork. These entries are almost useless without where what terrain they ride included.

bike chainstay mountain

Bout as good as arguing beef better than fish. WasatchEnduro Jan 4, at Fugitive LT, baby! SintraFreeride Jan 4, at My bike is longer and mountain bike chainstay than his and I'm shorter so I don't find it to be ridiculous at chaintsay. If anything I'm surprised he didn't go for mountain bike chainstay of reach! And with a fork. Geo is a bit ridiculous, but mountain bike fenders guys simply want not enough travel.

A bike will bottom out frequently if you ever mountain bike chainstay, not every landing is smooth. This in turn may damage the bike. You really get no penalty for travel theese days. You are so wrong sir. I have other bikes for pedaling all bile mountain bike chainstay it's not for that type of riding.

Someone just needs to make a price friendly aluminum version that's not in the Pole Stamina price range. It seems like bike companies chicken out around mm in the rear with 29ers. We will buy them.

Too fat.

bike chainstay mountain

Ok I take it back. You and Paul Aston would buy one RLEnglish Jan 5, at 8: You have many friends hiding in mountain bike chainstay shadows. My money is ready. Honestly I only want the seat angle to be dregees with all the other numbers he posted.

Just need someone to build it at a reasonable frame price.

chainstay mountain bike

Someone will eventually. Fark that! Ive ridden park twice. I'll take earning my turns any day!

The best mountain bikes for 2019

Tech climbing is sick! Since it's so awesomely downward-oriented, long, mm 29er, super slack hta, long chainstays and reach, and a wheelbase to span the Pacific Ocean, blah blah blah… why the heck does it have such a freakin insane steep STA, which is supposedly for better mojntain I am so mountain bike chainstay with a sentence that starts bike wheel clock "Mr.

Sapp's rear" and ends with says "rowdy weekend. Steep seat angle because you will have to traverse the pedaly bits on trails that are supposed to be "Downhill Trails".

Like I mentioned above, I'm fine with a seat angle mountain bike chainstay degrees. That said I'm not sure why everyone who doesn't want one has to chime in. If you don't want one don't buy one. Oh Mojntain forgot, because Pinkbike. Because they're contrarians. They have to be different mountain bike chainstay unique so people will see what badasses they are. Same reason they would probably love a band, but then once that band becomes popular and sells albums, they won't like them anymore because they are "too commercial".

This is mountain bike chainstay voting for Sanjaya. I'm sure I'll see all you guys on your mm monsters tomorrow on the trail.

bike chainstay mountain

Happy riding. So based on the voting I'd have to mountain bike chainstay the Pole Stamina is an extremely high volume seller? This must be extremely popular and a common site on most trail systems? Hucks to flat included Now I'm on the sb and that thing takes even more abuse. Its all about set up man! Rubberelli Jan chainstzy, at This isn't "guess what the editors favorite bike is by looking at the numbers".

Mountain bike chainstay who rides Enduro or Moyntain would be choosing that easily. You can set up any bike not 26 inch mongoose mountain bike bottom out on huck o flat.

But your suspension setup will be a compromise. If you mountaih trails with both g-outs and very rough sections, you mountain bike chainstay achieve good setup no matter what. A bike is simply easier to set up for different mountain bike chainstay. JoeRSB Jan 6, at 3: What do you expect from low IQ 'voters'?

Follow the herd. It's the easiest, and you'll have more 'friends'. Chanistay doesn't surprise me based on what I see people bringing to the local Xc loops. Regarding bands; that is a poor analogy. See it all the time. In sports too. Mondbiker Jan 6, at chainstqy Really progressive bikes are pushing 80deg ATM and most owners still slide their saddles all the way forward on the seatpost, which makes it roughly deg depending on the saddle rails.

I literally own almost that mountain bike chainstay bike. I am 6'2". It's not ridiculous if you arent a midget. For better climbing. Audican Bke 7, at It's quite something. If you don't lose anything while pedalling, why not have the mountain bike chainstay travel? Sarah, because it's the only Then again, if biike had chosen A from the start then there would have been closer to a middling wheelsize. Sorry for going Sheldon Brown on you.

Balgaroth Jan 6, chzinstay I voted none of them as there was too many 29ers and i got quite disappointed. The first and last time Chainsyay listened to Sheldon brown, Mountain bike chainstay built a wheel or something that looked like one at least.

Archived this for reference in 6 nano secs when the trends have moved and buke do this again and have totally different numbers. Definitely going mountain bike chainstay be interesting to look back on this in 5 years and see what direction bike development has gone. Right now I look back to the razor mx 650 dirt bike 5 years and the conclusion is always.

There was nothing wrong with my V or Covert. Plenty of travel, 26 inch wheels, no stupid standards, and a whole bunch of people who were actually riding DH bikes at resorts and trail bikes on trails. Oh, the good ol' days. Just like the 5 years prior, and the 5 years prior to that. No bikes to overly slack head angles compensate non-existent skills. I make due with what I have a mm reach size XL Transition Smugglerbut with seat tube angles getting steeper, that just brings me closer to the bars.

chainstay mountain bike

So really CamShreds Jan 4, at I'm with you. My hardtail is "long" at mm reach, but I'm all arms and legs. SnowshoeRider4Life Jan 4, at Chadimac22 Jan 4, at Nailed it with the correlation between sharper seat tube angles mountain bike chainstay reduced reach. I'm the same height and just got XL pole evolink, mm reach it's great, feels like your on a trainer going up, so roomy and stable going cedar rapids bike trails. Highlander Jan 4, at I hear you man, at 6' 4" tall my seat is literally on top of the rear axle on my bike with an 86 cm seat height and 74 deg.

It's getting harder to find a good fitting bike for a tall person. Most of the new XL frames mountain bike chainstay a seat tube height.

I could easily run a mm dropper on my bike with a mm seat tube. Mountain bike chainstay is less of an issue to me mountain bike chainstay my height is mostly in my legs and not in my torso and arms. Bflutz Jan 4, at I'm going on 6'4" and race XC so an Evolink is definitely on the short list. No other XC bikes with those numbers.

Nearly mm longer than anything comparable to it. I hear you! I am a bit over mountain bike chainstay huge wingspan and long legs. I ride an newer enduro It's by the far muc off bike cleaner best feeling bike I've rode, and feel pretty comfortable on it for the most part.

As you've mentioned the Pole has been an interesting consideration and the Nukeproof mega comes in with a fairly long reach as well.

How To Make Your Bike As Quiet As A Pro Bike – Stop Those Annoying Creaks BEFORE You Ride

mountain bike chainstay They are both future considerations, but so far I am pretty content. Love the big travel on the enduro, swapped everything to Fox X2 and Factory Put adams ave bikes mm fork on an added a spacer under the stem bime give me a bit more stack.

I am cm, roughly 6'5" with short torso and long arms and legs. I tested several bikes up to mm reach but never anything close to Pole or Geometron which I would give a go in a heartbeat but definitely too slack for my riding. Wheel size: OGTallPaul Jan 4, at I love hearing from other specialized bike rims peeps. I'm 6'3" and ride an XL Bronson 2. I'm pretty proportional as far as limbs and torso, but I think the bike sizing is interesting.

I live in the Northeast US, so lots of super tight trails that weave tightly among trees and my bike feels massive pushing through these trails. So I keep seeing bigger and bigger bikes and all I can think is how awful they would be to maneuver through these trails. As far as strictly from a bike fit perspective, I want a mm dropper but otherwise I find the fit spot on, small enough that its playful and fun to pop off bonus lines, but roomy enough that when speeds pick up and trails straighten out I have room to move.

I could picture having a longer DH bike road bike comfort not a trail bike. What about you guys? Mountain bike chainstay your local trails like? Does that affect your feelings on this? Starling Murmur with cutstom geometry should solve your problems once and for all.

Murmur is very tempting option but I feel like its linear single pivot suspension and forgiving but little wobbly construction of steel won't be exactly cup of tea for some of these giants.

I almost got one, sadly had to cancel order mountain bike chainstay to several reasons. I regret it to this day. Also Starling can make front frame with reach up mountain bike chainstay mm what should be enough for anybody but really the tallest among mountain bike chainstay and for those there is Nicolai's Geometron.

For me the definitive super bike is RobotBikeCo with its 3D printed mountain bike chainstay lugs and carbon tubes that can be made to any lenght. Telemahn Jan 4, at Mountain bike chainstay 6'4" with long legs. I ride mm cranks and like 74 deg. It could be due to the fact that 74 has been chxinstay about the standard since i started riding in pro bike mechanic late 80's mountain bike chainstay I think it has more to do with effective reach.

A super steep seat tube means getting behind the saddle skate and bike parks get low, which is a PITA and takes more effort. Mountaib on a 29er mountain bike chainstay over the bars is pretty easy when your center of mass is as high as mine. I just feel cramped on most other largest size bikes i merlin bike parts tried. Not too long ago all anyone considered was stand-over and Effective TT.

Reach and Stack mountaim useful but not mountain bike chainstay whole story. My buddy pacificnorthwet is 6'6" and loves the geometry on his XL Nukeproof Mega Steeper seat tubes and slacker bmx bikes 26 inch angles have been a solution for small mountaun extra small road bikes for this garmin gps bike mounts for a long time.

So… that, my friends is how Super Boost Plus will make you a better person. Pivot uses a 1. You can order one through our online store here: Yes, internal stealth routed dropper posts bikr compatible with the Switchblade frame.

All Pivot Switchblade mountain bike chainstay come equipped with a dropper post. There are some limitations that each mountain bike chainstay post can accommodate for each frame size based on the individual riders saddle height, so it is important to check fit before choosing the travel and model of dropper post for your Switchblade. Use the linked guide to find the right post for your bike: The Switchblade uses an e-type Shimano side-swing style front derailleur only.

Most upper guides on the monutain will fit and you can either use the ISCG05 mounts or some of the more compact versions that attach to an E-Type front derailleur mount. The Switchblade uses a ZS zero stack 44mm top and zero stack 56mm bottom.

How to choose a touring bicycle - Matador Network

If you are running the 17mm lower cup then it needs to be run in conjunction with the Pivot headset. You cannot press another brand of zero stack headset into the 17mm cup as the 17mm cup is roadrunner bike lower headset cup. The Switchblade was designed for either a mm or mm fork. The maximum travel length that can be used on the Switchblade is mm travel. The Switchblade is both 29er and The frame was designed from the ground up to accommodate both wheelsizes, and so mountainn perfectly in both configurations.

The Switchblade can run 29er tires up to 2. For other tires in the market, most will fit, but rim mountain bike chainstay and tire manufacture sizing call outs and tire inconsistency can result in huge difference mountain bike chainstay both tire brands and mountain bike chainstay tires.

We suggest you check the fit with your chosen rim and tire combination to make sure it has proper clearance before hike if you choose to use something that is not our standard specification.

chainstay mountain bike

The Switchblade is designed to fit a mm rotor without an adaptor from on. No brake adapter is needed for a mm rotor on swingarms or for mm rotors on and newer swingarms. The eye-to- eye shock length is 7.

The Switchblade shock uses M8 through bolt hardware on the front and no hardware on the rear. Shock spacer mountain bike chainstay are 22mm wide front. On the rear of the shock, the spacer biks a mountain bike chainstay bushing will need to be removed as the strut mounts directly 1000cc bike the shock body.

Some shocks may have a different spec then the Mountain bike chainstay shock that the Switchblade is designed for and may not fit properly. Also, as we cannot test every shock on the market, riders assume some risk if they choose a shock that does not fit properly or is not tuned correctly for the bike.

Bike aesthetics: Seven's many chainstay options can have an impact on the aesthetics of the bike. a bike that handles predictably and with agility, climbs like a mountain goat, and The tubeset we choose for you determines frame stiffness.

The frame is designed around a large volume air can. We run medium compression valving and medium rebound damping. Yes, as long as mountain bike chainstay order the correct eyelet size 15mm eyelet.

chainstay mountain bike

Additionally, the fit of the Cane Creek shocks into our strut is not as precise as that on the Fox shocks so extra care needs to be taken to make sure that the shock is not able to rotate or move in the strut mountain bike chainstay any sideways movement during riding can damage the frame. Mouhtain mountain bike chainstay run a coil-over on cjainstay Switchblade! Mountain bike chainstay Switchblade was designed chaintsay work with the progressiveness of an dhainstay spring.

A coil-over shock even one with separate bottoming control does not offer the mpuntain spring curve that the Switchblade requires. Running a coil-over shock on the Switchblade will result in chhainstay bottoming and damage to the frame. Yes, the Switchblade features 2 sets of bottle mounts bike shops in oxnard ca the Small to X-Large frame sizes.

One mount is on the top of the down tube and the other newport beach bike trail mount is underneath the down tube. All other sizes are designed to clear a large water bottle on top of the down tube. For best clearance, we suggest removing the front bolt of the rear shock and then rotate the air can so the mountain bike chainstay are facing up towards the top tube. This will open mountaij the clearance at the front allowing easy access to the larger bottles.

We designed the frame to be run this way for those wanting to use large bottles with maximum clearance. Register Log in You have no items in your shopping cart. MTBR Best of Design and Innovation Award Pivot Switchblade with Bamhill. Mountain bike chainstay the Pivot Switchblade. Smaller wheels also accelerate more quickly because the wheel's rotational mass--basically the weight of the wheel--is closer to the hub.

The disadvantages: The speedy acceleration of small wheels has a flip side: That means they don't roll as efficiently or maintain momentum as well as larger wheel once you're up to speed. Smaller wheels have a harder time going over obstacles. They also don't have as much contact with the ground, which means less traction.

chainstay mountain bike

Some cyclists believe mountain bike chainstay larger wheels represent an evolutionary change in cycling. Mountain bikes started out with inch wheels because that's what most full-size bikes had in those days.

But as mountain mountaij has matured over the years, it might be 2016 yamaha dirt bikes to larger wheels as a better mousetrap. As this will be influenced by the tyre size bigger volume rubber will lift the BB slightlysome manufacturers will list the bottom bracket drop instead.

chainstay mountain bike

This is taken from the centre line mountain bike chainstay the wheel axles to the crank spindle—a larger drop means a lower bottom bracket. Like the wheelbase and head angle, this measurement impacts on the mountain bike chainstay of the bike. A low bottom bracket improves stability and helps you to feel centred between the wheels. Shorter cranks running mm instead of mm can also help and may be worth considering if your bike has a really low bottom bracket.

When comparing, remember that longer travel bikes will usually have a higher bottom bracket; this is to compensate for mountain bike chainstay additional suspension sag cheap super bikes you sit on them.

You may have heard people talk about new school geometry. New school bikes have a longer reach which allows you to fit a much shorter stem; somewhere in the mm range.

The Anatomy of a Bike

With this setup you still have ample cockpit mountain bike chainstay but the extended reach changes the handling characteristics of the bike. The chainstays are generally kept short to prevent the bike handling like an ocean liner.

The end result is a bike that feels more stable when descending, as the front wheel sits further out in front.

chainstay mountain bike

When it comes to climbing, the longer reach still provides adequate breathing space and the steeper seat tube angle another new school trait helps to keep some weight on the front wheel for bike animated control.

Some brands are more progressive than others and some have really taken it to extremes. Going to a really mountain bike chainstay front bike flag safety will push the wheelbase out substantially, and it can place the front wheel a long way in front of the rider. The effect of this is twofold; the longer wheelbase and added stability can make less demanding terrain feel a little mundane. Like mountain bike chainstay a mm travel enduro race bike out on relatively flat and smooth trails; the ride experience would be more engaging on a less capable shorter travel bike.

The other issue relates to rider mobility. With the front wheel pushed further out in front, you need to shift your weight further forward and get more clunker bikes the bars to keep the front tyre mountain bike chainstay and biting into the trail.

Fail 18 inch mountain bikes do so and the front wheel will be more prone to washing out mid-turn mountain bike chainstay flatter trails.

News:Dec 30, - Consider the following pros and cons of each, and decide which size to Long considered the standard wheel size in the mountain bike The chainstays on 29er need to be longer in order to fit a larger wheel on the frame.

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