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Results 1 - 48 of - Mountain Bike Bicycle Aluminum Alloy Handle Bar Ends Hand . CarbonCycles eXotic Handle Bar Ends. Choose Design Carbon or Alloy.

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Because flats are better than clipped in or reverse to suit your fancy 4. Because a 1X oval ring is all the rage.

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I lost my of thought Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Originally Posted by cjsb. Mr Pig. When I live and ride I see lots of roadies, hundreds of them. I can count the number of times you see them using the drops on the fingers of one elbow.

bike bar ends drop mountain

They are on the hoods virtually all the time. I'm not saying a particular type of bike mounatin is a fashion statement for everyone but it definitely is for some. It's about being in the cool club, and there is no club for bar-end riders.

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Originally Buchikas bikes by Mr Pig. I like flat bars for technical rising. Not that I ride too much that is technical. For gravel and bikepacking though, it is Jones H-Bars. Originally Posted by chazpat. You must not be seeing them descending. Though it's true most of the time is on the hoods, there are advantages to being in the drops when descending. Mountain bike drop bar ends Shiggy Originally Posted by rockerc.

I cannot imagine that you would have anything like enough control to ride safely and effectively in technical terrain. Originally Bike mph gauge by Clayncedar. Nice, an insiders look at the eyebrow action of jimbowho. If drop bars on a mtb is foreign to you, do a quick google search for "drop bar mountain bbar. I would need to ride a frame conducive to such a setup though.

I have plans mountain bike drop bar ends build a 69er, rigid, SS monstercross out of an old hardtail when I have time. I have ridden a cx bike on rocky singletrack. Riding in the drops is fun, except for three things that could be addressed with a bike designed better for that sort of thing: A true monstercross bike would be a ton of fun.

I would love to ride a bike with reach and stack made to fit with drop bars and kink rigid fork. Very few such frames exist. Omuntain when I was kid, probably about 12 or 13, there mountain bike drop bar ends a small pile of dirt in back of the Mormon church that we'd jump with our bikes. While the other kids were jumping mountaain with their BMX bikes, I did it with my speed drop bars.

bike drop ends mountain bar

Every time I jumped, I'd end up mountain bike drop bar ends an nose wheelie which would make the other boys laugh their asses off. Of course their laughing just encouraged me to keep at it. I think I rode one ende for about 20 feet bqr so. Originally Posted by richde. Not really. Disk brakes pretty much eliminate this problem, but to get real power with calipers, you have to be in the drops, and being able to grip with all your fingers, or three with a finger on bikes with two front wheels brake lever, is far nar confidence inspiring.

I like to demo CX bikes mountain bike drop bar ends Bootleg during Interbike, like riding them up and down Girl Scout, once you get over committing to being in the drops, it's not bad and actually kind of fun.

drop bar ends mountain bike

I've ridden both for years. It's practically the same hand position. I'm talking about people running super-high drop bars on mtb touring and monster cross bikes. enrs

bike drop ends mountain bar

Why not just use bar ends to get a similar hand position. Originally Posted by J.

drop ends bike mountain bar

I overtook a group of roadies, probably about ten of them, a few years ago. On my 26'' MTB!

Jump to Drop Bars - The drop style handlebar that I recommend for touring is the Nitto noodle (shown in the photo). This model is probably one of the most popular drop bar for bicycle touring. It has a You won't be able to use mountain style components on a drop bar. Bar end shifters are popular for these bars.

Great fun: What I meant was that I can tuck down perfectly well on descents with flat bars. And before you say 'but you're more airo on drops', you're not. Not to get off-topic Surely one would need goggles for that much speed. Drop it like it's hot. If you want to "get aero" while riding trails, you're doing it wrong. Originally Posted bike for mike mountain bike drop bar ends. If you think you can't ride a trail with "features" you are sorely bikke.

bar drop ends bike mountain

All about the positioning. Eric Malcolm. This is mountain bike drop bar ends set-up I made to address multi-positional hand locations and varied ride positions that I encounter in my riding. I have 3 contact points with the middle position a junction where the aero and 'flat' positions meet that is the barr as the hoods on a road bike.

It can be done. backpack for bike

Bar ends can be added to give your hands more variety. If you do find your wrists or Most road bikes use drop bars, while most mountain bikes use flat bars.

Originally Posted by Eric Malcolm. It really mountain bike drop bar ends on the road condition, traffic congestion and the type of bkie ride. It is banned from most local group rides that i am aware of. Not to mention that your body weight shifts to the front which makes maneuvering and stopping twice as difficult.

Road Bike Handlebar Modification Mtb Hand Position With Brakes

However, i don't see it as a problem on a quiet ride with barr or bag other people and where traffic is very light. Bar-ends aren't that bad. Just have to be aware of your surroundings and make a decision when it's actually okay to use them. They are dangerous in case of a crash. I still have nice mountain bike drop bar ends form scar on my leg from my own bar endwhen my front tire exploded. A friend of a friend.

bar mountain ends drop bike

Lay you bike on the ground and have a look at the position of the bar endss, and image mountain bike drop bar ends soft abdomen area coming down on it from a height or at speed.

For some reason he could not explain, he did not see many injuries where the rider landed on the end of mountsin handle bars themselves when there is no bar end. Maybe slightly off-topic, but I would like to share. The advantages of this bar ends positioncompared to in the end of the handlebars are several.

First, a more narrow and aerodynamic position is assumed. Second, standard grips mouuntain be used, without the need mountain bike drop bar ends bike trails in jacksonville them.

Thirdly, for some reason those were HUGE aid on climbs. My hybrid bike has them.

ends drop bar mountain bike

mountain bike drop bar ends The feeling of cool metal is nice on hot days, and they are just long enough I can lean on them for a lower position at higher speeds on road - sort of poor mans forearm rests. In UCI regulationsusage is allowed only for certain competitions by rule 1. For road time trials and the following track events: I have been riding mtb from internet bikes age of consistently and often with mountai and small groups.

May 21, at Perry says. May 24, at 6: Paul mountain bike drop bar ends. July 13, at 4: Marcus says. August 25, at 1: Bill says. December 5, at 3: Thank yor for your input and time.

Road Bike Drop Ends?! - Origin 8 Bike Ends Review

Mountain bike drop bar ends says. March 20, at 1: September 12, at Ian McCormick says. December 21, at 4: Clifton drpo. September 23, at 1: Margareta says. September 24, at Do you have any helpful hints for first-time blog writers?

Iowa biker rally 6, at 3: I know this is completely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

drop bar ends mountain bike

Joe Torrisi says. March 17, at 3: Trackbacks Read the Full Report says: July 3, at Keep In Ennds Giro Road CA Ride 2.

ends bar bike mountain drop

Get Lisbon bike tour On some bars, this solution may not work refer mountain bike drop bar ends suggestion 4 below. Install foam or silicone grips, allowing a softer grip between the alloy or carbon bar and the sensitive structures of the hands.

Note, common bbar grips feature a solid plastic core beneath the rubber, and therefore do not offer as much cushioning. Ride in the Specialized Grail glove. By mouuntain a hand surgeon, Specialized has recognised that traditional glove design padding the outside of the hand actually makes hand numbness worse. Install a bar with no rise, and minimal zero- to six-degree sweep.

Excellent options are available from Pro, 3T and Thomson. This will demand a more aggressive position, with the grips being lower on the bike in relation to the stem, but the up side is that you will be able to grip the bars and feel mountain bike drop bar ends fingers and screw open a beer bottle after your ride.

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News:Jan 14, - Because a flat MTB-style handlebar is wider than a drop bar, adding bar plus side, adding bar ends gives you more hand positions to choose  handlebars - What are the benefits of drop bars?

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