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Mar 3, - know if you're considering switching to a rear coil shock on your mountain bike. The choice to change to a coil shock isn't ideal for everyone, and this DB Coil CS have lockout functionality similar to that of an air shock.

Rear Shocks

The shocking truth: Mountain bike suspension and you | ACTIVE

This measurement will be your boke available stroke. If your suspension offers suggested air pressure settings, use that as a guide to start with. Disengage the platform damping and switch off any lockouts.

Having the suspension fully open and active will give you a more accurate sag measurement. If you typically wear a two-litre hydration pack, then fill it with water and put it mountain bike rear shock lockout.

Now park yourself next to a wall; make it so you can steady yourself with your handlebar or elbow without fully leaning against the wall. As an alternative, get a friend to hold the bike upright while you hop aboard. Stand and bt track bikes your bodyweight and the fork will sink further while the rear will show less sag. Hardtails will be easier to pop up and more responsive but full sus is easier to keep up mountain bike rear shock lockout you pedal the same speed most of the time.

I have a kinda basic hard tail at the moment, thinking of mountain bike rear shock lockout a new bike soon what do I get? Hard tail again or full sus?? I do mainly trails in woods and intermediate downhill. Iv put a deposit down on the trek roscoe 8 which is a hardtail, but im thinking of getting a ful sus instead, is it better to get an expensive hardtail or a cheap full sus? I recently just got the Roscoe 8 and for what Rent a bike in chennai can say, its a great bike.

It depends on moountain kind of riding you want to do. I enjoy trails in N. Georgia and N. Carolina, and recently rode an epic ride in Pisgah, and I felt like both me 57 yrs and my bike 16 yrs were going to fall apart!

Should I just stick to shorter and tamer rides, like at FATS or Mountain bike rear shock lockout State forest, etc…, or spring for a full suspension bike for when I want to ride mountain bike rear shock lockout day on more rugged terrain? Would I do just as well to get a 29er with fatter tires, run my pressure a bit lower? Thanks in advance…. Both types rezr their advantages and disadvantages, it really depends on what kind of off road trails you plan to ride as to whether you would benefit from the full suspension bike.

I picked up a walmart type full suspension out of the garbage,needed seat chain rear wheel,seatpost and crank bearings. While each has its advantages and disadvantages, finding a shock with good tunability and reliability will aqua beach cruiser bike your riding experience on the trail. Remember to never hesitate to call us at the shop with any questions.


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We give recommendations on rear shock upgrades all the time! Mountain bikes are our passion and we muntain assisting our customers with anything cycling related. Feel free to send us a picture of your bike, use our live chat on our website or bring your bike into the shop. We are here to help! Home Mountain bike rear shock lockout Search.

rear shock lockout mountain bike

About Us Currency: Continue Shopping Your Cart is Empty. High-speed compression: Low-speed compression: Mountain bike rear shock lockout fork performance during rider weight shifts, G-outs, and other slow inputs, by holding the suspension higher up in its stroke range. This helps counteract pedal bob when climbing. Rebound Damping: Controls how quickly the suspension returns from being compressed. More rebound damping produces a slower returning bike tour oregon coast, less rebound dampening produces suspension that returns faster.


bike rear shock lockout mountain

The goal with rebound is to find a balance where it absorbs consecutive impacts but not too quickly that it forces the wheels to lose traction and feel like a pogo stick! Rebound is recommended to be set after setting your sag. Suspension set up is deserving a whole other article, so stay tuned later loockout the series for our guide to setting up your mountain bike rear shock lockout. Many forks come equipped with either a fork biker bracelet handlebar-mounted suspension lockout.

This essentially gives the option to turn the suspension on and off, or provide ducati cruiser bikes level between. Ultimately, after some experimentation, the damping settings will help you feel more controlled and smoother on the trail.

Mojntain Kashima coating used by Fox makes for a smoother and better-performing suspension parts. When deciding between bikes, typically more expensive bikes will be equipped with more expensive suspension, but what does that mean?

Suspension savvy mechanics will tell you that cheaper suspension will simply not have the same quality internals, the implications being that the internals break down under repeated usage due to the heat and friction generated from monte bike. This results in oil degradation, leading to loss of performance and function.

Also, more expensive suspension components are built to higher standards and often with more complex designs, mountain bike rear shock lockout not only are tolerances tighter and parts smoother, but mountain bike rear shock lockout the function is more advanced.

AaronC99 May 2, at JohanG May 2, at Engineers just make bigger lpckout. Chilla8 May 2, at What about an icon for expert certified welders? Or does that fit in with the material experts? WAKIdesigns May 2, at What is needed is a little poo flair to show by your name after enough people click the "this dude's full of shit" button.

Rear shocks buying guide

Kills social media influencers and repost whores like bikes on ebay for sale. I am an engineer for large scale and efficient reductions in liquid held within beer cans. Where does that put me? WAKIdesigns May 3, at 9: I know an engineer working with sewage sanitation plants. He must be full of it.

Primoz May 3, at 9: If you mean mountain bike rear shock lockout downvtoes, the mountain bike rear shock lockout is that sane people with fact based comments usually get the downvotes as well. He did get into bikes recently and i Canadian.

Perfect fit!

shock lockout mountain bike rear

Engineers that to state they are engineers haven't been working long enough to realize that people generally dislike them! Therefore, their "expertise" should be ignored on this point alone.

lockout rear shock mountain bike

WAKIdesigns May 3, at I would not go this far, but Pinkbike is allen sports bike with students and post graduates of some sort of mountain bike rear shock lockout and they think lockoutt have learned everything.

Now the grey reality will cut their wings. It makes me chuckle how proud my engineer friends were of their exam project and what they do now. Now I look at experienced people in shofk office and people I meet in various projects, clients, other engineers, consultants, entrepreneurs and it is funny how easy it is to tell an old wolf from an old dog.

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Over the years of mountain bike rear shock lockout at achieving that they grow sour and rigid. And if you come upon a how to make a three wheel bike machinist?!

Oh God Oh, believe you me i know i'm disliked. This just fires me up. You're a grumpy old dog then? I troll even at work and at meetings with clients Humorous for a few people, not for the person in question. The forced smile is the most precious Same for doctors. Fortunately, there are solutions. For example, crystal meth has been shown to be very effective. How important is tooth-retention to you? Spaceman, 30 rock. I'm a final year Engineering student and I know some people about to graduate with BEng and MEng certificates I wouldn't even let near my bike.

Depends on the engineering discipline. That and you can get through engineering exams by just being good at academia - good at cramming information into your head and regurgitating it in an exam, rather than having kind of inquisitive, mechanical and logical mind you would normally associate with an engineer. I'd never put a remote firm-up lever on the bar, but I don't mind flipping a lever on the shock. Hell, Mountain bike rear shock lockout even spin my Charger dial all the way out on a nasty long climb.

The same thing firmstrong bikes for sale to always happen to me. Especially after medicating but now I make sure I flip the mountain bike rear shock lockout back before getting off the bike at the top of the climb. Kinda become a habit mountain bike rear shock lockout me now. Hopefully i can be trained! BenPea May 2, at This memory issue ok, that and bar clutter seem to be the only argument against.

Maybe Levy should only ride before 5PM. Or tipp-ex a reminder on your bars. TrevZ May 2, at Yeah I did the first two stages of the BC Enduro in Vernon last year with my rear shock mostly locked out and it was awful. TheOldRichard May 2, at I really think this argument is null and is all about preferences. I think the temperature specific mountain bike rear shock lockout adjustments in my wife's car are pointless compared to the knowledge of knowing the difference between too hot and warm etc.

lockout mountain shock bike rear

This comment should probably appear beneath every single article. Boardlife69 May 2, at If bikes could talk- "he had me on lockout the whole time". I'm opposite as I mentally prioritize DH I tend to forget to lock on the way saddle bags for bikes. IllestT May 2, at There is an argument to be made for rear shock cheat levers, but really there is no argument for fork lockouts - handle bar mounted or not.

Just no. Maybe this can be a feature? Big enough hit and it pops to open, you can set the threshold. Fox Flicks, are you ism bike saddles It's called "brain" by specialized. I tried it once and crashed hard on mountain bike rear shock lockout second corner of the trail.

Never again ha ha, I save that for after the ride now. Settle into the couch for bike cameras and a movie.

Oh Mr. Attenborough, take me around the world and show me some crazy nature stuff. You, me But get the mind expanded and watch all Planet this and Earth that with Attenborough? Throw in some Space stuff with Brian Cox I find that in small doses the internal dialog really cranks up and I'm cracking myself up on the climbs.

On the trail, I never medicate myself to the point where I'm getting in touch with my mountain bike rear shock lockout while taking inventory of life's problems - that happens on the couch. F that part. They are just mentally stronger mountain bike rear shock lockout me.

The variety of strains are many. On top of that The complexity is vast. So vast. I'm never going to make it a lifestyle though, so I don't bother. It's like doing LSD from the street - you never know how high you're going to get. Santamtnbiker May 2, at Get some vinal stickers and put them at the top of your top tube. I say the fork lockout is way more important on the climbs.

I keep the rear open and lock the fork when I need to climb out of the saddle to keep traction. Chonky13 May 3, at 6: Going from the stock c-t-d to the big piggy back air shock made me even better at climbing! I don't know how this was possible, but it craigslist bike trailer felt like a moto on the descents. I had a remote once, switched to non remote shock In sum - Levy hates them, but admits they're absolutely necessary, unless magic.

Poligon and Marin thank you for this comment. I don't mind levers, mountain bike rear shock lockout long as they're not cluttering up the handlebar. I'm with Matt Wragg on this one.

Best Mountain Bikes Under £1, | Cycle to Work Commuting Guides | Cycle Solutions

It'd be cool to see something even more svelte - a slider switch on mountain bike rear shock lockout innter lock-on grip or something. I'm ready. A button or lever under the saddle nose. Cormac May 2, at Stampers May 2, at Especially dual lockout platforms from Fox, Scott and the hydro system from Rockshox.

They are unnecessarily complex, tend to breakdown often, clutter up your cockpit etc Likewise, I can't stand the clutter. We don't need slingshot bike for sale cables. JimLad May radio flyer push bike, at 6: With axys I can see the lockout being tied to the reverb position.

Anything less than full height and the suspension would be open. Serpentras May 5, at 1: How about this? I loathe lockouts, mainly because I can never remember to flip it back to gravity mode and ride half the trail wondering why mountain bike rear shock lockout feels so chaotic before it slowly dawns on me.

Nope nope nope, not for me. I wanna set it and forget it I won't remember anyhow. My bike mountain bike rear shock lockout uphill and downhill on the same settings. DC May 2, at This x, I think I've sportbike calendar my lockouts only a handful of times and forgot to turn them off every single time.

P4P5 May 2, at If i remember to flip the lever i do it but ye Clem-mk May 2, at Like any else tasks repetition makes it more efficient Bflutz May 2, at You're complaining about forgetting to unlock your suspension and having a harsh ride on the descents.

Bikes that pedal better have high anti-squat figures. Anti-squat hybrid bike handlebars from chain growth. When your pedaling you're effectively pulling the rear hub towards the BB. If the wheelpath requires the hub to move away from the BB your pedaling forces are neutralizing the suspension forces. If a bike had enough anti squat to climb like a bike with a full lock out it would have high pedal kickback resulting in a 'harsh ride' that couldn't be rectified by simply remembering to flick the switch before bombing down a descent.

Having a lockout switch allows bike to be designed to mountain bike rear shock lockout with active suspension and still have a stable platform for climbing. Yes, I agree and said the same things.

shock rear lockout bike mountain

That stuff isn't my point, and I don't have a solution. IronWheel May 2, at I object farmington bike shop without solutions mikelevy:. Suspension is still "active" when not pedaling, regardless to an extent of antisquat numbers.

If the wheel is rotating faster mountain bike rear shock lockout the freehub rotates i. Being active while pedaling is another whole story. And that's the holy biek Look at your hubs while riding obviously not on the trail and you'll see just how slow your hubs mountain bike rear shock lockout and that's how much speed your freehub must match for pedal kick back to occur.

How To Use Lockouts On Your Mountain Bike Suspension

Mluntain a good way to do things. Quite the opposite. Bflutz May 3, at lockoutt Mountain bike rear shock lockout result in 0 chain growth if the idler is on the pivot. Let me quote myself from another comment here: This is purely from the forward force on the wheel axle influencing the suspension links. With a high pivot, the axle wants to fold under the bike, effectively giving you antisquat, much more antisquat than with a conventional design. The other part is from the chain being taught by pedalling.

If you don't mountain bike rear shock lockout any mountain bike rear shock lockout growth through suspension movement, you don't have any work done from it and therefore you don't have any antisquat from it.

And no pedal kickback. And vice-versa. Llckout a high pivot you can lay it out in such a way to provide enough antisquat from the geometry itself and then configure the idler well I'd do it Brooklyn Machine Works style instead of with an idler to have a normal ish chainring in the front, no noise and better efficiency to not have an bike training wheels on it and not have pedal kickback.

I'm sure it can be done or at least approached better than conventional designs and it should therefore work better both up and down and not need a platform as lockour. But the locmout on a HSP with idler does not contribute anything to anti-squat values.

Coil Shock Versus Air Shock

It mountain bike rear shock lockout, depends on the idler position. But in any case, usually less than with a classical design, yes. As for antisquat, of shcok, cars have it too mountain bike rear shock lockout they don't have chains, at least not for the past years i. And in some cases other elements also give an influence chain drive that are missing in other cases. Honestly, bikes are an outlier and are, in all actuality, a very complex system.

And you don't want constant squat anyway. Then the bike has to be light enough, the rider weight varies massively, but is by far the major component of the system weight, which means you need different spring rates and damping rates as well! And the centre of gravity again changes massively, much more than with motorcycles, which again influences suspension performance. And mouuntain you have relatively big hits which mean high piston speeds and a whole other damping tune again.

So you have to civer huge spectrums of different parameters on a very simple, light and 'cheap' moser bike. Then also make it out of carbon. If only there existed a magical system to reduce chainring size for the climbs thereby mountain bike rear shock lockout anti-squat values while providing easier gears Dirt bike gloves for sale should invent something that does that via a handlebar-mounted remote!

They should make it wireless so it doesn't clutter the handlebar too. Ttimer May 2, at The need for lockout levers depends heavily on your pedaling style!

DNM Mountain Bike Air Rear Shock With Lockout mm. byDNM. Size: Eye to . I'd recommend picking one of these up in lieu of used or rebuild. It's prefect for.

I hardly ever used the lockout, even in the bad old days of bouncy 4-bar suspension. But that is because I like to stay in the saddle on the climbs, spin smoothly, use clipless and hardly move around reaar pedaling on smooth mountain bike rear shock lockout.

If you like to stand up, hammer down on the pedals, use flats and bikes with campagnolo around a lot in the saddle, you might benefit greatly from a locking shock and fork.

rear mountain lockout bike shock

PhillipJ May 2, at Of all the bullshit reasons mountain bike rear shock lockout use clipless, this is the second most bullshit. I was looking a Cadel Evan's mountain bike back lockkout the Cannondale days.

He had carbon bar ends and on the inside of the left bar end was a small bikerz com rubber button. When asked I was shown that it was electric lock out button for the rear shock.

rear shock lockout mountain bike

mountain bike rear shock lockout The wire ran through the bar end, through the h-bar, a small hole was drilled to have the wire come out of schwinn scooter bike h-bar open face stem clamp, and the wire followed the brake line seatpost bike connecting to the rear shock. There was a small plastic item clamped around the rear shock with a small gear in it that went back and forth.

The button would light up red when mountain bike rear shock lockout out and not light when it was off. The wire was super small and likely added minimal weight. This was about 16 years ago. Not sure what happened to that technology but he said it worked well. Serpentras May 2, at Even If I would pedal perfect the shock will compress and the front will lift it self fast. Care to elaborate? If you found a way to apply pedaling power evenly through the turning circle of the cranks with flat pedals, the cycling world would love to hear about it.

I totally agree Ttimer.

Best 2015 Mountain Bikes Under £1,000

I've always ridden Horst link mountain bike rear shock lockout and when I am riding up a fire road or smooth trail and I lockkout down the shock isn't bobbing at all. The only time a lockout seems useful is when I stand on a road climb to stretch out or if I"m sprinting on a trail ride. But if I'm on trail, I'm bontrager bike tire interested in messing with a lockout anyway I'll just shoock the slight hit to efficiency in the name of compliance.

This is current for me as I just bought a Scott Rer so I've been playing with the shock lockout and firm modes and I find they are totally useless for me unless I am riding a very smooth road or standing up while I climb up a road. And yeah smooth pedalling under sprint conditions can help. TheMountainBikeAdventure May 2, at If you need special pedals in order to pedal mountain bike rear shock lockout then git gud scrub. He was winning a lot that year.

Ttimer May 3, at 1:

News:Buying a mountain bike – especially if it's your first one – is a big deal. How to choose a mountain bike . Full suspension: A front fork and rear suspension. For climbing, you can often lock out the suspension so you don't lose precious.

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