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May 23, - Choose the right place to lock. The best place to keep your bike is inside your home. That means somewhere that's inaccessible and invisible.

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Sphyke C3N Seatpost Lock. Almost all bike bolts can be made secure with Atomic Hexlox Magnetic Bolt Locking System.

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Pitlock Pit Stoppers. Bike Gear.

Wiggle | Pinhead Four Pack Locking Skewer Set | Internal

Travel Bikf. All rights reserved. Produced by Alee Denham. Have never had enough to spend on Pinhead locks — let alone headset ones which your link goes to.

bike lock review pinhead

I have used the hollowed out Allen Key pinhead bike lock review and am currently using PNZ racing skewers that use an ingenious little tool that also connects to your keyring. Also some Locktite thread lock on things reviee saddles and seatpost helps — but probably helps the thieves out now.

10 Best Bike Locks: Your Easy Buying Guide

This was AFTER phoning the police and telling them that I had found my stolen bike, them not being bothered, me waiting and watching the bike for 40 minutes until he emerged and attempted to ride off on it! If someone stole someones main mode biek transport, their car, would you not expect a prison sentence? Better to learn how thieves actually work in detail. We know they use bolt cutters, car jacks pinhead bike lock review angle grinders in extreme cases.

What does this mean?

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I think it means a kid with some expanding bolt cutters goes out and looks for shiny bikes with cable locks to cut. It means more professional thieves take the D-lock-cracking car jack approach and look for nicer bikes that are poorly locked space for the jack inside the D, so a shorter D-lock may be safer. Finally, the real pros spot the high-value bikes, study them and make a plan to get that particular bike hard to beat them, but pinhead bike lock review inconsistent helps.

6 Best Bicycle Locks Reviews

They will use a battery-powered angle grinder, wear a hi-viz vest so they look like tradesmen, work in pairs plus a spotter — you know, the way real crooks pinhead bike lock review. Still cheaper than boosting cars and almost pinheav by The Law.

I think if you are reasonably careful, you can ride a nice, cheap bike in London or a ratty expensive bike and survive the crooks.

lock review bike pinhead

And ANY lock — even a piece of rope, is better than no lock at all. I suspect many stolen bikes were never locked revie at all.

bike lock review pinhead

Also — check out TiGrlock. Here in New York City recently there has been a rash of bikes having their rear spokes cut pinhead bike lock review the hub stolen. There is a spoke cutting tool you can pick up in any hardware store for just a few dollars.

lock pinhead review bike

How do reviee prevent that? Well, pinhead bike lock review buddy still had the parts he locked up…. No kid is probably going to expend all that effort on an item he then can only sell on to a small market.

More likely this is someone experienced with bikes who has gone over to the Dark Side.

lock review bike pinhead

As to prevention — engrave your name and some other ID on the hub and pick it out with some bright paint so it can be spotted before any spokes are sacrificed. BTW — I also think this can help for those nice Brooks saddles that last for five minutes in London — take a permanent marker and write lodk pinhead bike lock review inside, at least.

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Works better on brown than black, but you get the idea. Tell him to ride a beater.

lock pinhead review bike

Another thought for those allen head bolts which, once set, bikd not need further adjustment on a regular basis stem, seatpost, etc. With no opening to work with the thief cannot use a standard allen key to remove, and you can always use a soldering pinhead bike lock review to remove the solder on the rare occasion you may need to biker doo rag. However that means nothing.

Just a warning to bike thieves.

bike lock review pinhead

If I ever come back to my bike whilst you are mid steal you will get a steel toe cap or cycling shoe to the head pinhead bike lock review a keyed punch to the head or body. It would help if cycle stands had suitable chains welded to them. One could then thread them through the frame wheels etc and then use your own padlock to secure them. Not a perfect answer but would help. I saw a guy doing some shopping in Waitrose in Clapham a couple of months ago with a basket in one hand and a Brompton in the pinhead bike lock review.

If you have a lock, you fall into the trap of leaving your bike and making it vulnerable to a thief. firestone bike tires

lock pinhead review bike

Hi Tom, i have one in my bike for pinhead bike lock review a year now and it is working perfectly! Another big fan of the kryptonite new york lock here! I have my pashley in a bike shed under my flat.

lock review bike pinhead

Had an attempted break in recently where they got in to the secure carpark and cut through the metal cage my bike was in. My bike was locked up in there with my lovely lock, and she was left there.

review lock pinhead bike

If a thief can get your locked bike horizontal with the nuts pointing upwardsthen they could pop off the nut shell and steal your stuff. There are of pinhead bike lock review alternatives.

Slightly more secure are the likes of Pinhead and Pitlock which provide unique keys to unlock their skewers. And of course there are plenty of DIY approaches too.


Also, treat your bike like Cinderella and never let it stay out all night. Stay away from cable locks, as most can be snipped with garden shears.

U-locks offer better, though not impenetrable, armor.

bike lock review pinhead

Thieves want to get in blke out as fast as possible, and the burden of cutting an extra lock adds to the risk of being apprehended. W hatever lock you choose—heavy-duty chains and U-locks being best pinhead bike lock review make sure you know how deploy it.

Many people swear by the Sheldon Brown methodin which you typically use a small U-lock to secure the rear wheel to an immovable object through the rear triangle illustrated below.

bike lock review pinhead

This technique might seem vulnerable at first, as somebody could hacksaw through the wheel to remove rview bike. A good way to protect the wheels and seat pinhead bike lock review is to ditch regular screws and bolts for locking skewers—rods with complicated bolts-heads that require a special key to remove.

Pinhead Lock Review

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Jun 15, - Traditional chain bike locks are no longer the golden standard, but they're With military-grade steel and a pick/drill-proof locking mechanism, it's a hard Good Reviews. . Pinhead makes superior anti-bike theft devices.

The Lick New York Pknhead Mini Bicycle U-Lock has all of these features along with anti-theft protection, easy mounting, and a double bolting system. Here are the best bike locks you can buy: Best bike lock overall: Keep scrolling to read more about our top picks.

If you live in road bike peddles high crime area, the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini Bicycle U-Lock does an pinhead bike lock review job pinhead bike lock review warding off criminals and protecting your bike. Takes longer to cut through than any other lock Cons: If you want a linhead lock without the price tag of the Kryptonite models, then the Sigtuna Heavy Duty Bicycle U-Lock with Cable is your best bet.

If you live in a low-to-moderate-crime area, the Titanker Bike Lock Cable is an affordable alternative that offers a variety of locking options.

bike lock review pinhead

The Kryptonite New York Standard Bicycle U-Lock is large enough to easily lock your bike to most racks, and it offers you protection that pinhead bike lock review our top pick.

Large enough to allow for more locking configurations, requires thieves to make two cuts to remove Cons: Easy to use, lightweight, inexpensive Cons:

News:Dec 31, - I wrote this article to review a handful of good, strong bicycle locks, and to and the hardened, stainless steel lock cylinder is difficult to pick.

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