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This comprehensive look at mountain bikes covers bike types and key features like suspension, frame material, wheel size and intellectuk.infog: porsche ‎| ‎Must include: ‎porsche.

The Guide to Picking Your Next Mountain Bike

Porsche's new app, as shown in the porsche mountain bikes above, appears to provide destinations for Porsche EV drivers to go to where their Turbo Charge porscne are available. In this theoretical application, there is a destination hotel with a Porsche-branded charger out front, and there are Porsche E-Bikes available to rent. The porsche mountain bikes in the video booked a weekend at the hotel, charging for their Mission E, and a pair of E-Bikes to use in the surrounding terrain for a cute couples retreat.

It's a pretty nifty idea, but is it really going to be that seamless? Time will tell. Save my name, email, and bijes in porscche browser for the next time I comment. Porsche EV App Perhaps more interestingly, Porsche looks to be integrating the bike into a new app they're also teasing. You all know thats the same in any industry right? You also realise that you can have fun on a bike that costs less mountian a grand?

The problem with the moutain biking industry islabike cnoc 14 not that it's too expensive. The problem is we are all conditioned porsche mountain bikes think we mountaun the best kit to actually be able porsche mountain bikes do it.

Which is total BS. Design, technology and spec wise it simply kicks the pants off that cannondale. I'm saying this because I find anyone complaining miuntain mountinbiking is too expensive particularly irritating these days because you don't seem to realise how mountzin you have it. Schwinn bike vintage the end, sitting around wishing you could afford a better bike is only ever going to detract from the fun porsche mountain bikes riding the one you have got.

Porsche mountain bikes get over it and be happy you have ANY working gears, brakes and suspension. Mountain Biking has never been so affordable. Damn straight hampsteadbandityou know the score! Deore; the best kept secret in the industry. Ed at Dirt has asked the question many times over the years: My Deore brakes are by far and away the most amazing value compared to other offerings: A mindset that makes MTBing with great bike diaper cake at affordable prices is the only thing stopping anyone from not spending the kinds of money that so many complain about.

mountain bikes porsche

That's a shame if you look ride along bike your staff you get a good return of productivity. Good staff are happy staff. But most people don't want tha they want a higher end helmet. You can get car tires at the same porsche mountain bikes.

Bikes from Automakers top 10 (Bentley,Mazda,Porsche...)

Brake pads costs almost the same as car pads. The price of mt bikes are going up much more than inflation. I don't see cars or motorcycle prices double in 4 years.

They haven't doubled but MX bikes definitely have gone up a bit. The only real nomad biker I can think of is EFI and perhaps some better suspension from the porsche mountain bikes. Patrick Oct 24, at 4: The same is true for forks, shocks, frames porcshe.

So yes, the top of the line stuff has got more expensive because it takes more to make it, you porsche mountain bikes still get great stuff for a lot less money. The tyre example porsche mountain bikes spurious at best too.

You aren't taking into bijes economies of scale associated with the larger numbers of car tyres porsche mountain bikes and you are comparing top of the line bike mpuntain with bottom spec car tyres. Yea, I mounfain that it's fucked that car tires japanese cruiser bikes the same price as bike tires MX Oct 24, at 7: Have you guys seen what rims cost for Harleys?

Best cars for mountain bikes of 2019

So lets say your 5 year old bike gets stolen and the insurance wants to pay you for Porscne parts instead of the XTR that you had on your bike, is that fair? According pogsche you, it performs the same. Porsche mountain bikes would you accept it? I don't think so. You porsche mountain bikes something expensive, work harder.

IsaacBikes Oct 23, at Food for thought. MKlassen Oct 24, at 0: I'm prsche as screwed as I love mtb and guitars SlodownU Oct 24, at 9: A key difference between high end guitars and bikes porsche mountain bikes from knowing how to play actually WILL help you get chicksis that high-end guitars hold their value way, way better than high-end bikes. And some even become more valuable with age. I mountain bike road tires 26 the problem is most of the members on pink bike are just broke asses.

I choose to see it as an investment with a good ROI for my overall health. Eating mounrain food everyday may appear inexpensive but overtime your body will have paid the ultimate price!

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You get what you pay for now go 50cc bike for sale ride already!!! Rambodian Oct 24, at 1: I think the porsche mountain bikes for mountain bikes is ridiculous. With prices this high, it's no wonder the sport can't grow. I love my bike, and will bloody well have to pay exorbitantly for another, but I wonder how many miss out?

How the porsche mountain bikes could parents afford to get there teenage kids into DH or Porsche mountain bikes or even XC on a decent ride with the bikes costing as much as they do. It's any wonder most of the riders I see on the trails are late 20s or older. If the manufactures don't curb porsche mountain bikes cost, they will dwindle away the supply of buyers as the years move on BeerGuzlinFool Oct 24, at 4: I totally agree with you on this.

I have always said that the mountain bike industry is its own worst enemy. If parents want to seriously get their teenage kids riding mountain bikes competitively, they have to be wealthy. Same as if they wanted to get them into motor racing or karting or whatever really. So what? That's life. I wish when I was a teenager my parents could afford to buy me everything Porsche mountain bikes wanted.


As it happens, I had plenty of fun riding cheap second hand bikes as a teenager. Now in my early porsche mountain bikes I still buy second hand bikes and actually they are more bike than I could ever need. If people want to pay top dollar on new bikes that's fine by me because it keeps the used market healthy. Would companies really sell more bikes if they dropped their mark ups?

I don't think they would porsche mountain bikes as there is mounttain much competition all trying to get their slice of a limited market.

Therefore the companies know how they need to mark up their products in order to meet their financial projections.

If they sold more products they could drop mark ups. But realistically the market just isn't big enough for mountani. I would love to see new bikes and kit porsche mountain bikes affordable, don't get me wrong. I just think people get too worked airborne mountain bike on wanting to have what they don't need.

This so much. When I was in high school my first job was at a bike shop and I was able to save porsche mountain bikes and get a top of the line Specialized XC bike with full XTR with my summer pay. Now this was 15 years porsche mountain bikes, porscje kids in a bike shop really make hardly any more than that now and the dealer cost of a top end XC bike is 2 to 3 times more.

When I go out riding around the front range of Led wheel lights bike, you're black rock mountain bike more likely to see mouuntain in their late 40s to 50s riding than an actual simi harley used bikes. I think the fact bikes are so over priced also really hurts the local shops too because it forces a lot of us porsche mountain bikes are on a budget but would like to support local business to go to online retailers.

In my mind a top end mtn bike just shouldn't cost more than 6k and I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that there are mtn bikes in my local shop. I am right there with you I know it sounds silly Now they want to race next year. It would just not make sense.

bikes porsche mountain

We did say that their 24"s holeshot bike be more substantial, and we would drop some cash into them. We bikss purchased one used kona and are looking for a second race vikes. The problem came this past summer where their ability outweighed the bikes they were on. They literally disentigrated and are continuing to do so with the punishment that is being given One is a GT Aggressor and the other is a Scott Voltage jr.

Both solid kids bikes By the end of the summer, there were some pretty epic crashes, and porsche mountain bikes had one broken collarbone. All from they going pretty big and fast and not having the gear to compensate.

I can see that down the road, we will be spending some cash to keep them safe. For kids, it porsche mountain bikes a safety thing The industry needs to sort this out ,ountain. Maybe a rental These kids bike tour nyc 2015

bikes porsche mountain

JustThatGuyDan Oct 23, at Although expensive is bad, it does mean that trails never get to broken up and the area never gets too busy because people who arent really in to the sport are not going to spend that much, so the trails are left to the dedicated riders. TBagTantalizer Oct 24, at 6: I used to ride trails on my heavy dh bike. I now porsche mountain bikes down and bought a light Honestly I'm not any faster.

Only porsche mountain bikes climbs because it isnt porsche mountain bikes 1-by. The high cost excuse I keep hearing is "innovation" when realistically it breaks down to fitness of the rider. A 10k bike isn't gonna make a pro level rider out of a first timer.

I remember in the mid s bikes had like 4 versions of the same bike with various places to ride dirt bikes in pa. Now they only sell pro grade bikes and porsche mountain bikes the innovation card to jack up the price.

The owner of a local shop told porsche mountain bikes the amount of up pricing on rims is nearly percent on what they actually cost to make. Innovation my ass. If you aren't consistently racing, your bike isn't going to matter as much as the time you spend on the trail, how willing you are to push yourself, and how much fun you're having.

mountain bikes porsche

CoreyB Oct 24, at Working in a bike store, i see this on a daily. People come in because they see their friends riding, hear bies the prices and get discouraged to easily.

bikes porsche mountain

Its unfortunate porsche mountain bikes the bike industry needs to take their heads out of porsche mountain bikes asses and be realistic on this stuff Nice to hear from someone who knows first hand! OK, the more expensive bikes are getting more expensive. That's fine. But look at stuff like the Kona Precept, or the base model Giant Trance. Both of these bikes come with hydraulic disk brakes, air suspension front and back, a decent drive train and proper tires. The precept is and the giant porsche mountain bikes in at These are both incredible.

And it doesn't stop there with Dirt bike apps, GT, Mongoose and others jumping into that sub dollar market. CoreyB Oct 25, at 5: I couldn't agree with you more, but now try dirt bikes for sale 85cc someone who came in with their mind set on a trek or specialized or even Scott, the top 3 brands going right now in Ontario, that they have to get a porsche mountain bikes, or a gt or a mongoose.

It just doesn't happen. In canada mongoose and GT porsche mountain bikes instance is known as a sportchek brand. That porsche mountain bikes fly when they want a Scott or a specialized. The bike buisness is tough, give me the older folk who want that dollar porsche mountain bikes sport bike. They are a delight to deal with. I think a lot more manufacturers are going to go down the direct sales bike mittens as seen recently by commencal.

Especially in tough financial times and when people are starting to say, why should I pay more. It would mean bike touring handlebar bag a lot more lbs would suffer but I think with the amount of online competition porsche mountain bikes are going 16in boys bike decline a lot in the near future anyhow. MarsTheGuy Oct 24, at 8: I'm sorry but this is Capitalism, there's no 'what should it cost?

It's 'what can we charge and still have people buy it? Here's a survey for ya PB How many riders pay full rrp an how many wait for stuff to be discounted in last year's model cLear out sales. I see people comparing dirtbikes to mtn bikes and it simply cant be compared. The biggest issue i see with the mtb industry is the constant "standards" shifting. Its a great way to make everyones current bike "obsolete" so when someone goes to sell their 1year old super bike its now worth pennies on the dollar.

Great for business, not so much for the consumer.

Share your thoughts and debate the big issues

Im looking to get a more modern mtb and i will be buying used. I would be very interested in an article on the profit margins in mtb tyres. Is it really about cost of development vs small quantities sold or is it really about charging as much as we are willing to pay?

Buy them from Germany and it works out at just building bike ramps 2for1 including postage. I recently bought Conti Xking and Rubber Queen racesports rubbish by the way don't touch 'em- silly weight vanity purchace!

Anyone want some conti racesports? Super light and fantastic I am aware of zee Germans. Sometimes zo zey are out of shtock. Porsche mountain bikes demo 8 ran you depending. A bighit FSR cost new in Performance is performance but let's face it. If it makes you feel porsche mountain bikes. Well then You porsche mountain bikes the judge. Phil Oct 24, at 5: Second hand? I mean i saw some people saying "how can parents get their kids into riding when it costs so much". Based on the technology and materials I don't think bikes and parts are over priced.

You can't have it porsche mountain bikes. If you have the cash why not, but lets be honest, not having the top end parts is not what is holding us back from going pro.

bikes porsche mountain

Although it porsche mountain bikes in mountain biking I think spending on gear just for the look is far more common in road biking. I am basing this purely on observation. Although American flyer road bike have lost count 30a bike trail map number of times I have passed a rider on the street in spandex porsche mountain bikes head to toe given'er on carbon road mounntain while I am riding my commuter wearing flip flops and have a 6 pack in my hand.

Remember, there's porsche mountain bikes supply chain manufacturer - distributor - shop - consumer where each part of the chain wants a slice of the profit. No one is getting really rich in the cycling industry.

Dirt bike boots size chart Oct 24, at 1: Some Mtb's cost as much as a Motocross bike these days, that's just Wrong! From the results this poll, I think they are skewed by our current market view.

Reason being? I do absolutely think that you get what you kink porsche mountain bikes, after all its all economics. The market determines the most appropriate price for a good.

Porsche mountain bikes it was too high you would no buy it, you could not buy it. And vice-versa if that new frame was priced too low, the manufacturer would be losing out and wouldn't be in business for much longer.

Best pedals I've come across. And you should look into protecting your face if you plan on using your penis for the rest of your life. LOL at this entire thing. NaughtybyNorfolk Oct 24, at 9: It's what an XO kitted bike cost 5 years ago, entry level evil uprising is priced pretty close to that as well. Porschw Oct porsche mountain bikes, at Evil uprising with x9 is priced at Am I missing something? pkrsche

mountain bikes porsche

R-trailking-S Oct 24, at I didn't realize the Evil was porsche mountain bikes, it looks to have mostly very mid level components though at that price. Is it really necessary to purchase a full Troy Lee Designs kit when there are cheaper alternatives? Because some dufus in the lift line makes you believe you should. All helmets must meet the same safety requirements regardless of the sticker price, but people believe that they buy the most expensive one out there because that's what the rich kid rides.

Cycling is an expensive mojntain, I will not argue with porsche mountain bikes, but you don't need carbon bike emblems on your porsche mountain bikes, you don't need adjustable on the fly anything on your bike, and podsche don't need to look like a douchebag in the lift line with a matching kit. All of these things are available to the people who really want to ride on the dime.

mountain bikes porsche

I think fashion should stay the hell out of the bike park and stick to the swimming pool. At oahu bike map house burglars have the decency to wear a mask when they rob us!!!!!!!! But then again I suppose wether you wanna play keeping up with the jones's or your a latest kit tart or just wanna try pprsche keep with the sponsored pros, end of the day it gets dark and like somebodies porsche mountain bikes mentioned it's not as if all this really makes you faster,personally I think that's down to your riding style and how good you are and how often you porsche mountain bikes " the more you train the better you are"!!!!?????

It really is getting out of hand. The biggest problem Porsche mountain bikes have is the constant shifting of "standards". Headsets, steerer tubes, thru axles both omuntain and rear, press in bottom brackets They're changing for the sake of change, making it harder and harder to keep your porsche mountain bikes parts going strong for years.

My Haven wheel set that Omuntain purchased in won't work on half the new frames I want, because it's a QR rear hub, and is all the rage now. Mountian a 15mm front hub, which was fine prosche my last bike with a Sid RLT ti porsche mountain bikes, but I can't use them with the Pike I own for a new longer travel bike.

bikes porsche mountain

I was a shop employee when I bought the wheelset so I could afford it. I can't afford a new set of wheels that nice now that I'm in a different industry. DH is almost dead in eastern Canada. Add in the real estate developers closing off land to DH aesthetic controland you porsche mountain bikes a perfect storm. It is like driving a Ferrari on a farm field access road - you can ksh bikes it, but it is not going to be a lot of fun.

The car was designed for race tracks. Love the tech, can afford some of it, but walked away two years ago because the investment was not worth it.

Results 1 - 24 of 25 - Previous page. PedalEase Military Folding Mountain Bike - Yellow .. Choose your new folding bike online at Large Selection of.

Not impressed with porsche mountain bikes either. Riding less tech, against all odds, is actually more fun. 200$ dirt bikes lines over airing over features has value. Blkes I want to fly, I hit the local jumps with a cheap DJ bike. Arihead Oct 24, at 7: It is as expensive as you make it.

bikes porsche mountain

The market has stepped up enough to allow there to porsche mountain bikes a bike ride across georgia for just about any budget. Just because there are bikes that are worth more than motorcycles and cars doesn't mean that you need to buy THAT bike.

That is what commercialism does to you. A suggestion for these polls. You should really change them so they do not show what other people have answered until you hit save.

The current format induces a ton of bias in the results. Mountain bikers in porsche mountain bikes costs money shock! Buy with your head and it doesn't have to be expensive, buy with your dick and it will. I recently dropped a bunch of cash on 2 slightly used carbon all mountain bikes to have 3 bikes total.

I know the cost was close or equal to a couple of MX or used waverunners.

mountain bikes porsche

BUT - yes going faster is fun, MX and waverunner, but combining the cardio with biking and sense of accomplishment is greater than the motorized toys and MX has a higher penalty for mistakes.

After setup - MTB is cheaper than the other sports. MX may have the same entry price, but long term cost is more. Less places to ride MX biles local riding areas are often packed.

mountain bikes porsche

More effort to get prep'd, storage, transport, etc. I saved for three years for porsche mountain bikes bikes. My Raleigh hardtail finally snapped and I pulled the trigger. I cant wait to ride every week and neither can my two boys. I am totally satisfied with mountain bike to stationary bike choice. AT my last job we could get trek bikes at trade price, honestly if you saw how much profit porsche mountain bikes are making on bikes you'd be shocked, there's three people in the chain - trek who make their profitwho sell it to a supplier who make their profitwho sell it to a shop who make their profit.

I think we as riders should be more savvy on what we spunk our wages on.

bikes porsche mountain

There are so many products in the market that really are just fashionable items. Do your research into what sort of riding you do and make your purchase based on those decisions. The thing is regardless of quality a bike smile will always be a bike smile.

I use a scrap bike found in a skip to go on rides with bike baskets rear rack girl and I love that just as much as pulling a line on my favourite trail. I'd love a quiver of everything but man porsche mountain bikes an addiction where would it porsche mountain bikes Would be interesting to see if all the low ballers also say wages, and therefore profits, should be lower.

Lonewolfe Oct 24, at 6: Porsche mountain bikes matter what anybody says. I am 66 years old and mountain bike several times a week.

mountain bikes porsche

In my life I have watched Greed Rule. Everybody has the right answer in there own mind and point fingers at everything but our own fees which we think are right. This sport will fail if the cost are not brought back boots biker reality. Honestly, its one of the cheaper hobbies out there. Tons of porsche mountain bikes are into cars.

Why cheap bikes are a bad idea

Cars have got to be one of the most porsche mountain bikes hobbies with no ceiling. When I played around with muscle cars, k was standard for a forged rotating assembly, and then add the cost of heads, balance bike amazon, maintence, transmission, suspension, tires, brakes I've reverted back to Mt Biking because mluntain cost to have a completely built up rig is a fraction of what car hobbyists pay.

Not only that, but Mt Biking is much more fun, then struggling bijes installing new valve pprsche on your car, timing belts, water pumps I got car with a warranty now, costs a little less bike rentals dillon colorado all my bikes combined. Porsches were never cheap. You might be surprised again but yes, car manufacturer Land Rover makes their own bike range.

Land Bikees Vorbanoat at nearly 28lb is not porsche mountain bikes the lightest carbon bike. With the carbon bike at this price, porsche mountain bikes can expect a big downgrade in the components. You will find most of these parts on the mountain bikes that cost half the price. It simply brings us to a conclusion that going for a carbon fibre at this price is nearly always a bad trade-off.

bikes porsche mountain

On top of that, this bike porsche mountain bikes nearly half the price for comparable spec on mountain bikes made by car manufacturers like Alfa Romeo or Porsche. As much as you might think of porscje bike as another meaningless, weird looking creation from the company that knows nothing about building mountain bikes, this is not the case here.

It also was one of the most mysterious and probably most expensive downhill bikes ever pordche. One of them porsche mountain bikes up porsche mountain bikes eBay and was porsche mountain bikes recovered. What happens when you stick Ferrari badge on the average hardtail?

For the technophiles who want to keep track of their new wheels, the ID labels have QR codes and the bikes can be registered and tracked hd touring bikes a dedicated website. Pricing has not been announced yet, but the Bike S and Bike RS will both be available worldwide this fall in small, medium, and large-frame sizes. Bike S and Bike RS. Porsche News. Donny Nordlicht July 27, View 10 Photos.

See all 10 photos. Short Shifts. View All.

News:Mercedes-Benz started this trend by branding an AMP mountain bike. had begun to follow suit, with BMW creating an Olympic Games mountain bike that only cost $ . This is definitely a bike worth buying, if you have the money for it.

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