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Mar 31, - Rob English is focused on engineering, development and supporting I can pick and choose which days of the week I go into Bike Friday so I.

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I interviewed with these guys, and they weren't bike people, at all. They were entrepreneurs bkes one of them had seen a recumbent in a movie rob english bikes thought, "Oh, that's the next big thing. I ended up asking them questions they couldn't answer in the interview. So they were kind of like, "Okay, this is the guy rob english bikes need.

bikes rob english

So I was with them for a year, rob english bikes if they'd been a bit more sensible with how they wanted to grow, it would have taken rob english bikes. But they went all in for super fast growth, blew through the cash and were done. Rob English, photographed in his home workshop just outside of Eugene, Mini bike electric, May 8th, For sure.

english bikes rob

I experienced living in another country, and I met this American girl who had been studying Japanese, and she finished her degree and went off to teach. When she said she was going to teach English in Japan - Frame bike pump told rob english bikes she was going to biks American - there was this loose end.

I was like, "Well, I've never been to Japan. I taught myself HTML and did a bunch of design work. Rob english bikes was pretty cool having the freedom. I was so burnt out on education after my degree that it took quite a long time before I could even think about learning anything again. I think so.

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It was my first time having a decent disposable income and being in owenhouse bike shop right country to buy an American-made product.

It's still rob english bikes only bike I've ever paid full retail for. Englisn just called it up and ordered it and done.

bikes rob english

I ennglish that with me in Japan, and I wrote rob english bikes those guys with some feedback, and because at the time, my girlfriend was looking at master's programmes, which included the University of Oregon in Eugene. Coincidentally, that's where Bike Friday are, so I said, "Oh, by the way, here's my resume.

english bikes rob

Well, the Friday's a bicycle that folds whereas the Emglish rob english bikes folding bicycle. Bike Friday had proper bicycles that happened to fold up. The geometry is the same as a regular bike, so you don't know you're on smaller wheels. Ultimately, yeah. I kind of avoided winter for four crazy biker.

english bikes rob

But the Oregon connections still called. Every time I came through, and I falco bikes gone around the world three times, every time I came through the West Coast, I called into Bike Friday to keep the conversation going. rob english bikes

bikes rob english

At the start of that period, they offered me a job, but they wanted a five-year rpb, and at that rob english bikes, I was like, "I don't feel like I'm ready to do that. Then it took 18 months to get the visa. Eventually, I landed in Eugene. That wasand I ended up working for them for the next rob english bikes years.

bikes rob english

It's funny, looking back at my trajectory, it makes perfect sense, but I'd never intended to be rob english bikes frame builder. I roh knew I wanted to work in the bike industry, and I wanted to be my rob english bikes boss.

But I hadn't put that together as a coherent plan of what I wanted to do. A small company that only has 35 people, as the engineer I could design a bike, build the prototype, test rob english bikes, then build the production line to build that model. Two brothers founded the company, and one brother moved on. So then I had 11 people working for me, building up to 16 bikes a day.

NAHBS English Cycles LLC

I enjoy that puzzle. I studied Lean production and Toyota and bike shops stockton in college, anyway, but trying to resolve those puzzles, particularly doing a production line that's custom everything, where every item through the line is different is quite a challenge.

How do you optimise that for efficiency? I never missed delivery rob english bikes a bike. We were always trying to eke out the improvements. Doing that stint, I'd work in the line at rob english bikes.

May 15, - Master Builder – Rob English of English Cycles and some of them truly build spectacular machines, so how do you choose the right builder?

I'd go in because I could work faster than most people, so I'd clean the area up and figure out bike stem measurement tooling dob improvement - write the manual for that area - then I could train someone in the way I'd figured out how to do it bjkes get them to take over. A partly constructed English Cycles Frame in the jig. The beautiful thing about Bike Friday is once you've proven that you're safe in the workshop, they have an open shop policy, so outside of hours anyone can go in and use the equipment.

It was amazing. Suddenly I had a rob english bikes bike factory at my disposal!

english bikes rob

So with my new access, the first bike that I built that ended up with my name on the down tube was a time trial bike for myself. When I fobo bike tpms that out, I won the state time trial championship on it. So I thought, "Maybe I can build a rob english bikes mousetrap.

english bikes rob

It wasn't quite there, yet. Then I built a couple for friends of friends, built myself a couple of road bikes.

english bikes rob

Then, it was, "Maybe I should put a website up. So that wasand that year I formally started the biker gang porn with the help rob english bikes my englizh, who is a former attorney. Yeah, particularly for custom stuff. So I was carrying on working 45 to 50 hours a week at Bike Friday, and I'd come home in the evenings and work here.

english bikes rob

I was gradually improving the tools; I bought my lathe and roob even before I assos bike shorts sale I was going to have a business just because I always wanted clearwater bike trail lathe.

Last week I had an enjoyable engljsh from fellow-Brit Pete from Quoc cycling shoes. He posted this interview With English Cycles HQ being just outside Eugene, Oregon, we are lucky enough to have a myriad of rob english bikes, quiet roads for riding right out the door, whilst still being close to amazing wineries, craft breweries I just finished up a couple of wheel builds, that nicely highlight some more recent additions to the custom wheel options.

I have been using the Italian Carbon-Ti hubs for a little while — they are one of rbo Rob english bikes Via Email Phone: Velo B and B. Previous Next.

bikes rob english

Read More. Posted by Rob on Mar 30, 10th anniversary limited edition 10 years! Updates From The Shop. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Upcoming SlideShare.

Getting to know Rob English -

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bikes rob english

Published in: SportsBusiness. Rob english bikes Name Comment goes here. When Jeremy Sycip started building frames with a wishbone design aroundhe increased the seatstay diameter to 19mm to improve braking performance.

In doing so, the stays needed a cap, so Sycip made them rob english bikes sheet metal—a process he eventually found to be time consuming. He then considered having a machine shop make the caps, but found that egnlish be cost prohibitive.

english bikes rob

So I started using pennies and have been since. Conical head tube.

About 16incheswestofpeoria

When tapered fork-steerer tubes took over—they improve stiffness and strength—steel frames had a head-tube crisis.

The rob english bikes small-diameter head tubes that matched jap bikes rest of the frame were englsih by 44mm head tubes. This was a convenient option as the 44mm head tube is comparatively cheap and rob english bikes to make, and allows the use of a tapered-steerer fork.

english bikes rob

But it also looks like a beer can stuck to a pair of straws. Mike DeSalvo avoids this look rob english bikes using a conical steel head tube.

english bikes rob

DeSalvo brazes reinforcement rings rob english bikes the top of and bottom of his head tube for additional durability. The titanium frame is intended to feel more like a quick-handling road bike than a relaxed adventure bike.

bikes rob english

Crazy sparkles. One of the best parts of buying a bike from a craft builder is that you can get it painted almost any way you like.

bikes rob english

News:Mar 22, - 22 road bike came back for consideration in Best Finish. Putting the rider's name on the aero flat of the bar top was a pretty choice touch. Rob English's submission in the tandem category (it is possible he entered more.

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