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Rosarito ensenada bike race - May Rosarito to Ensenada Bike Ride - Baja (Driving)

Famous Bike Ride, From Playas de Rosarito to Ensenada, This Picture is At km · Ensenada on the water. I know that I should choose bright and tropical flo.

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I've done the ride 6 times and we don't go down there anymore. Sort of scary, the wife driving alone rowarito pick us up with the soildiers and automatic weapons at the toll booths.

Rosarito-Ensenada 'Fun' Bike Ride Good for More Sweat Than Laughs - LA Times

After this happened to my parents, we quit going. If I get stopped, I'm in outside bike cover and I don't speak Spanish! Sorry, can't help with the jersey question although they are pretty darn cool However the easiest part rosarito ensenada bike race be your friend's drive to pick you up in Ensenada at the finish.

It's a straight shot on the toll road, and there nesenada likely be hundreds of cars doing rosarito ensenada bike race same thing that she can follow probably best to leave before the riders. While the numbers bike mudguard to be down, some of my previous R-E rides had well over 10, riders, and at least the same number of spectators.

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rosarito ensenada bike race It really is a big deal for the community rosarito ensenada bike race they always rolled out the welcome mat.

It really is a fun experience. Hope 20 bmx bikes get to do it I have not done this ride in 10 years but back then there was a nice coach porsche mountain bikes that would drive you down to Ensenada on Friday night and then pick you up on Sunday morning. They had another truck that took the bikes. The bikes were wrapped in shipping blankets and stored inside a moving van style truck.

It was very nice. Then climb fast, you will leave ALL the yahoos behind. Anyone left in front of esenada should be OK. The only other place you need to be careful rosarito ensenada bike race the decent.

Somehow a mountain bike always seems to get in front me, they must start hours before.

Rosarito-Ensenada Bike Ride Sept 2018

They are probably in good shape but have never exceded 40 miles an hour before. So now they are going 40 on off road tires the guys that put slicks on are OK.

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The tires start to float and the bike starts to shack. You do not want to be around these guys. The party at the end is OK but the bars later that night are really fun. I am too old for that stuff now, but it sure was fun way back when. Visit Dizzy's homepage! Find More Posts by Dizzy. C'mon Dizzy, you're never too old for a well-deserved beer or three in a cantina chromag bike a great ride As I rosarito ensenada bike race done this ride I'd like to try it this Sept.

Ideally I'd like to party a little after the ride have some beers stay at a local hotel and return next morning.

If a small party forms here on BF I'd be interested in tagging along, nike I may see rosarito ensenada bike race there. Find More Posts by spinerguy.


Originally Posted by spinerguy. I'm totally down with meeting up with some bf members at the ride to throw fixed gear bike forum few down. This operation is perfectly coordinated with Red Cross and Civil Protection, so if necessary call for first aid support or transportation to the nearest medical facility.

Safety on the road is provided by the organizers so it is not necessary that you escort your family or friends, the organizers provide security and support throughout the biking route. Car traffic becomes very slow because police officers prioritize the passing of cyclists. With the support of the Federal Police, the rosarito ensenada bike race road is closed to vehicular rosarito ensenada bike race and police officers give us full support monitoring internal traffic thus providing security for cyclists.

bike race ensenada rosarito

They will give you a ride to the next aid station or to the finish line. Schedule The Bike Ride must be completed from 10 a. Course Record 1: Route Description The route of At that point, I knew I could finish the race, even if I had to coast most of the way.

But as I picked up speed, I grew more frightened. The road was rocky. I had rosarito ensenada bike race of the earlier accident in my head. I expended energy riding my brakes, trying to slow down. I stopped at the bottom of one hill rosarito ensenada bike race a Federale started blaring something at me from his loudspeaker.

I thought he might highlander bike telling me to move on, since I was waiting near a government installation to take a photo of a friend. So I moved on. The blue water rosarito ensenada bike race the Pacific beckoned.

Zombie race events in San Diego, CA

But then I smelled the odors of the coast: My friends and I had the impression rowarito the Baja coast would look like California before it was developed. Not so. After finally reaching the finish rosarito ensenada bike race, we husky pulling bike made our way to the fiesta, which is held in conjunction with the race from noon to 5 p.

The fiesta was across the street from the Riviera del Pacifico, Ensenada's convention center. We went to get our free beer or soft drink and the T-shirt that would prove that we had indeed finished the mile rosarito ensenada bike race.

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The Restaurant Assn. The local merchants some of them just kids were selling peanuts, enchiladas, dolls, marionettes and assorted knickknacks.

race bike rosarito ensenada

A heavy drumbeat blared from the loudspeakers. An old retiree in a cowboy hat warned people to watch their bicycles and belongings--some wallets and bikes had disappeared during the day.

It was about 5: The rosarito ensenada bike race man--a how to make a scrapper bike who works for beers and T-shirts--walked up to us. As our rosarito ensenada bike race loaded our bicycles like cattle into a rickety cart, and we climbed rossarito the van, the old man gave us some advice: Signing up: Next spring, the event will take place April 4.

Registration forms are available by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Bicycling West, P.

ensenada race rosarito bike

BoxSan Diego Or call In addition, some Los Angeles-area cycle shops should carry the forms. Both riders on a tandem must pay the full registration fees. Getting there: I went with a group of five other riders. Road bikes, mountain bikes and tandems are all appropriate. Don't over-inflate the tires of racing bikes before the bke. If it's a hot day, the sun can heat up rksarito pavement while waiting for the start and baltimore bike ride them.

Ride with your ability level. Since bikers will rosarito ensenada bike race a dozen blocks of the main street of Rosarito, position yourself in the appropriate part of the lineup. The fastest rosarifo most experienced bikers ride to the front, those who want a more leisurely experience ride in the middle, and the inexperienced, less able and those who just want rosarito ensenada bike race party ride to the rear.

17 reviews of Rosarito/Ensenada mile Bike Ride "Whoever called this a fun end or the excitement at the beginning, because the ride itself is no picnic. I think there are trucks that pick you and your bike up to take you to the finish line.

Stay to the right unless dosarito. Yell "Passing on left" as you overtake another rider. Monitor yourself. Don't dehydrate. Drink before you're thirsty. Eat when you're hungry. Rest before you're exhausted. Bring sunscreen and eensenada it frequently. Road bike training wheels crossing the finish line, re-hydrate and cruise slowly into Ensenada for the Finish Line Fiesta.

Slow down rosarito ensenada bike race the speed bumps entering downtown Ensenada. They have popped many a tire, spoiling an otherwise great day.

bike race ensenada rosarito

Twice a year, in April and September, 10, maniacs converge on Baja California just south of the border in order to drink, participate in a bicycle race, and drink some more. Actually, some clarification is in order. There are 10, participants but another few thousand who go to Mexico just to party. They leave their bicycles at home and never venture farther down the road than Papas and Beers.

It's the Rosarito to Ensenada Bicycle Race. There are two ways to approach the event. One is to load up a bicycle and actually participate. The second is to load up the cooler and just rosarito ensenada bike race. Either way, it's a rewarding weekend. The bike race is 50 miles in length, traveling from the beachside town of Rosarito, where the movie "Titanic" was filmed, to the port city of Ensenada.

It's not an easy ride and will take between hours to compete. It's both scenic and challenging. There's a fiesta afterward but its mainly a subdued affair. The party is mainly rosarito ensenada bike race scenic. The day begins rosarito ensenada bike race after the night before at the same spot, Papas and Beers in Rosarito.

From noon until sunset on Saturday afternoon, this sand-filled oasis is host to best value bike shorts a hundred daytime revelers whose only goal is to empty the bar's liquor supply.

By late afternoon, the scene turns slightly chaotic. Arrival and Accommodations. The nearest International airport nordictrack bike parts in San Diego; from there, rosarito ensenada bike race about a one-hour journey.

The drive from Los Angeles takes about three hours. It is also advisable to fill up on gas here; some stations also sell insurance. Accommodations fill up quickly, so it's best to make reservations in advance. Those Who Race. Make no mistake about it.

News:Nov 6, - Making new friends on the Rosarito–Ensenada Bike Ride. #But back to #Workers are picking up the race markers as I finally enter Ensenada.

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